The 50 Best Wallets For Men Hiconsumption Best Minimalist Wallet 2016
The 50 Best Wallets For Men Hiconsumption Best Minimalist Wallet 2016

Amazing Best Minimalist Wallet 2016

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Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! In today’s video, we discuss men’s wallets
and billfolds and everything you need to know about them so you get the best value for your
money. Just like clothes, wallets can have a huge
impact on your wardrobe and it should be an extension of your personality. If you don’t believe me, take a look at this
wallet. It’s black, compared to the brown wallet with
blue lining. Huge difference, right? First, let’s talk a bit about wallet history.

It was first introduced after paper money
became popular in the US in 1690. The first wallet was introduced by the Massachusetts
Bay Company. By the 19th century, every man would have
a wallet so he could carry money around with him.

The pocket-sized wallet that we know today
became popular in the 1950’s.

Before that, men would wear coat wallets,
and we’ll discuss those more in detail, later. Now, for more about the history of wallets
and billfolds, please check out our in-depth guide on the website, here. Most wallets we have today are really cheap
and of low quality.

Now if you want to buy a wallet that lasts
for years to come, you have to invest in quality and you have to understand and recognize hallmarks. Now, if you want to get the best value for
your money and find a wallet that lasts you for years to come that looks elegant, you
need to understand what quality hallmarks to look for, and how to recognize them, and
how to distinguish crap from good quality. The first hallmark is an open pore leather. It all starts with the leather because it’s
the number one material most men’s wallets are made out of. You want to look for a leather that is not
pigment coated or at least minimally. You want an open pore structure because that
enables the leather to develop a patina and over time, it will just age better. It also means that it’s a first quality leather
because it hasn’t been treated, sanded, or embossed to look like a first quality leather. When you hold it in your hand and it has a
wonderful tactile feel, and it will just age gracefully, and improve over time. 95% of all wallets have cheap leather so you
have to really take a close look at the wallet and see if there’s an open pore structure. Sometimes, it helps to bend it slightly because
if there’s a pigment coat on top of it, you can see how it wrinkles in a really weird
way. It’s difficult to describe the differences
of leather quality without being able to touch them and feel them and you have to develop
an expertise over time. The hard part about wallets is that usually,
it never tells you whether it’s a pigmented coated leather or not. Sometimes it’s a full grain which means it’s
untreated but it’s not always the case. We tested different wallet materials and leathers
over a period of three years and we’ve come to realize that a number of them work well
while others don’t. For example, alligator or crocodile, a deerskin,
or a box calf leather, are the best leathers for wallets because they will stand the test
of time and always look good. You may get away with cowhide because it ages
well, however, lamb and pigskin are not suited for wallets because they age very poorly and
show wrinkles after just a few times of wear. Second thing to look at in a wallet is the

Sometimes, wallets don’t even have a divider
and if they don’t, leave them behind because it can be quite practical to put receipts
on one side and bills on the other. Or if you’re travelling, dollars in one end,
another currency on the other. Majority of wallets has a single liner that
is made out of a cheap fabric material, it gives a cheap sound and it will wear out very

On the other hand, quality wallets will always
feature an all leather liner divider that’s made out of the same leather, it’s either
the lining or the outside leather. To cut costs, companies often use a different
kind of leather or pleather on the inside but if you see a wallet that has the same
leather on the inside, you know it’s quality. Hallmark number 3 are the edges of wallets. Most wallets have edges that are simply folded
once then cut on the inside and left like that. While this wallet is functional, you’ll collect
dirt around the edge and the edge may fray. Both of which make it look old. A much better way to construct the edges is
to use a double folded edge, you can see the outer shell is folded and so is the inside
liner. Not only does it make for a very strong edge,
but it also looks better and it’s much more elegant because it doesn’t collect dust and
it doesn’t fray.

A folded edge in a wallet requires much more
time, is more expensive, but if you find wallets that have that, you know you have a quality
item. An alternative way to finish the edge on a
wallet is to edge paint it. To do that, you use a Filiteuse which is a
small tool that is hot and you’ll add wax and paint to seal and finish off the edge
so it doesn’t fray and wear easily. While that’s a quality method, personally,
I prefer the double folded method which is also more unique but more beautiful. Hallmark number 5 are card slots. Sometimes, you’ll find wallets that are simply
one piece of leather with slits cut. While that works, this is the easiest and
least expensive way to create slots. They are also more likely to rip and won’t
stand the test of time. On the other hand, if you go with nicely made
compartments made of leather that are folded and sewn individually, you end up with a much
stronger wallet and you’ll be able to use it for years to come. One thing that’s often overlooked, is the
corners or the edges of the wallet. The pointier they are, the more likely they
are to catch something in your pocket and they come out less easily. Therefore, you always want a wallet that has
nicely rounded edges so you don’t pull any threads in your clothing and you can easily
take it in and out of your pocket. It’ll also show less wear. Now, while this isn’t necessarily a hallmark
of quality, having little details and contrast stitching usually shows you that somebody
put thought into the product. Unlike black on black wallet, you really see
every mistake with a contrast stitch so, the stitching is neat and accurate. You know it’s a quality product. Also, if you have a wallet made of alligator
leather, chances are, the overall workmanship is higher because the leather costs so much
higher. It wouldn’t be worth it to go with a cheap
construction. Now, there are lways exceptions to the rule
and you have to inspect the wallet. Quality hallmark number 9 is not to have any
plastic. Most wallets feature some form of plastic
whether it’s the liner, or some case, usually it ages prematurely and it just looks cheap. Initials can be very popular on a wallet and
while they’re not necessarily a quality hallmark, you should look for something that is just
plain embossed without gold and solver foil because that will stand the test of time while
the foil may come off after a while and it just looks like an old aging wallet. Now that you know the quality hallmarks of
a good wallet, let’s look at the different types. In European countries, coins are rather popular
and usually you can find wallets with a coin purse. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of them because
they always make the wallet look big and heavy. If you carry coins, simply put them in the
coin pocket of your pants and you will have a much slimmer wallet in your chest which
gives it a nice silhouette. The second wallet, probably the most popular
wallet in the market today is the billfold. It’s called that way because the bills in
there are folded and it usually has about 6-8 card slots, sometimes, even more, and
it folds a single time. It has extra compartments and it has a divider. Sometimes, men have the tendency to overload
wallets, til they get really fat and thick. There is a current trend to go with minimalist
wallets. These are meant to be much thinner and usually
you can only put about 4-5 cards on them and maybe some cash but otherwise, they won’t
take anymore. Traditionally, men would wear jackets and
suits and so they have a coat wallet which is longer so that bills don’t have to be folded. Today, they’ve fallen out of fashion and only
few people have them when they wear jackets or an overcoat. With the popularity of smartphones, you can
also now find combinations of smartphone holders with card slots. While it’s convenient to have everything in
one place, the problem can be that it simply gets too thick in your pocket. You’ll have to decide what works for you or
not. Instead of using a traditional wallet, people
sometimes use old cigarette holders or business card cases because they’re big enough to hold
credit cards or check cards and your ID as well as some cash. They also work well as travel wallet because
they have a frame and they are enclosed. Now, there are tons of other styles of wallets
but those are basically the classic ones. The only other one that I can think of is
the one that has a little money clip inside and just card slots but if you are more likely
to lose your bills that way and therefore, we don’t recommend them. Now, if you want to figure out what wallets
are worth their money and brand at various price points, please check out our in-depth
guide on our website here. In terms of color, I suggest you start with
something like black or brown however, those are very boring colors and everybody has them
so try to get something with a contrasting inside. If you don’t like that, you can also look
at different colors. Personally, I like burgundy or cordovan or
dark chocolate brown. Of course, if you really want to be extrovert,
you can go with green, orange, or red. Burgundy has the advantage and it goes with
a formal wardrobe as well as with a casual wardrobe. Bear in mind that you have different wallets
for different occasions and you don’t just have to settle for one.No matter what wallet
you have, make sure you only carry the cards you truly use on a regular basis and don’t
leave all your receipts and everything in there so they get really big and fat because
not only is it too big in your chest pocket, it makes it looks bad, it’s also heavy and
it will stretch and wear out and look wobbly. If you’re interested in our quality wallets
from Fort Belvedere, please check them out here.

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