Marmot Minimalist Jacket Mens With Free S H Campsaver Marmot Marmot Minimalist Vs Precip
Marmot Minimalist Jacket Mens With Free S H Campsaver Marmot Marmot Minimalist Vs Precip

Latest Collection Of Marmot Minimalist Vs Precip

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I am wearing Marmot’s men’s PreCip jacket.
The PreCip jacket gives you a waterproof, breathable protection, a nice feature set
at an unbelievably affordable price point. The PreCip jacket features Marmot’s propriety
nanopro waterproof breathable construction. So you do have a high level of waterproof
protection. All the seams are taped as well. So, again, bolsters your confidence as a wearer
of that waterproof protection. It is also highly breathable.

And the lining on this
jacket is not so clammy or sticky as I have found with older jackets or kind of entry
level jackets.

There is a really nice comfort level there and, again, while maintaining
that waterproof, breathable protection. Marmot does feature its angel wing construction,
angel wing movement in the PreCip jacket. What that means is as you move, you know,
whether it is with a back pack or just, you know, out for a walk, the jacket doesn’t
ride up on you as you move. And that is often overlooked, I think, but a really, really
nice feature of this jacket. Relaxed fit on this jacket, you certainly
would expect to be wearing it over layers and there is room to do so. In terms of adjustability in the jacket, you
do have some Velcro adjustment points here on the sleeve. And you can kind of lock that
down to keep the sleeves from being any more extended than you would like them to be. There
is a single draw cord, a single pull cord here at the side of the hem. If you prefer
to have that jacket pulled in. The really nice, sizable protective hood on
the PreCip jacket, a little bit of shaping to the brim. Points of adjustability at the
back of the hood also at the sides, basically alongside the chin. Dry clime interior, a
chin guard, so where the front of the jacket beneath the hood there is hitting your chin
it is comfortable in a way that a jacket isn’t without that feature set. It is also a stowable
hood. I have seen that done on some jackets and done in a so, so manner. It is nicely
done on the PreCip jackets so when that hood is stowed the jacket doesn’t look awkward
and you aren’t aware of this bulk built up around the neck. Well done on the PreCip
jacket. So you have tot the waterproof, breathable
construction. We talked about the hood as well. This also has pit zips, some venting
options. And a jacket that is only 13.1 ounces and available at such an affordable price,
that is also a stand out feature.

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So with the pit zips what I am getting at here is,
you know, you are wearing the jacket. If heat should build up, you are getting warm, you
have got the ability to go ahead and open these side pit zips, these zippered vents
underneath the arms and allow that warm air to escape. There is also pockets here in the front and
pockets at the front of the jacket and they are mesh backed pockets. So that also enhances
air flow.

At times you may not even need to open the pit zips. Just open the pockets and
you may get all the air flow that you need. Another thing to call out on this left hand
side of the pocket is this jacket actually stuffs into that pocket for easy stow. Got the PreCip jacket stowed inside that left
pocket. You see a nice compact size. It sits pretty flat. It fits nicely inside a pack.
Keeps that waterproof, breathable protection close at hand in case you need it. Again,
just a great option, 13.1 ounces, a price that lets you save a few dollars and put towards
other gear. The Marmot men’s PreCip jacket.

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