Extreme Minimalism Japan Apartment Tour Youtube Extreme Minimalist Travel
Extreme Minimalism Japan Apartment Tour Youtube Extreme Minimalist Travel

Great Extreme Minimalist Travel

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This is a video about True Minimalist
Travel. this little bag has been everywhere. Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, India, United Arab
Emirates, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Brazil. So, there are all sorts of videos, websites,
blogs on the internet about minimalist travel, but I don’t think there are any videos, website, blogs about bum bag travel. So here’s mine. November 2014.

I was heading to Asia for
a second time. On my previous travels I had used two different bags, their capacities? 55 and 25 litres. Each trip I would gradually reduce the number of items packed. I’d left my fifth trip with almost nothing but it was still more
than I needed. Whilst at the market in Bangkok, a vibrant bum bag caught my eye.

I loved the idea of living with nothing
but this tiny bag. I had to get rid of my backpack. When a friend who had traveled
with me, decided to return to England, I realised an opportunity, What if Julian
could take all my luggage.and leave me with nothing? I politely asked and he obliged. "Yeah mate, nice one Ben, nice one" "Ahaha, yeah man whoo"
"Two thumbs up" The backpack and unnecessary items were soon in a box in Kent. Why? freedom. a choice to live simply. by Lost Yet Free okay go .

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