Beauty Bay Dominique Cosmetics Is Here Milled Elcie The Minimalist Eyeshadow Palette
Beauty Bay Dominique Cosmetics Is Here Milled Elcie The Minimalist Eyeshadow Palette

This Amazing Elcie The Minimalist Eyeshadow Palette

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What’s up everybody, welcome back to my channel hi are you thirsty? alright. So today we are gonna unveil my entire summer 2018 collection as well as the thirsty palatte but good lord We have to talk about something real quick before we dive in because it is June 1st. And hello June. How are you? Happy Pride Month I am so excited because literally today about one second ago the Equality mini velour liquid Lipstick rainbow bundle just went on sale. So BAM, this is finally out you guys. I am so excited for this because it is Something that has been in the works for a long time I am so excited about this because this has an array of shades. Of course You guys will get eight shades all in the minis perfect for traveling this retails for $52 So for this I teamed up with the LGBTQ center of Los Angeles and we are doing a beautiful amazing thing for charity Where a lot of the proceeds from this will be going to their charity and their organization There is more info of course down below and you can click it and shop right now We are gonna be filming in a few weeks dropping off the check from the proceeds So I am so excited to be a part of this and I love giving back So if you want to learn more, please go to the description box. Now. Let’s dive in to summer.

Oh, right Now we all know why you’re all here. You want to see the thirsty palette and you want to see inside? So let’s jump right into it. Now. The thirsty palette has 15 shades and Bam the unit carton looks like this now this summer I wanted to do something a little different now you all know I have done Summer twice now. Now let’s do a quick recap now 2015. Everything was in the yellow cap Now there was no yellow lip scrubs. There was no pilots. It was literally just liquid lipsticks on my brand. It was very young so everything was very yellow and Watermelon soda became such a hit. It is now any permanent collection? So what do we do for 2017? Everything was baby pink chrome, and of course We had lip scrubs we have these we had lip ammo and it was just a chrome Extravaganza, but summer 18.

I thought let’s switch it up a little bit Let’s go really bright again, but in a different hue and less just mix it up because we all have different Versions of what summer is this is the jeffree star version Let’s dive into the thirsty palate Now as I said, this does have 15 shades and the pan sizes are identical to what you saw in the blood sugar palette So you guys are like bitch shut up and open that damn box, right? Let’s open this up Of course, the eunuch carton is very orange and ice cream with water droplets all over it And the palette does have water droplets on it as well. So to all the unicorns for this collection So BAM, here is the thirsty palette. So let’s open her up Say hello to my fourth palate Thirsty. Oh my god just staring at it just makes me so I’m like sweating because I worked so hard on this palette and I Am so excited for you guys to see it.

So let’s dive in and let’s take a closer look So as you guys see, of course, there are 10 matte shades and I’m sure you’re all looking in the middle Like what is that amazingness now? This is a new formula for my brand.

I like to call it a more Ultra metallic with a little bit of glitter. It’s different It’s a hybrid and it’s also softer than my mattes and my previous metallics from blood sugar and androgyny So, I’m sure you’re wondering Where is this star logo in the middle row? These are all To dive in with your fingers with synthetic brushes and the formula is a little bit more soft and I never want to compromise Anything for you guys? Quality wise so I did not do a star imprint into the formula because it was gonna make it a little loose and weird So they are packed and pressed to Perfection now before we even go over all the shades filthy-rich Is this beautiful gold one right here? And that is what you are seeing on my lid it is very blinding and I like to take my Flash like we’re all out in the Sun by the way peeped at new high light. Yes, bitch coming very soon supreme frosty Alright, so let’s get back into thirsty. Now. We’re gonna go from top all the way to the bottom. We’re gonna do swatches We’re gonna talk about the colors I also want to note that this matte formula in the palette is a little different than blood sugar I tried to perfect it even more with less fallout. Now. I know a lot of you were like les follow I know it’s very tricky with rainbows and right shades But I tried to perfect it even more in the lab and give you guys something where you can really dive in where it wasn’t Gonna just coat your face not the any of my other palettes do that But I’m always trying to improve and make everything perfect for you guys So I’m just gonna say one thing and I’ve said it in a million videos I think that doing swatches with your fingers is really not great I talked about it in blood sugar and there was kind of a Mixed feedback in the beginning and then once everyone started to get their palates They fully understood a lot of bright shades when you dig in with your fingers And of course all of our fingers have different types of oils on them different if you wash your hands right away What is it gonna feel like or how is it gonna apply? I just think that you don’t really apply Shadows with your fingers and less you’re doing like a metallic like this where you can let go bam and bam Everything else you’re gonna use brushes, right? We’re gonna blend to filth so a lot of the times I don’t like to dig in because remember like a few shades and blood-sugar you did it with your Finger you swatch it and a lot of people went huh? Looks a little chalky and on a brush. It’s like BAM and crazy So same thing here, I am gonna do them with my fingers and just show you guys how they look now Of course, all these shades are super pigmented I’m not insecure about them But I just want to know you guys that I think when people do finger swatches with like really brights It’s always gonna be mixed feelings, but let’s dive in so of course the first shade that you see is called parch So we just want to glass of water right now Now parched is a really good color to just put down on your brow bone on your lid all over before you do any shades All right. I hate ruining the star pans, but here is shade parch It is very light very fair, but really good for all over the lid. Let’s move on to shade tastebuds Uh, one of my favorites and of course next to it is bitch Now when I first got this sample back from my lab, that’s exactly what I said it was So first of all, let’s dive into tastebuds. Good morning.

It is a Beautiful baby coral shade now bitch next to it. Of course you have every time you see it. You just gotta say bitch It is bright. I was about to dive in again, but you don’t need to so these three are so cute together It’s like a creamsicle fantasy. Now when I first got this lab sample, I opened it up and I literally was like So happy and so pleased now these these two are on my eyes, right? here the shade next to bitch is called kumquat, which funny story I besides the sexual innuendo I used to have a kumquat tree in my backyard growing up here is what this shade looks like here I’ll just hold them all up right here I face and then of course the darker shade next to kumquat is called stroke and Honestly this row you could create a few looks just with those by itself Let’s take my thumb and you can see they are very matte and very pigmented now I also want to show you guys that when you put it next to your skin. These mats are really good and blending So as I go back and forth with my finger you see BAM, there’s no weirdness. There’s no chalkiness. There’s no streakiness so even with finger swatches with this neon there is a lot of pigment just got to put kumquat up here because Oh, it’s like pumpkin meets like fantasy I don’t even know this Rove alone is probably one of my favorites Alright, so the second row is of course the new formula that we were just talking about alright let me clean my fingers off because I really want to swatch all of these for you so you can see how Blinding and beautiful. They are alright hands are washed. Now. Let’s dive in into the middle row Now this of course as I mentioned is a new formula I’m gonna go outside and show it to you in the Sun because sometimes the beauty lights make things a little like less Blinding when it comes to like highlighters and glitter type of stuff I know this is looking really crazy and great, but I do want to eyelid I do want to show you guys. I’m outside as well. So let’s get started The first shade is called divine one of my favorite word’s and then we have filthy-rich lick Sonata and plunge so, of course let’s take our fingers and let’s just let’s just do one little swipe cuz I know a lot of you are like Okay
You want like this a bunch of times with one little swipe you get full coverage once you do one or two more girl full Coverage now, let’s dive into filthy bridge now today What I did is I as I took my finger and I literally just went Like this and I pressed it right on my lid and it gives you full opacity right away Alright, let’s even to lick a gorgeous topaz color. There. She is. Uh, hi anyone a Scorpio topaz? Is your birthstone bitch now? Let’s dive in to snatch a more pinky champagne color See I’m doing too much on my girl. You can see in the pan like you don’t need much with this formula Let me just show you so when you take this you just take it on your hand and literally BAM Like y’all see ya like hi. Good morning. Yo, are you I did a little bit much Of course, you can do less. You can do it with a wet synthetic brush. You can do with a dry brush, but these are Ultra valign, ding high gold look at filthy rich looks so pretty. All right Let me do the silver one could love this one. This is like silver surfer from fucking Marvel. Hi Oh, I mean this is a look with those three right there baby. Let’s put lik down Oh my god that on the lid though what’s good? And then of course we have plunge. Oh Love the glitter reflex in this it’s stunning. Alright, now, let’s quickly go outside and show you guys how they look alright here are the five ultra metallics watched and the beautiful Calabasas sunshine and they are so reflective and stunning as you can see a little went a long way and I am obsessed with how this formula turned out. All right, so let’s get into the bottom row Is it my favorite row? Maybe I just love bright colors you guys that I think that it was definitely time to add on to the color list of shades That I had to make now. I know a lot of you have been begging and pleading for a yellow. Hello The yellow is here and it’s on of course my eye so we have quench right here we have subtle which is it more Medium cool tone brown and then all the way at the end we have drizzle, which is a really dark beautiful chocolate brown Which is a lot more warmer than dominatrix in the androgyny palette So also we have submerge the hot blue you all saw a sneak peek down Instagram And now we have splash a gorgeous matte teal. So let’s dive in with our fingers here. No subtle girl Perfect in the crease do not try her. She is very ultra matte Now of course quench which is all over here and in my eye, it is gorgeous. It’s bright It is not for the faint of heart. Hello Now a lot of you may be saying hey the yellow and your finger looks a little different than right here It’s because I’m mixed and matched a lot of the shades I was packing on the yellow and then I was taking let me just show y’all I was taking taste buds and bitch and I was kind of mixing and blending them all together. So Quench is very bright and it can be very bright on its own but it looks gorgeous When he makes a match no next to it is submerge girl the brightest blue I could make I mean Let’s just rub it on my hand real quick. So submerge is very matte. Very pigmented and very blue BAM. There she is Let’s see how the yellow looks you guys know, I hate finger swatches. But here we go. Oh, yes yellow Alright, and then we have subtle over here. I’m just gonna like rub it in like I’m blending. Ooh, yes, honey Alright, let’s dive into the last two shades. Of course. We have splash over here. Let’s dip in my pinky hello splash and then we have Drizzle. Oh my favorite Brown. I think I’ve made thus far and there she is Alright splash looks so good on its own with the brown shades or even with the glitters like it is very bright Now, of course drizzle over here. Let’s just rub this in with my thumb. Hi babe, Oh Pretty now just like I said a long time ago with the beauty killer palette 2 years is not a long time in my head It is it feels like 10 years ago but what I did with that palette is I covered some of the neon shades because some people do get a little like Oh my god, there’s some brights. Literally you just cover this right here girl BAM, but of course, I love bright shade I love incorporating that with neutrals and warm tones and cool tones, and I’m just so excited about this palette so the final few tidbits about this is that it will retail for $48, of course the thirsty pal and the entire summer collection will be launching June 16th I don’t even think I’ve said the release date. Yeah. Oh my god. Alright, everything will be out June 16th of 10 a.m Pacific Standard Time, that’s 1 p. Eastern Standard Time. And if you don’t know your time zones, you better google it. Alright you guys so Besides the thirsty palate there is a lot of accessories there is actually 8 Velour liquid lipsticks 3 velour lip scrubs, so let’s get to swatching alright So obviously well one of the accessories that is coming with the summer 18 collection is a brand new Colorway in the star handheld mirror. We’ll call it creamsicle orange Of course just like the thirsty palette has a beautiful little popsicle on it. Yummy Liquid lips. First of all, I’m wearing one. I’m about to insert some footage of me finishing swatching this shade This is one out of 8 velour liquid lips that are launching of course with the entire summer collection Now the packaging like I mentioned is all very wet. Looking with droplets all over it We have bright orange packaging with holographic star logo, Hey And now the first shade I’m wearing here’s all the names you guys don’t see him yet. Okay So the first shirt I’m wearing is called soft serve and she looks like this I love this color It’s pulling a little more peachy on me because I am very fair and my eye makeup is very bright But it is a peachy gorgeous nude Alright, the next shade is called coral fixation and it is a stunning very vibrant Of course bright neon coral. I love the shade It was definitely something that was missing from my brand and I just wanted something that was gonna just scream summer. I’m here. I Mean not for the faint of heart All right, here is a quarrel fixation so watched probably one of my favorites and most vibrant from the collection All right, the next shade number three out of eight is called a thirst trap. Yes, ma’am of this shade is a stunning metallic Beige champagne and girl this one wait, you see this red shade, that’s about to hit this I’ve been offering these two for a minute good lord, but this one by itself is so stunning Now thirst trap is very reflective and it really like makes a statement So here it is a swatched and dried All right. The next shade is called a fudge pop and it is a stunning beautiful warm tone Metallic Brown now. I haven’t done a metallic in this type of color yet. We have no tea no shade We have pussy-whipped we have now thirst trap So now fudge pop will be in the family and girl this one is so pretty I’ve been wearing this secretly off camera for a while with very minimal makeup slap on a bold lip. You’re ready to roll All right, here is fudge pops so watched and dried down now when it is really dry You can take your finger just kind of go like this and it kind of activates the glitter to come a little bit more forward as you can see it is really Reflective. Oh, I love touch pop. This next shade is an ode to my hometown where I was born This shade is called Huntington Beach. Of course that is a city in California born and raised baby. Oh see now This shade is probably the brightest and most obnoxious in the collection and you know me. I always got to have some bright ass shit in my Collection. So let’s give her a swatch All right here is Huntington Beach swatched so in between swatches I do like to use a little bit of a lip scrub and I put a little bit of foundation Over my lip, so you guys can see the real full color. So we got three more Let’s dive into the next one. Is this my favorite one? I said that about all of them Let’s just keep it real here All right So this shade is called cherry wet and it is a vibrant very vibrant red pink hybrid Of course, you’ll see in a second is the color of cherry juice, honey, and I love pairing this with thirst trap All right, here’s cherry wet so washed and dried down All right, two more shades to go BAM. Here is the seventh out of the eight This shade is called yummy and it is a gorgeous burnt orange with some glitter in there and some sparkle I love this shade it is. So perfect for summer for fall for whatever really. Fuck you want let’s swatch. Yummy. I Also forgot to mention I’m just gonna do a little insert here that my formula is vegan cruelty free It’s actually I save a lot of people dip in and use a liner brushes to do really crazy colorful Aligners lipstick NIC of course has done that a million times on this channel and just side note These do be tail for $18 if you’ve never bought in one of my lipsticks before. All right, let’s get yummy done here All right, so yummy is really special just like fudge pop take your finger when it’s dry oh Look at that sparkle honey, it just kind of activates the glitter a little bit more in the formula and voila Now you can take your light of course and really get the full effect of how it’s gonna look outside. But ooh, I Love yummy last but not least and I’m really excited about this one I think a lot of you are gonna be excited as well So this next one is called eight one eight eight one eight with parentheses BAM because that is the area code of Calabasas and the valley In Los Angeles now the reason why I’m really excited about this one is because it’s younger sister Seven one four was such a huge hit now. This came out years ago actually in pink packaging it was discontinued I brought it back again, December 15 And this is actually one of my top selling lipsticks of all time and the formula was just never there It was always a little Streaky and just because of the way the pigments are in my formula with the extreme comfortability with pigment. It just didn’t work I still love this shade so happy and I know all of you live for it out there But I thought girl I’ve moved wearing calabasas now. It’s time to give her an older sister so here is eight one eight, and I think this one is top three favorite shades All right, here is eight one eight swatched and dry, alright you guys so there was all eight below a liquid lipsticks so
Watch and of course the shade names and the prices of everything in this collection with the palette will be down below in the description Box now we got the palette down. We got the lipsticks done Let’s dive in into the accessories and now I am really excited besides this creamsicle star mirror there are a few more and speaking of desserts and ice cream you guys might not be ready for this one, but we have a few new mirrors, uh entering the jeffree star cosmetics family and Swordfight here. They are is anyone hungry because I am we have the we’ll call this the orange ice cream popsicle Mir And then of course, we have the yummy pop just this is just you guys know what this is This is literally the definition of summer in America and I thought it’d be really fun to change the shapes on these ones So look at all those fingerprints. Yeah So these are really fun and they’re actually big so you guys can see the difference They may seem a little slim, but look at my big old horse face. Hello You can see everything and I’ve done my makeup with these on the road secretly. I’ve been playing around with different designs There’s a lot of cool stuff. Also coming for a holiday. I just love mirrors and thank you guys for loving them as well so just like the star mirror both popsicle mirrors will be retailing for $20 also for summer I wanted to expand on the makeup bags because so many of you bought a lot of these like I cannot believe The astronomical number of people that bought makeup bag. So thank you so much for all the love and also there’s videos of people seeing how many palettes and lipsticks that can fit inside of the Original will call this the og JSC bag and a lot fits in here But to me when you’re traveling you might want to put more makeup in So I thought when making the next design, I know that these like this fit a lot But when I travel I like to bring a lot of shit, so I thought what do you I feel a little bit bigger So this is introducing the BAM? big ice cream reflective jeffree star cosmetics Now it does come with stuffing of course, so it keeps the shape This does pull out if you guys thought this one was big Let’s show a little comparison And we’ll do some zoom ins on this you can really see the material this outside is so reflective and crazy It’s like a mirror fabric with like hollow and it just came out stunning So here is the new orange bag versus the og bag as you can see the new one is a very big and it is a lot wider a Lot fits in this I was bringing this in my carry-on So this literally girl I’m like give me some pallets baby this fits blood-sugar like it’s nothing It’s like a high blood sugar. How are you honey? And then you just got to put your androgyny in there Got your beauty killer which hi to your anniversary was just a few days ago can not believe that it fits so much Oh, you might want to bring a little 24 karat palette. How are you? You might want to bring your Chanel face Mist on the plane. I might want to get your beauty sponges you might want to do Every single liquid lip we swatched here today, like bitch. This shit is large so if you’re someone that likes a big bag You’re definitely gonna love this one and the orange reflective bag retails for $28. All right, then I also thought if you’re really fun to make a little travel bags that were bigger than this and in a different shape if you wanted to bring Foundations and stuff for under the plane in the car. Get ready on your private jet. We Roy’s Nissan Sentra That was my first car. All right, so I’d like to introduce the brand-new jeffree star cosmetics travel bag now bitch She is big now This is the OG one and as you can see this one is a very big now I check out the stuffing on this already But it does keep its shape pretty nice now This will come in this gorgeous pink and also a beautiful orange color So there are two colorways and I want to show you guys the detailing on the zippers This has a little moment. Look at my nails with the bag. Yes, honey and then when you unzip it, of course, I take out all the stuffing already, but you do have a Zipper up here. I love putting lip liners by the way. Jeffree star cosmetics lip liners Oh, they’re coming soon in a few months You have pouches right under here and there’s a lot of room there’s blood sugar because she’s a big bitch Alright, so here is blood sugar and it fits perfectly on the bottom of this so as you see in here like she is deep and I love it deep so they both will be retailing for $30 and of course they have the beautiful enamel metal on the front And of course, this is faux vegan leather is really buttery and really soft. It just feels amazing Alright, so I really wanted to get this reveal video up because I know June 16 is around the corner and I’ve never had this Happen before but I actually had a production delay in my velour lip scrubs So I do not have them in front of me to show you and I am hopping on an airplane off to Finland and Norway right now. So life has been crazy, but I’m just gonna tell you guys the flavors right now Of course, I’ll show visuals and a few days and I’ll include them in a future video, but for summer 18 we have Orange gummybear it is so delicious. We have pink lemonade and we have Rainbow sherbert ice cream. Oh my god now if you are a fan of the lip scrubs my top seller besides strawberry gum blue raspberry sucker you guys Live for this one and let’s be honest. So do I hi I’m hungry right now So we got rainbow sherbert orange gummybear and pink lemonade Coming and of course, they will all be in orange components I’m hungry girl. And of course if you forgot anything in this video, it will be linked down below I’m just so excited for summer. I am just so excited for this collection for the palette for the lipsticks for everything So, all right before I say, goodbye I just want to say thank you to everyone out there that has supported all of my previous ice shadow palettes They have become such big hits for my brand and I’m so excited to introduce this fourth one into the star family So thank you guys so much for all the love for all the support and I’m so excited for this collection to launch Everything will be launching. Of course on June 16th. If you forget everything will be linked down below So also before I go I do want to make sure you guys all are aware that me and my best friend lipstick Nick are going on tour the behind the brush tour will first launch in Grand Rapids, Michigan and then Houston Sis for dates and tickets, of course go down below again Right you guys thank you for watching this video and I will see you all soon Wow, oh Shit. Oh my gosh. Look at that fucking pigment .

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