Marmot Minimalist Jacket Women S Racingtheplanet The Outdoor Store Marmot Minimalist Jacket
Marmot Minimalist Jacket Women S Racingtheplanet The Outdoor Store Marmot Minimalist Jacket

Great Marmot Minimalist Jacket

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I am wearing the Marmot men’s Minimalist
jacket. It is a lightweight and durable outer shell made with a Gore-Tex Paclite waterproof
breathable membrane. It is a go to shell for when the harshest weather approaches. Let’s
take a closer look. The fabrics in play with this jacket are a
nice, durable shell fabric with a Gore-Tex Paclite waterproof breathable membrane. Now
wet materials can really make you feel uncomfortable and rob you of a good backcountry experience.
Gore-Tex products are guaranteed to keep you dry.

They are highly breathable, high durable
materials and they are guaranteeing that you will stay dry and comfortable in the back
country, so really nice fabric there.

It is also very light weight. This jacket only weighs
in about 15 ounces. So with that light weight Gore-Tex and that durable outer shell, you
are sure to have a reliable jacket. Checking out some of the features on this
jacket, we have got a full length zipper on the front with a storm flap.

And at the bottom
of that storm flap there is actually a really nice snap closure, so it will keep that flap
dry and closed in the event that the rain is really coming down. You have got a chest
Napoleon pocket with a water resistant zipper. You have got really nice easy access to items
if you need to get them quickly. You have got two zippered hand pockets with a Velcro
closure and that Velcro closure is going to provide some extra weather protection.

Looking at the cuffs here you have got a Velcro
adjustment so you can cinch those cuffs down in the event that you want a more snug fit
or if you want to put a glove over the jacket. It provides a nice, seamless integration there. Under the arms we do have pit zips, which
occasionally, if you are moving fast, you will generate some body heat and you will
need some extra ventilation. Pit zips are really good for dumping that extra body heat.

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But the way they are positioned, they still keep you dry. So it is a really nice feature
there as well. You have got dual hem adjustments. So on either side of the jacket there is a
hem draw cord so you can cinch that down.

It is not going to ride up if you are wearing
a backpack or a harness of any sort. You have got a helmet compatible hood which
offers some really nice features alone. You have got a really cool kind of shaped brim,
really gives it some structure and stability, so it sticks out a little bit, gives you that
extra protection. You have got adjustments on the front, two, one on either side and
adjustment in the back. Also you get some really good protection when
you zip up the jacket all the way, really nice closure here that just gives you fully
enclosed protection from the harshest weather. So it is a really nice hood with great features
there. So this jacket is a regular fit so it is a
relatively loose cut. It is not very athletically tailored. I have got plenty of room to layer
underneath. I am wearing a medium. I normally wear mediums. So this jacket fits me very
well. It has also got Marmot’s angel wing movement. So in the shoulders and in the arms,
you have got a lot of mobility and it is not restricting in any way. So you won’t feel
like the jacket is holding you back from, you know, a technical climb or any type of
movement out on the trail.

So, overall, great fit, plenty of room for
layers. So there you have it. It is the Marmot men’s
Minimalist jacket. It is a go to piece for all season use providing dependable waterproof,
breathable protection.

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