Thoughts On The Brathwait Minimalist Watch Minimalist Automatic Watch
Thoughts On The Brathwait Minimalist Watch Minimalist Automatic Watch

This Amazing Minimalist Automatic Watch

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Before you buy a daniel wellington 10 better amp affordable bauhaus style dress watches 50 to 2k, brathwait automatic minimalist watch review, up close with the brathwait automatic minimalist watch rose gold, the best automatic watch under 100 a perfect place to start the iconic seiko 5 snkl23 revie.

what’s going on YouTube
thank you guys for taking this video out right here we have the broth wait Casey
that broth wait watches um just to tell you a little bit more about them first
off I will leave a link down below that if you’re interested you could save $30
off your purchase so that’s a great deal now the reason why I like these watches
I’ve actually worn this watch already so this is more of a review rather than an
unboxing but I’m gonna show you guys this watch soon but the straps are
really easy to exchange really really nice watches so Brathwaite you know they
they have like this thing on their website where they’re talking about you
get a really good quality watch high quality watch at a lower cost because
they’re skipping all that middleman all that retail you’re buying these watches
straight from the manufacturer at a really really solid price so let’s see
what we have Oh what do you guys think so I went with
the mesh I do not own a watch with the mesh with the mesh band so I went with
the mesh band can you see that mesh band with the gold face and then the silver
just so that I could kind of match with a lot of different things that I wear
since this is my own II mess watch body I’m gonna probably want to get me a gold
mesh straps because I love this watch so I’m gonna give you guys a little bit of
a closer look oh my gosh as you can see instead of watch
focus in on that I just look how nice that is
let’s take it out I have already adjusted it to my perfect size which is
what I like about this watch because you have these notches here where you can
just adjust it really really easily alright this is let’s take this Swiss movement stainless steel alright
and this is the band like I said it’s really really easy to adjust you can get
that perfect feel you got the nice branding over here with the broth weight
and then this is what the face looks like I mean it’s it’s simple but it
looks really nice and clean that’s what I love about it it’s a simple look but
it really looks nice so now let’s go on let’s try this thing on for the test so
that’s what you have here guys what you think this is the broth weight really
really like the design is simple but it looks really good
let me know if you guys think like I said if you’re interested we’ll
definitely go check out their website alright go check out their website
because they have a lot of different designs and like I mentioned they have
these really really easy let’s see how easy it is straps that you can replace
so I need to go get me some gold mesh because then I pretty much have like two
watches in one and it you know saves a lot of time when it comes to say you
know switching the straps and it’s just really versatile so you know thank you
guys for checking this video out let me know what you dig have a good one certains is too small my this has been
the brain and your brother’s lie and already .

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