Match Up Sneaker Boot Shoes Louis Vuitton Minimalist Boots Mens
Match Up Sneaker Boot Shoes Louis Vuitton Minimalist Boots Mens

Amazing Minimalist Boots Mens

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minimalist boots mens

Hi! This is a Technology Channel but Sometimes I show you some great shoes 😉 Here is the why. After breathing, what we do a lot is walking, standing and running. So our feet are importand and must be healthy and comfortable. Thats why you are seeing shoes in a technology channel ^^ Today I’ll show you some interesting shoes VIVO Brand VIVOBAREFOOT company believes feet must feel natural, so do I. And theese are took my interest I took myself one, this model. Theese are very lightweight shoes. I will get in details just later Here is the thing, if your feet is healthy and comfortable, so do you, and feel happy It is the main philosophy This model name primus Lite Mens. Very thin and light.

When on the road, walking or running. Not like this off road trekking 🙂 When on the road, you feel everything and its like not wearing any shoes. Just like "barefoot" 🙂 Here is my trekking shoes.

They have thicker sole. Absorbing stones or something on the floor. when doing trekking So you dont feel the stones or sharp edges. Talking about this model of Vivo shoes. philosophy is different, you feel everything on the road, feel and your brain know what your feet doing "Let your feet do their natural thing" You can experience, walking and running almost barefoot There is little support here, rest is very thick and the sole material is TPU TPU is like soft elastic rubber, skin friendly. looking at the design, the back of it thin and front is wider. So your finger can easily move and not get in squezed ^^ Exactly you can move your fingers in it freely. little free sapece on top. so it is really airy here 🙂 theese parts are very thin also. some ventilation holes. here is full net, what air outside is inside. Vivo brand logo, and full air can get in there also. this time of the year little cool, but in summer or spring, they will be awesome shoes, Comfotable and no sweating. What I liked the most is shoes are very lightweight. For example I was thinking this shoes are very light. They are. actually. 340 grams 1 piece Primus Lite Mens is 175 grams 1 piece. It suprised me a lot. It’s like a slippers. and they breath very well. That way I wanted to feel my experience. This shoes great for roads and flat ground.
But you want to go trekking You can have a look at trekking shoes.
Winter boots. beside, there are also different design shoes, Watch your health, take good care of your feet and good bye 😉 .

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