Small Space Living Home Maximizes Minimalist Lifestyle How To Start Living A Minimalist Lifestyle
Small Space Living Home Maximizes Minimalist Lifestyle How To Start Living A Minimalist Lifestyle

Perfect How To Start Living A Minimalist Lifestyle

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What i wish i knew before starting minimalism minimalism series beginner 39 s guide to minimalism, how to start a minimalist lifestyle, how you can become a minimalist my 30 day challenge rachel aus.

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everyone or welcome back to my channel if you haven’t seen any of my videos before my name is Rachel Aust This is another part of my minimalism series, and I have a whole bunch of other minimalism videos I’ll link them all in the description box for you this video planet totally intended. I’ll be taking us back to basics I’ll be talking you guys through things that I’ve learned when it comes to Downsizing and reducing your possessions and basically just clearing up your life minimalism is not a competition It’s not about who owns less It’s about reducing the amount of clutter and things that you don’t need in your life So for example if I had well I have a whole bunch of friends who a makeup artist They still need a large makeup collection. They can’t really get rid of that because that’s their job me personally I have a lot of photography equipment, so lighting cameras microphones Stands all of that sort of thing because photography is a huge part of my job So I need to have that equipment around I can’t reduce all of those things because I do need them for work So it should be about clearing out the unnecessary items and keeping the things that you need and the things that make you happy I’ve also made a downloadable little chart for you guys, and it’s my 30 day minimalism challenge for you So there’s 30 days and 30 little paths set out for you And it’s just to help you declutter and get started on your journey if you do find this video useful or I would love it so much if you give me a thumbs up and If you do want to see more [of] this series because I do have more videos coming Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and now I’m going to take you through my ten tips so first off We’re going to start small you don’t have to go and tear your whole house apart straight away Just because you want to get into minimalism, and if you do that You might find that you’ll end up tossing up things that you did actually need so you want to edit Selectively, and you want to edit frequently but start small. I mean start in one place a cupboard set of drawers a Shelving unit something like that and pull it all awful out And then you’re going to only put back what you need by selling in one place You’re going to learn to be a little bit more ruthless with your [culling] if you just try to do everything at once you’ll end Up going I’ll keep that. I’ll keep that I’ll keep that and you’ll just get rid of a few things whereas if you’re just focusing on one space Then it means that you’re going [to] be way more selective with what you keep now You’re just going to keep what’s important to you And these are things that you either need for your daily life or things that make you happy don’t confuse Sentimentality with happiness if it doesn’t make you happy you probably don’t need it in your life For me.

I not only do this two items, but I do this with Relationships as well. I know a lot of people wouldn’t like to do that But for me my time is so [precious] that if someone is horrible to me all the time if they’re not supportive of me They don’t get to be a part of my life you can ask yourself what purpose does this items serve me is there a reason I need to keep it or am I just Hanging on to it You’ll find a lot of people hang on to things that like I mentioned [before] have sentimental value Or they have a high monetary value if you go oh, I had to spend $300 on this dress You’re probably going to feel like you shouldn’t throw it away like you feel. It’s wasteful So don’t sell it now you’re also going to choose quality over quantity you don’t need to have 30 T-shirts you probably only need 5 really good ones a thing that I see a lot of people do is they’ll go and they spend not very much money on basic clothing that they wear all the time because they feel like They shouldn’t invest money into that because it’s something that they’re going to wear frequently and it will get worn down But then they’ll go and they’ll spend a very large amount of money on items for special events like if they’re going to a wedding Or they’re going to a birthday party When I look at that I see that as being the wrong way around I feel like you should invest a larger amount of money into your everyday basics So they last longer And they’re higher quality and if you do have to buy a piece for a special event or occasion try and spend a bit less one because you’re either not going to wear it very frequently at all or You’re going to end up selling it afterwards or it’s going to sit stuffed in the back of your closet so invest the money into the things that you need to spend a lot [of] your [time] with you’ve already seen my other videos or You follow me on Instagram You probably have a bit of a chocolate this one but my next tip is to pick a theme, so For example my theme for my clothing is black white and [grey] and preferably something that shows off my waist You don’t have to have the same theme as me by any means That’s what suits me and suits my body shape if you like color pop some color in your wardrobe Just make sure the items that you’re purchasing a versatile and you can use them in four or more outfits You’re going to own less so it’s very very important that the things you do own are all cohesive With each other and can be mixed and matched easily when it comes to interior Decoration theme that I decided on for our new apartment here was very similar to the old place I just changed a couple of little things so I decided black white chrome concrete and cacti the early [hange that I made was I change what sort of plants? I had in the house and just little accessories like that like I added in some Concrete rather than all the wooden accessories that I had before now I know this isn’t conventional and are a lot of minimalist so like don’t buy new things at all ever but for me I love having a beautiful home, and I love having a beautiful wardrobe So I try to be very selective about what I do purchase But I still want [to] allow myself to have an environment that is aesthetically pleasing for me So I guess that goes back to what I was saying before about key, what makes you happy I have to work from home quite a lot. So I want to make sure that my Environment is one that I feel comfortable in I’m not going to feel cramped, and I’m not going to feel cluttered But at the same time I want it to be really visually relaxing for me My next tip is to edit your wardrobe regularly if you’ve never done a wardrobe color I do have a video on how to do that at first you’re [probably] going to want to do it once a month and then Eventually you can start spacing it out, so I need to do it every four months now mine Is mainly just to make sure that my clothes actually fit after weight loss [I] do have like a vacuum-sealed bag That I had some summer clothes in and I pulled them out and pretty much none of them fit anymore So that was my little [collar] was getting rid of those items of clothing and now I have to try and find summer clothes the next tip is what I like to call Purgatory because it’s sort of the deciding state about whether you will keep something on whether you will get rid of it a rule for General household items if they have to go into purgatory [their] length of time is three to six months for clothing It’s 12 months because you do [have] to get through a [whole] [year] of seasons my next little tip is to keep your surfaces clear and Limit the amount of surfaces that you have so we have [to] [bedside] tables And I mean we do have a table and a coffee table I would prefer not to have a coffee table, or if I had a coffee table I prefer not to have a dining table because we have a breakfast bar I want to get rid of one of those but having surfaces you’re very very likely to come home Don’t stuff on it, and then go and do something else when you do this ultimately it will start to pile up And that’s how things get messy, so if you do have a lot of like clear surfaces in your home keep them clear It’s might be a difficult one for a lot of people But you’re going to learn to say no if you’re walking on the street And they’re giving away free samples for something [know] if someone’s trying to send you goods to promote online But you don’t really like them, no Someone’s giving away something because they don’t want it anymore know Someone you don’t like is try to make plans with you know any sort of situation [that] doesn’t make you happy or [has] things that you don’t need say not also going to try and learn to ignore sales So if you’re constantly getting marketing, this is pretty frequent for emails I could be purchased something online you’ll notice that you always get emails from them trying to sell you more things And you’re actually going to learn to ignore physical sales as well. [don’t] buy something just because it’s on [sale] like Yeah, it might be a bargain But what are you going to do with it? Instead what I like to do is make a wish list so on my computer I have [a] folder and it’s called wish list and it just has bookmarks to all the items that I think [I’d] like to And those bookmarks they can sit in there like I have some in there for like two years Before I decide to purchase it but really just reevaluate what you’re getting and how it will fit into your life now There’s tons more tips that I could share with you guys But I thought and would just share 10 that I find really really useful You can find more tips in that downloadable calendar that I made for you guys It’s not set up for any particular month So you can just start up whenever you want is just the next 30 days and it gives you a task for each and every Day if you do decide to start it I love it If you’d leave me a comment below letting me know and I really hope you guys [find] this video helpful I know a few of you.

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Have been asking like how do I get started where do I begin so here we go? Anyway, thank you so much for watching and I’ll catch you guys next time don’t forget to subscribe. Bye .

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