Mission First Tactical Minimalist Stock Vision Defense Mft Minimalist Stock Weight
Mission First Tactical Minimalist Stock Vision Defense Mft Minimalist Stock Weight

Perfect Mft Minimalist Stock Weight

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the Magpul CTR stock compact type restricted stock Drop and replace them to the standard M4. I think this is much better than the standard M4 very High quality rubber foot Pad and everything Until that metal you can tell it’s sturdy You can lock it where if you want then you have the double locking? Your right there, so it’s not going to go anywhere each [club] a little bit of play, but not a lot It’s not going to matter Take it to where you want Let them up. Close like this, typically Yeah, very nice very heavy duty Now when you want to take this thing completely off of your Tube You’re going to want to get some gloves or rag? and come down like this push on that and then pull down on here and Then pull it all the way out these two Little pins right here on both side just get a rag or some gloves pull down everything and just pull out simultaneously off the Tube to Get it on them [off] kind of a pain in the butt its kind of tough, but that’s good So it actually stays on there. You don’t have any issues with it But I love it the build is coming along great Another thing I really have left to do now is To pop the top in and we’ll be good to go this is coming out to be a very cheap Anderson build project. I am putting some magpul stuff on there. That’s a little more pricey than [the] standard stuff, but not significantly So so I dig it’s coming along nice. I’ll update you soon you .

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