Eating A Whole Food Plant Based Diet A Crafty Chai Minimalist Baker Chocolate Chip Cookies
Eating A Whole Food Plant Based Diet A Crafty Chai Minimalist Baker Chocolate Chip Cookies

Amazing Minimalist Baker Chocolate Chip Cookies

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minimalist baker chocolate chip cookies

hey everyone and welcome back it to my
channel if you are new don’t forget to subscribe and make sure you follow on
Instagram because I post lots of tips tricks recipes and all that there and in
today’s video we’re making some healthy and nutritious breakfast they’re gonna
fuel your whole day give you energy and a nutritious boost so the first thing
I’m showing you is a green smoothie it’s my new a favorite recipe and keep
in mind I do make fruit free smoothies so I’m using a base of cucumber to be
really hydrating in the morning especially when you haven’t been
drinking water all night some avocado for some healthy fats and mint for both
flavor and digestion it really freshens it first thing the morning I love them
in some spinach you can also do kale whatever kind of greens that you want
and even those is fruit free it doesn’t taste like spinach because I think the
fat of the avocado kind of covered it so I’m a protein powder this is the vegan
one that I’ve been using lately from protein world I like it it’s good and
then of course some almond milk you can also do coconut water if you want super
hydrating or just water but I find the coconut sorry the album milk is a bit
more hydrating so that’s been my favorite green smoothie lately you can
also take it to go which would be perfect next up we’re making our own
yogurt yes guys and only has two ingredients so I’m starting off with
coconut milk which is full of healthy fats and we’re gonna keep you full then
I’m adding in 3 capsules of probiotics each of these had at 25 billion in it in
case you want to know I don’t think it matters on the amount of billion but for
reference and that’s all you’re gonna need you’re just put the probiotics into
the can of coconut yogurt you want to use full fat because I’m pretty sure
light won’t thicken up if you don’t use like a full fat one and don’t be scared
of fat guys because healthy fat doesn’t make you fat I’m putting in a little bit
of vanilla for flavor so I am doing a sugar-free one if you wanted to put a
little bit of coconut sugar um you can but also you can leave it for after you
cover it with cellophane and then you leave it for about 48 hours in a warm
spot so you can do it in your oven with a light on or just on your countertop
just not in the fridge after 2 days mine thickened up like this and then you
can store it in the fridge for a few days and that will also make it get a
little bit thicker once it’s been cultured so make sure you culture
outside and then you can store it in the fridge to kind of thicken it up and then
you have coconut yogurt that is super clean there’s no preservative is just
coconut milk and probiotics you get the gut health benefits from the probiotics
I’m putting on some blueberries because they’re low in sugar and full of
antioxidants and then my favorite purely list of the granola fight granola it’s
normally purely Elizabeth because it’s only sweetened with coconut sugar super
simple next up or making a grain free porridge
as you guys know I tend to stay mainly away from grains or from eating
guardians it’s more of a splurge item so we’re making this yummy porridge that
you can meal prep as well I’m using some almond milk you can use whatever kind of
vegan milk but you like cashew and macadamia go crazy use hemp if you like
then we’re using some almond flour so I’m using three tablespoons of that it’s
got some great in vitamin E and healthy fats that aren’t gonna keep us both
duh so got some protein so we got good stuff there some hemp seeds these are
really high in omega and also protein plus it also helps thicken the porch
some chia seeds again these are loaded with omega and also help to thicken the
porridge if you don’t like chia you can do flax here instead I’m gonna add flax
next but whichever one you don’t like you can always add just 1 tablespoon
more of something else that I’ve used in this porridge if that makes sense just
because we wanted to get nice and thick I’m putting that on a stove to medium
heat and just stirring that around and adding in some cinnamon as well for
flavor again you can add whatever kind of spices that you like you can do chai
here whatever you want once it’s cooked it will kind of look like this it’s
gelled up and this is really great to keep in the fridge and then heat up with
even a little bit more almond milk or to eat right away and then I’m putting on
some frozen berries that I’m microwave because then they get soft and they run
and it tastes more like a blueberry muffin and adding on some almond butter
because you can never have enough healthy fats in my life and of course
this just tastes really good and it melts if it’s warm and then nut butter
kind of swirls around with the berries and it’s just so delicious it’s perfect
if it’s cold out where you live like it is for me next up we’re making a
scramble wrap which is basically a scramble on a wrap so I’m starting off
by shredding some sweet potato you can do orange treat
potato but purple is fun to me and it was also on sale this week so I got
purple you kind of shred that up and then you cook that on the pan until it’s
crisp then I’m adding in an egg you can also do what chick pea egg if you’re
vegan or tofu scramble something like that once that’s cooked I’m putting that
on my grain-free wrap again if you’re not grain free you don’t have to do this
some avocado for some healthy fats as long with some spinach for some greens
so I tend to always try to include greens fat and protein and all my
breakfast so that our blood sugar is stabilized you’re not getting a spike or
a crash and you have some long fuel that your brain and your body can use to get
through the day rolling that up and of course green free ones are a little bit
more tough but if you warm them up beforehand they get nice and soft
obviously I was filming so we got a bit hard while I was filming this but you
can do that and it’ll make it soft and it’s so delicious
you’ve got the potato complex carb it’s you’re good to go I hope you guys
enjoyed these healthy breakfast ideas if you try them out obviously tag me on
instagram i’m sharing your crisis makes all the time on there and i love seeing
you make them and enjoy them don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t
already and check out my new blog it’s launched i have recipes and plus on
there so thanks .

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