Living With Less 5 Steps To Create A Minimalist Beauty Drawer Minimalist Beauty Routine
Living With Less 5 Steps To Create A Minimalist Beauty Drawer Minimalist Beauty Routine

Latest Collection Of Minimalist Beauty Routine

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So recently a lot of my friends actually come to me and ask how I cleared up my acne and how they should get some advice and clear up acne? The very first question that comes out of my mouth is "What does your diet look like?" The second question might be "How much sleep do you get in a daily basis? And also, what time do you go to bed? The third thing is something related to stress level. Fourth thing, inflammatory reaction inside your body. And the very very last question, that I may or may not ask you is recording the skin care routine. It saves you for your youtube find or wanting to find a miracle or wanting to find a answer from a certain skin care product. If you really think about the cause of your acne is hormonal, its inflammatory its something that is inside that is malfunctioning.

And your skin is just being an indicator to tell you that something’s really wrong inside your bodies.

I’m not saying the acne treatments or acne medications that you might be relying on are totally useless. They’re scientifically proven to be effective and killing the P-acne which is the acne causing bacteria, and if you have seen results using these products, that is amazing. However, I know a lot of you guys are relying on these acne treatments and probably acne medications. They might still get fresh new acne and they can’t really get it to the root causes on what’s really causing the acne which is inside your body. So if you have been using numerous different skin care products, numerous different acne treatments and you’re not seeng different results, maybe your skin is telling you that. all it probably needs is your tending loving care from you. rather than attacking your skin with fully force military armed with guns and bullets on this side. It just needs more love and respect. So today I’m going to provide you with a step by step guide. On how to start over a skin care routine or how to minimize your skin care routine.

It’s something that helped me out tremendously, I know some of you guys saw results with it. so. there’s really no harm in trying. So the very first phase is called "Skincare Fasting" It’s basically cutting back everything to a very basic skincare survival mode. We want to really rebuild the skin barrier during this fasting period or survival period. If you have been doing harsh cleansing, if you have been relying on strong actives or acne treatments. there’s high chance that your skin barrier is damaged or even compromised, and you really gotta believe that your skin has the ability to regulate and to heal by it self so, we are really cutting back really minimal skin care routine to push our skin to do its job that it’s suppose to do.

Another goal that you want to achieve is probably Cutting down the obsession towards skincare products. I know it sounds very contradictory to a lot of things but. skincare is not going to end of the us, it’s not going to cure. just don’t expect too much. from your skincare products. Our main focus should be on hydration and recovery during this period and also, a little bit of antioxidants wouldn’t harm as well. Even though I named it skincare fasting, you don’t really need to cut out everything of your routine. I think your skin might freak out a even more and, we are really resetting to a clean slate. During this period, I am kindly asking you to drop acne treatments strong actives, acne medication, sheet masking or any kind of masking included, sleeping mask or clay mask, spot treatment, or any kind of drying out your skin action , harsh cleansers which are too alkaline, which are too foaming. Exfoliating, serums, you might wanna pause. Your skin care routine should look something like this. So a lot of you guys know by now that I have been skipping morning cleansing, I’ve tried this out for six months now. And many of you guys have applied it that you have been seeing good results. It really helps to keep the skin care barrier intact. And then I follow up using a basic hydrating moisturizer thats really light weight. It would be nice if moisturizers would come with antioxidants or some sort of skin recovering or soothing agent. However, you don’t really need to buy a new moisturizer to do this. SPF is non negotiable so apply sunscreen or you can even apply a moisturizer that has SPF in it. Evening routine is pretty simple as well, I would do double cleansing because I wear sunscreen or makeup in a daily basis and I would follow up with a moisturizer that I use in the morning but, this time I would add a few drops of rose seed oil either hempseed oil to prevent trimester water look during sleep. So you might stick to this phase for about idealy one month or if your skin loves it. So your skin cells will turnover every 20 days so we want to align with that. While you are doing the skincare fasting, I just want you guys to make the most to of it, and make this into a very transformative face in your lifestyle as well including: diet, sleeping pattern, and stress level. If you can manage that. Sleeping is very important in recovering your skin and it will help you immensely if you get really full rest. Try to stop relying on full coverage foundation, concealer here and there would be enough. After you do the skin care fasting, you might have realized that, your skin would feel so much healthier, happier, and much more balance state. Now, it’s totally capable of doing whats it’s suppose to do, that we kind of suppress not to do. Which is self regulating, and self healing. I often get comments from you guys saying that you guys truly switch to a hydrating and nourishing skin care routine. Walking away from acne medications and acne treatments and you realize that your skin was just dehydrated. And that’s why it’s just acting weird and your skin is so much clearer and healthier now. Your skin would really listen to you when you respect your skin. Phase number 2: Adding a supplement. So skincare is a supplement at the end of the day to target whatever your skin needs. After fasting period you might have realize who your true skin type is or what your skin condition is, or what your skin really needs. If you are currently happy with the hydration routine, keep on doing that. You really don’t need to be greedy. If you are going to add one more product into your skin care routine, I want you to guys to approach it more strategically. Introduce one product at a time into your routine and slowly increasingly build up the frequency and the potency of the active ingredient. If you feel like your skin is dehydrated, you can add something with hyaluronic acid or glycerin, [.] or any type of oil that can compensate that. If you feel like your skin is just really congested or dull, occasionally age exfoliation will help tremendously. Niacinamide can be a super hero for a lot of troubled skin type especially for those of you guys who have oily acne prone skin. It is a sebum regulating ingredient but, it doesn’t do that by just simply suppressing it. It dimmingly to proaction of ceramides and collagen inside so your skin can naturally moisturize it yourself, and once your skin is naturally moisturized, it doesn’t have a need to compensate by producing more sebum to lubricate your skin. So your skin is more imbalanced and also, it is an anti inflammatory ingredient, so it is great for acne prone skin. So any kind of antioxidants will help to strengthen your skin barrier. So Vitamin C and Vitamin E is probably the most talked about anti-oxidant. However, when you’re approaching Vitamin C, I’m not really sure [.] acid or [.] acid which is a pure form of Vitamin C to be the right fit for acne prone skin because, it can sometimes sensitize your skin, or it can sometime aggravate your skin. So if you’re wanting to incorporate Vitamin C, I highly recommend you guys to go for Vitamin C derivative. Such as magnesium glorified falsified uhh, sodium glorified falsified, and there are so many others out there. Phase number 3: Commit! You really really needs your patience to work synergetic with your own skin care routine. So if you found the products you love and you want to commit, have a good relationship with it. Don’t cheat on it by moving around too much, and don’t expect too much in such a short period of time because, things take time. I’m pretty sure you will get the most out of it once you show commitment. If you guys commit to do this challenge, I really really want to see your progress your skin care journey. So tag me on Instagram @aboutliahyoo, tag me on Twitter @aboutliahyoo and #skincaredietchallenge. I will be consistently checking that hashtag and will be commenting on your post and really, encourage and support you guys on your journey, think we are consistently in a temptation to buy more products and I’m not a good influence in that category too. But to be honest, skin care is a celebration of self love and self care, anyway it should be something you enjoy. If Trump says "he’s gonna make America great again", ”m going to make skincare enjoyable again. YAS LIAH! I hope. So good luck, I really really hope it works, I really hope you guys see results of it, and let me know! Bye!~ .

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