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Minimalist Wallet By Capsule Lifestyle Fancy Capsule Minimalist Wallet

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Hello YouTube and welcome to the slim wallet junkie
review of the Bellroy Slim Sleeve wallet For those that have never heard of Bellroy, Bellroy is an Australian wallet making company with high ethics and a noble goal of
helping their customers to slim their wallets here in the UK the Slim Sleeve wallet will set
you back £59.00 including postage and packaging whilst this places the wallet at the
upper end of the price scale we believe that its well worth the
money. Straight out of the postal bag you can see the quality of this product
denoted by the fact that it comes in the packaging is a thick cardboard
stitch together the edges with cotton thread. On the front you can
see the Bellroy logo this little owl which has been
pressed into the card. On the back you can see the opening
mechanism which is made up of a cardboard tab. On this tab Bellroy explains a
little bit more about the leather that the wallet is made from It explains that its vegetable tanned,
responsibly sourced, non-toxic leather which will give you a lifetime
happy service. Inside the envelope the quality
continues with this beautiful graphical print.

the wallet itself is protected by a
layer of tissue paper to prevent the leather from
scratching in transit. Of the four colors available our favorite
was the steel blue. As we turn it the right way round you
can see that the wallet has two card slots in the front with to further pockets behind.

The wallet is made from a beautiful soft leather and is very well finished shown by the
extremely neat stitching the branding at the wallet is not
overly loud name and logo on the inside and the name of the company on the outside.

The wallet is not much bigger
than a credit card and certainly lives up to its name of being slim. The leather is beautifully finished and although you can’t smell it I can assure you it has that beautiful leathery smell. The
sleeve has a feature which is actually unique to Bellroy wallets. As we open it up,
inside you will see this brown tag this mechanism makes it easier to retrieve your cards from this rear pocket. Inside is a demo card with some more information about Bellroy and the
Slim Sleeve Wallet. Also on this card is a QR link which takes you to a promo video made by
Bellroy Now if we take place look at this
mechanism you’ll see that it works by pulling this tab through the eyelet which in turn pulls
the cards out from behind. As mentioned earlier this wallet comes
in four colors: black, blue steel, coco, russet and tan Now let’s see what it looks like loaded
up. The idea is that you keep your two most used cards in the front two pockets. As
is typical for a leather wallet the pockets a slightly snug to begin with but
will loosen up over time. Behind these two card slots are two further pockets. One for keeping extra cards that are less used and the second for cash. Its up to you how many extra
cards you keep in this pocket. To begin with we’ll demonstrate how many cards the wallet
will comfortably take. there a 8 extra cards. With the two
already in there that’s a total of 10 cards that the wallet will
comfortably take. Now these extra cards slide easily into the pocket, however you
do have to remember that the more cards that you carry the bulkier your wallet will be. With 10 cards the wallet is not quite so slim anymore and
doesn’t lie flat when set down. The second pocket is designed for cash Now Bellroy on their website state that
it will take most currencies folded in half. However, pound notes do not seem to be one of these
currencies. When folded in Half they do fit, but protrude slightly from
the pocket.

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If you’re a little OCD then it may be advisable to fold them again into quarters, as demonstrated.

when folded in half and half again they slow easily into the pocket with
ample room for more.

If you on avid minimalist then chances are you wouldn’t be
carrying around 10 cards with you it’s more likely that you would be
carrying around just four, the two that you use most frequently and
two others kept in the pocket behind. so let’s see how the wallet looks with just four cards in it. Straightaway you noticed that the wallet is much
slimmer. So overall the beltway slim sleeve
wallet is beautifully designed and very well made.
We would recommend this wallet to those who are looking for a high
quality finish and a slim minimalist design but, who are not quite
ready to give up the traditional feel that comes from a leather wallet. Backed
by a 3-year warranty this wallet will surely stand the test time.
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