Bifold Wallet With Money Clip On Outside For Men Recycled Firefighter Minimalist Bifold Wallet
Bifold Wallet With Money Clip On Outside For Men Recycled Firefighter Minimalist Bifold Wallet

Amazing Minimalist Bifold Wallet

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Hey it’s Bey, and today I’m going to be doing
a quick review of the Purfit Design Buffalo Slim Bifold Wallet. This wallet was sent to me from Purfit Design
but everything that I say in this video are my own thoughts and opinions. It currently comes in Black and Cognac. I’ll put a link to Amazon in the description
if you’re interested. My first thought when receiving this wallet
is that it smells really good. This wallet is made out of genuine leather
and I highly recommend taking a sniff of this wallet right when you receive it. It may be the best smelling wallet that I’ve
ever smelled.

You have a total of eight slots to carry things
like cards and cash. On the front, you have two card slots of your
most frequently used cards. I usually keep my debit hard in one slot and
a credit card knife in the other. On the back, you have a magnetic money clip. It’s very secure and I trust it with holding
my cash, even though It’s only a couple of dollars, but you can hold up to 10 bills if
you have that many. You can easily lift up the tab to get quick
access and it’ll snap back into place thanks to the magnets. I really like the snap fastener thingy because
it keeps the wallet closed even if you drop it. It’s very easy to lock and unlock the wallet,
but it’s very secure. On the left side, you have two card slots. On the right, you have another card slot and
a clear spot for your ID.

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You have a little cutout on the center to
get your ID out more easily. There are also two interior side slots that
you can use to hold receipts or more cash if you wanted to.

You do have the money clip on the exterior
of the wallet, but you can use these slots if you have more than ten bills, or if you
just want to hide your more larger bills.

The build quality of this wallet is great. It is made out of genuine leather like I mentioned
before, and it will develop a good looking worn out look like with other leather products.

The stitching also looks really solid. What I really like about this wallet is that
you can’t find any sort of logo anywhere on this wallet. l Oh yeah, this wallet is RFID protected which
is great. Even the front two quick access card slots
are RFID protected.

Overall, the Purfit Design Buffalo Bifold
Wallet is a solid choice if you’re looking for a new wallet. It smells great, has good build quality, and
can hold a lot of cards and cash without getting too bulky. Again, I’ll leave a link in the description
to Amazon if you’re interested. That was my video review of the Purfit Design
Buffalo Slim Bifold Wallet. If you found this video helpful, please leave
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notification every time I upload. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the
next video.

Peace! Love you <3 .

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