Easy Raw Vegan Brownies Minimalist Baker Recipes Minimalist Baker Brownies
Easy Raw Vegan Brownies Minimalist Baker Recipes Minimalist Baker Brownies

Great Minimalist Baker Brownies

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[Alexis sings] Dirty hands! Dirty stumps! This is what happens when you cook with your mom! [Alexis laughs]
[Fern] That even rhymed! [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [both] Welcome to Stump Kitchen! [Alexis laughs]
[Alexis] This is my mom! [Fern] Hi! [Alexis] She’s going to be on Stump Kitchen
today! [Fern] I’m pretty thrilled about that. [Alexis] What are we gonna make today? [Fern] We’re making vegan, gluten-free, black
bean brownies. [Alexis] Do they taste like beans? [Fern] They do not taste like beans, in fact,
they taste better than many non-bean brownie recipes. [Alexis] This recipe is going to blow your
socks off your face! [laughs] It’s gonna knock your socks off! Great let’s get cookin’! [Fern] First you get to know your food processor. [Alexis] Make friends. Touch it.

[Fern] How do you take the top off? [Alexis laughs]
[Alexis] You just go like this. There you go! [Fern] Nice.

Preheat oven. 350 please! [Alexis] Okay!
[oven beeps]
Pre heating! [Fern] Lightly grease a 12-slot standard muffin tin. Excellent! [Alexis] Let’s grease it up! [Fern] I’m gonna like this! [Alexis] I think I will too! AH! AH!
[laughs] [Fern] This is a very good technique. Makes me wish I had a stump, that’s for sure. [Alexis] That worked so well! [belches]
[Fern] It did. Pardon me. Sorry. [Alexis laughs]
[Fern] The first thing we have to do is actually get into the beans. [Alexis] I’ll do it with my stump! [Fern] The second step is flax eggs. Flax seed meal and water and presto you have
an egg substitute.

Who knew? [Alexis singing] Stump, stump, stump, stump,
stump. [Fern] Pulse a couple of times and then let
rest for a few minutes. [processer pulses]
[Fern] Fun, hey? [processor pulses]
[Alexis] I need to finish rinsing the beans. [Fern] Okay. [Alexis] Okay. Well rinsed! Now you do your bounce technique to get all
the excess water out of the way. [Fern] And what about the excess beanery?
[both laugh] [Fern] Add remaining ingredients –
[Alexis] What? [Fern] -and puree about three minutes, scraping
down sides as needed. Okay! [Alexis] Okay! [Fern] So we just put everything in there! [Alexis] Yeah! [Fern] Ooh! Three tablespoons coconut oil, melted. [Alexis] K, we’ll nuke it for a little bit.

Do you like my hair? I kind of look like Anne of Green Gables. [Fern] I thought so yes. [Alexis] Just the one side, you know? K, so coconut oil in. [Fern] Yeah. [Alexis singing] La la la la la la. Try singing when you put it in it might help. [Fern singing] La la la la la la.

[Alexis] Doesn’t that make it so much more
fun? [Fern] I thought it was pretty good. [both] Cocoa powder!
[both] Fa la la la la la la la la. [electronic beep]
[Alexis laughs] The oven’s ready! [Alexis] Sometimes just to be fun when you’re
cooking you can pre-measure out all your ingredients in little bowls like this. [Fern] You feel like you’re on a cooking show.

[Alexis laughs]
[Alexis] K, salt! [Fern] I love – don’t you love the smell of
vanilla? [Alexis] I do, but the taste? [Fern] It’s such a disappointment when you
actually – [both] Yeah. [Fern] Life’s like that sometimes. [Alexis] It’s really bad. [Fern] Organic cane sugar. [Alexis singing] Ah! [Alexis] Feels really nice. [Fern] Better than a spatula. [Alexis sings] Better than a spatula! [Alexis] K, what’s next? [Fern] One and a half teaspoons of baking
powder. [Alexis] Bop bop bop bop. [Fern] Good job! [Alexis] Top on! AHH! There we go!
[processor whirrs] [Alexis] Oh!! I think it — whoop–
I don’t think it’s supposed to stop. [Fern] Oh my god. [Alexis laughs]
Let’s try that again, shall we? Is the power off? [processor whirrs]
Okay! Back to the dancing!
[processor stops] [Alexis] Oh! [Fern] I don’t smell burning or anything. [Alexis laughs]
[Alexis] Is the blade right? The blade’s in. Let’s use a spatula. It said to scrape the sides down. It’s really thick. [Fern] Really, really thick. [Alexis] It’s really thick. [Fern] If the batter appears too thick, add
a tablespoon or two of water and pulse again. Little more water. [processor whirrs] [Fern] This is perfect. You’d never guess there was a bean in here. [Alexis] Mm-hmm! [Fern] Not one. [Alexis] So my mom’s name is Fern, and so
that’s why we chose to put a fern in the episode today. To honour mom. Try saying it! Fern. Fern. Fern. So good. [Fern] You don’t want them to be too full. [Alexis] Half to three-quarters full. This is where it gets real messy. Just embrace it. Oops! [Fern] If you can just kinda bear with me,
[Alexis] Who knew that we’d be using a spatula on a stump, which is also a spatula. [Fern] Now, dark chocolate "cheeps". Pepites? [Alexis] Dark chocolate cheeps!
[both laughing] [Alexis] Oh my god you did it! [Fern] Are you okay? [Alexis laughing] I’m fine. [Fern] Just a little topping. About 25 minutes. [both] In it goes! [Alexis] And now we wait.
[Fern] And now we rest. [Fern] We wait.
[Alexis] What? [Alexis] The brownies are ready! [Fern] Ready! [Alexis] Ready! [Fern] Where’s the other mitt? [Alexis laughing] I only need one! Here you go. [Fern] Thanks. [Alexis] Yeah! [Fern] A very successful batch.
[Alexis] They look amazing! [Fern] They do.
[Alexis] So good. [Fern sings] Da da da da. [Alexis] Oh yeah! [Fern] Best ever? [Alexis] Yes! [Fern] It tastes like fabulous hot chocolate,
marshmallows and vanilla all together. [Alexis] Wow that’s a really good review! [Fern] Put them on a doily and decorate them. [Alexis] Doily – that’s a word you don’t hear
every day! [Fern] You do in this house! [Alexis laughs]
[Alexis] Thanks for watching! Thanks for being on the show mom! [Fern] I loved it! Thanks for having me. [Alexis] That was the best! We’ll see you next time on Stump Kitchen! Bye! [Fern] I’ll be watching. [Alexis] This is a doily! [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [Alexis] Can you tell the viewers why it would
be important to subscribe to my channel? [Fern] The cooking ideas take you to a whole
new level, but frankly, spending time with you is even richer than the cooking experience. So you put that package together you got gold! You got gold! [Alexis] You heard it from my mom! Subscribe to my channel! Give this video a little thumbs up? [Fern] Thumbs up! [Alexis] Thumbs up! [Fern] Three thumbs up! [Alexis] Three thumbs. up! .

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