Jiang Feng Led Mirror Front Lamp Modern Minimalist Bathroom Vanity Minimalist Bathroom Vanity
Jiang Feng Led Mirror Front Lamp Modern Minimalist Bathroom Vanity Minimalist Bathroom Vanity

Beautiful Minimalist Bathroom Vanity

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What’s up guys? It’s Aileen, and today is Day 4 of our 5 Days
to Minimalism Challenge. This entire week we’ve been decluttering small
areas of our lives. Day 1 was the purse. Day 2 was the car. Day 3 was a digital space.

And Day 4 is your makeup bag. The idea is to declutter everything you have in your daily makeup bag. I know some of us have huge makeup collections so I don’t want to overwhelm you guys. You can choose to declutter either a daily makeup bag or, if you want
to tackle it, your entire makeup collection. What I’m going to be doing: I’m just going
to do the makeup that’s on my vanity because I have a very, very minimal daily
makeup bag that I don’t think I can tidy much. So I’m just going to tidy the things on my
desk because my desk can get pretty messy. So let’s get to it. Welcome to my vanity. Today I’m going to declutter all the makeup
on top and in the drawers.

This is basically almost all my makeup after
I tidied through the KonMari process last year. You guys know drill: first step is to take
everything out of its place. [Music: Where It All Goes by Lostboycrow] This holds my nail and hair stuff so I’m just
going to leave that in there. So here’s all of my makeup when you lay it
all out. Next up, it’s time to sort through each
product and decide whether I want to keep it or put it away or discard it, maybe give it
away. I just have a hard time with some things. For example: these foundation brushes, I don’t
use them anymore because I use a beauty blender but I don’t
want to throw them away and I like to keep all my brushes together
in one place. I don’t want to have two foundation brushes
floating around somewhere, so I decided just to keep them together for

I’ve decided to just go under my vanity and
go through my lipsticks too. I keep my lipsticks under my table because
I don’t use all of them all the time. But I totally don’t use lip glosses ever
and I feel like I should get rid of a few of them that just aren’t serving me right now. So here’s my keep pile, and this is what I
want to put away and discard for now. Now it’s time to reorganize and put everything
away in a new place, whatever feels right. This is where you use your creativity and
just follow your heart to what feels right. I’ve spent so much time putting things here
and then deciding to put it somewhere else. I don’t know, I just mess with it until it
feels right. For example: look at how indecisive I am with putting this highlighter stick somewhere.

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Finally found a place for it.

This drawer is for my eye makeup. This drawer is for my brow and lash products. This drawer, I use for face products like
concealer, my blush, bronzer. The bottom drawer is for lip products and
I also put my cushion and primer in there. In my drawer, I just keep all this backup
makeup that I want to use but don’t use on the daily. And here’s the final discard pile. Some of these are still in good condition so I’m going to give them away.

And I just decided to wipe down my vanity because I don’t think I’ve actually cleaned
this table since I got it. And I took this opportunity to refuel my,
what do you call that, compartment thing for your cotton swabs and stuff. And voila! Here is my new, refreshed vanity. Thanks for watching, guys! Day 4: Check! Alright, today’s challenge was really fun. You guys, make sure to check out my friend, Brittany’s channel: NaturallyThriftyMom. She’s also doing the challenge with me. If you guys are following along and you want
to share your journey online, make sure you hashtag #5DaystoMinimalism and
that you tag me and Brittany at @lavendaire and at @naturallythriftymom. Onto the next one, tomorrow’s the last day of this challenge
and I hope you guys are ready for the last day. See you tomorrow. Bye! .

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