Nova Launcher Setup Tutorial Android Circle Medium Minimalist Android Launcher
Nova Launcher Setup Tutorial Android Circle Medium Minimalist Android Launcher

Ideas Of Minimalist Android Launcher

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minimalist android launcher

Hey, guys, it’s me Rahul and Welcomes to
another episode of android setups. I believe this is the 4th episode. On this episode, I’m gonna be recreating a
setup that one of you guys sent. If you want your setup to get featured on
this series just send me an email with all of the details and screenshots of your setup
to [email protected] —————-Intro—————– So this setup is from Ajay, it looks so clean
and minimal, I like this border around these icons it looks pretty cool.

So these are the apps that we need for making
this setup. For the icons, we will be using 2 apps/ 2
icon packs 1st one is "min" and the other one is candycons. we are using 2 different
icons packs for this setup because he used different icons on desktop and app drawer. and for the clock we are gonna be using io16
clock widget, Another app we are gonna be using is "inswall"
for the wallpapers. It is my 2nd most favorite wallpaper app. Other apps we are gonna be using are the usual
one’s nova launcher and zooper widget.

First thing that you need to do is go to settings
and set your default launcher to nova if you haven’t done that yet, then open nova settings
and set the desktop grid to 6×6 and set icon theme to candy icons, then place the io16
clock widget onto the top of the desktop, you can change the colors of it if you want
to. Then the next thing you want to do is create
the rounded corner rectangle.

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For that, we will be using zooper widget,
just place the biggest zooper widget grid onto the desktop then start with an empty
layout then create a rectangle with rounded corners, if you don’t know how to create it,
then the import stuff is set the outline to 15, corners to 10 and make sure the main color
is white, and you have set the widget background to transparent. After that scale the widget and reposition,
it like this. After you have done doing all that, place
about 6 most used app icons on the desktop, then edit each of the icons and set it to
min icon pack. Change the desktop icon size to your liking
and just place the icons in this design And next thing that we have to do before choosing
wallpaper is, place the app drawer icon in this spot and change the icon to this triangle
one and also change the widget on tap action of this border to disabled that way if you
tap on this rectangle zooper widget won’t pop up. Now let’s look for some wallpapers. Because we are going for a minimal look, we
are gonna be using a minimal wallpaper as well. Inswall is a really good wallpaper that you
should definitely check it out.I’m gonna be using this wallpaper, you can choose any minimal
wallpaper you want, anything similar will look awesome. Ajay also send me some awesome minimal wallpaper
that he made, So if you want to download that there will a link in the description to his collections So that’s it, Hope you guys like this video
if you did then, give a big thumbs up and I will talk to you guys in my next video GOODBYE! .

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