30 Small Tattoo Ideas For The Minimalist Mybodiart Cute Minimalist Tattoos
30 Small Tattoo Ideas For The Minimalist Mybodiart Cute Minimalist Tattoos

Latest Cute Minimalist Tattoos

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(rock music) – About a year ago
Ashley had a few too many glasses of wine and
gave me total permission to pick out a tattoo for her. – And you’re allowed to
decide what tattoo we get and what parlor we get it. – Do you still trust me? – Yup. – I have anxiety. – I’m nervous.

I’m sweating. Can you see my sweat. – Months after this happens, I’m going to be really worried that Ashley secretly doesn’t like the tattoo. – I know where she lives so if I hate it– (laughing) Coming for you. – He’s been making fun of me and saying that it’s gonna be
like a Beyonce Santa Clause.

– This is like the true
friendship test right here.

– This is the craziest thing
I think I’ve ever done. – Either way it’s gonna be a good story, but there is the slight chance that it’ll be a horrible tattoo. – Should I be nervous
about what I’m giving her? – Well I guess that really comes down to your friendship with her. (laughing) – So I want it to be pretty minimal, pretty impressionistic. So if you look at it, it could be multiple different things. Almost like a quill to
write, or a feather. – So this is what I’m getting Andrew so you guys can see it. To me it feels like motion and it kinda looks like footsteps. It a little bit looks like a smiley face. – Yeah, it does. – Like it’s kinda happy. – I’m getting Daisha words. It’s your silence will not protect you. It’s a quote from Audrey Lorde. She is just this like
unapologeticly proud black woman, and Audrey Lorde was like that too. – Rhianna is very much like
a diamond in the rough. I feel like a diamond
would be a really great way to symbolize like her
beauty and who she is. She also had a dog named diamond that she had to give up. (rock music) – What do you mean, I can’t watch? – This is like the dating game. (rock music) (screams) – Here we go. – I feel like we’re having a baby. – I really can’t do that sir. – Are you kind of mentally
tracing what it is? – I’m trying to, but I can’t. – I hate seeing people in pain. I want to vomit but I’m not gonna vomit. – No, don’t vomit. – Isn’t that crazy. This, I don’t even know
what this thing is yet and it’s on my body because you picked it. – Now? – [Voiceover] Yup. – Oh shit. (laughing) – Rhi. – Do you like it? – I like it a lot. – Good, thank God. – Okay, ready? Oh, I love it. It’s something I would get, but it looks like you designed it, which is really cool. – Thank you. – You’re welcome. – Yeah? – It’s a little diamond. Oh my God, it’s so cute. – Yeah? – It’s so detailed. – So I got it because I think
you’re a very beautiful person and sometimes you forget that and I wanted it to be a little reminder that you are a diamond in the rough, and that I love you very much. – Thank you. (laughing) I like that it’s diamond in the rough, and then my dog was Diamond in the ruff. – Okay ready? One, two, three. Okay, look at it. – I can look? – Yeah. – I’m really nervous. At this point it could be anything, it could be the greatest tattoo ever, because I haven’t looked at it. – Oh my God. This isn’t– – Are you nervous? – This is Skinner’s cat. Now I am, because you’re
not looking at it. Just look at it. Do you hate it? – Can we add something to it? – Do you wanna add something to it? Should’ve been my initials. – No, I like it, I like it. – Do you? – Yes, yes. – Okay, we have to hug. Andrew just pranked me, which is the worst time to prank anyone. We did it, we’re still friends. – I’m glad that you were my first and potentially my last. – It’s not like 100%
what I would pick out, but it’s like even
better than what I would personally pick out because I like trusted you to do it. – I’d never get that tattoo for myself but I just love that she
thought of it for me. – A lot of people are
nervous about getting tattoos because it lasts forever, but that’s actually what
makes it really really cool. – Yeah. – And there’s something nice about having a symbol of friendship
that will last forever. – It really strengthens your friendship and it makes you feel like your friend really understands you
and what you’re about. – Friendship. – It’s crazy that you’re
gonna be like 80 one day and look down and think about me, because like friends come and go but now you’re part of me forever. On your body.

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