One Bowl Gluten Free Vegan Pumpkin Bread V Gf Df Beaming Baker Minimalist Baker Pumpkin Pie
One Bowl Gluten Free Vegan Pumpkin Bread V Gf Df Beaming Baker Minimalist Baker Pumpkin Pie

Great Minimalist Baker Pumpkin Pie

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Hello friends and not-yet-friends, Today we’re making Starbuck’s Cream Cheese
Pumpkin muffins better! No dairy, no eggs, just soft, rich vegan muffins
made with nutritious pumpkin and delightful pumpkin spice with a cheesecake-like creamy
center baked right in, sprinkled with crumb topping and sugared pumpkin seeds.mmm! The’re so awesome. And for all my fellow Canadians who crave
the Tim Horton’s version with cream cheese frosting, I got you. Speaking of options, you can make these with
regular flour or make a gluten-free version with oats. These are your pumpkin muffins and there are
no rules! Everything comes together quickly so first,
preheat your oven and get your muffin tray ready. I’m greasing the top surface with a little
vegan butter so that if and when batter spills on top, it won’t stick. And popping in reusuable silicone liners which
make getting the muffins out super easy. Then set those aside. In a large mixing bowl, combine your dry ingredients. You can use regular all-purpose flour, like
I mentioned earlier, or blend some gluten-free oats in a blender or food processor to make
your own gluten-free oat flour. My food processor makes the flour kind of
rough. When I use my blender, the oat flour is finer. Both textures work though. Finer oat flour makes a muffin that looks
more like the regular kind, rougher oat flour gives a more rustic look. Make sure to check the printable recipe for
all the exact amounts. For best results, measure by weight if you
can. Baking powder and baking soda will help our
muffins rise and bake up nice and fluffy. And our spices will give the muffin that signature
pumpkin spice flavour. I love this smell. Someone told me it was too early for pumpkin-y
things but the leaves are already turning color here and I just can’t fight that cozy
fall spirit! I love autumn; the colors, the smells, the
food. Thumbs up if you love fall too! In a separate bowl, combine the wet ingredients. That’s pure pumpkin puree not pumpkin pie
filling. Our recipe calls for a 14 oz can but I found
that every can that I used during testing had a little extra so be sure to measure it

You should have one and a half cups plus two
tablespoons or 390ml. I’m adding a couple teaspoons of apple cider
vinegar to vanilla soy milk here but you can actually dump everything into the bowl at
the same time. Then brown sugar. And white granulated sugar. The two kinds of sugar together give the right
amount of sweetness with a hint of molasses that goes perfectly with the spices.

Then a quarter cup of canola oil or your choice
of a neutral oil and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. I know someone’s going to ask if they can
omit the oil replace it with extra pumpkin or other oil alternative and the answer is.
not if you want to achieve that perfect coffee shop muffin texture. But if you’ve been living the oil-free life
and are used to that oil-free texture.

You do you. Now we can add the wet to the dry. Use a rubber spatula to get every bit of it. If you’re using oat flour, mix to your hearts
content. If you’re using regular flour, fold the mixture
in gently. We just want to barely combine everything
so there are no dry pockets or wet streaks but once we’re there, stop. No overmixing. Otherwise the gluten in the flour will develop
and make our muffins heavy or worse, gummy! This is one place where the gluten-free version
is actually easier to do. Leave that and let’s make the filling and
toppings. For the cheesecake-like Starbucks version,
combine silken tofu with sugar, cornstarch, a bit of oil which will add richness, lemon
juice, and vanilla extract and blend it super duper smooth. I like using an immersion blender for this;
I think it does the best job. For the Timmies cream cheese frosting version,
combine two tablespoons of vegan butter, two tablespoons of vegan cream cheese and vanilla extract. And icing sugar. This is basically the same frosting I use
for my gooey cinnamon rolls so it’s a little on the runny side. To make it stiffer, you can add a bit more
icing sugar. But I’m not. Just plopping the frosting into a piping bag
for later. For the crumb topping, you’ll just mix sugar,
regular or oat flour and vegan butter with a fork until it gets all crumbly. You can do a brown sugar or white sugar crumb. It’s up to you. The pumpkin seeds just get a spritz of oil
and some icing sugar. The oil helps the sugar stick in place. Now we’re ready to get everything together. Without mixing the batter, scoop some with
a spoon and into your waiting muffin tray. Fill the cups all the way up to the top. You can even over fill them but it can get
messy while adding the filling so play it safe especially if you’re going the Starbuck’s
version rather than the Timmies version. When those are full, we’ll need to make some
space for the filling. Skip this, of course, if you’re making the
Timmies frosting version since that frosting goes in after baking. I’ve tried using a little spoon for this,
scooping out a little from the middle. Or just using a couple of clean wet fingers
to make a hole. Both are a little clumsy feeling but either
way works. Then scoop some of the creamed silken tofu
filling and drop it in. Be careful not to overfill them. You will probably have some filling leftover. Then sprinkle the crumb on top. And add the sugared pumpkin seeds. Press them in gently. Then pop the tray in the hot oven for 8 minutes. The extra heat in the beginning helps them
rise higher and helps with browning the crumb and crisping the pumpkin seeds. Afterwards, lower the temperature to 350°F
or 175°C and continue baking for 20 more minutes. Once you get them out of the oven, let them
rest for 5 minutes before popping the muffins out and on to a cooling rack. You could eat these right away. Steaming hot and soft and delicious. But they are fine the next day, especially
if you heat them up for a few seconds in the microwave. Anything I can’t eat in one day, I stick in
the freezer. That way, I can have a pumpkin spice treat
anytime I want one. If you’re making the Tim Horton’s style Pumpkin
Spice muffins, let the muffins cool completely. I know, they will smell so good so it’s tough
to wait. When they’re cool, make some space in the
center of the muffin. You could use a little knife to get some of
that center out so there’s more space for frosting. Or just stick it with a chopstick and wiggle
a bit. Then pipe in that vegan cream cheese frosting. Two kinds of filling, both delicious. And the oat flour version is actually just
as good! Yes, it tastes oat-y which is awesome with
these spices! I haven’t been successful with gluten-free
baking in the past but this one is an absolute winner! I can’t say I have a favourite though. Can you? Speaking of favourites, what kinds of fall
treats are you looking forward to this season? Sweet or savory? Pumpkin or no pumpkin? Tell me the flavours you love. I really want to know. Thanks so much for watching this video. I hope you liked it. Please give it a thumbs up if you did and
share it with your pumpkin spice loving friends on facebook, twitter, reddit or wherever you
hang out online. It would really help me out if you did. Like you guys did with my Boston Cream Doughnuts
video. I’m so heppy you guys loved it and spread
that love. So encouraging and makes me want to veganize
even more delicious treats. Anyways, don’t forget to tag me in your insta
photos too. And again, thanks for watching. Bye for now! .

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