A Minimal Year Round Capsule Wardrobe Jessica Rose Williams Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe
A Minimal Year Round Capsule Wardrobe Jessica Rose Williams Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe

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Hey everyone! so right around a year
ago I decided to do project 333 and I challenged myself to do it
for a full year people want smaller and more curated
wardrobes for different reasons for me I wanted to: invest in fewer but
better quality and ethically made pieces, refine my style I had quite an eclectic mix of stuff and items that I had from high school
and I just really wanted to refocus and figure out a little bit more
what my personal style was, wear the items that I enjoy the most
and get lots of use out of them, not feel overwhelmed when I look in my
closet at all my clothes, be more sustainable a smaller closet
with better quality items is a lot more environmentally friendly then a huge closet full of disposable clothing and there was also an element of necessity I knew that we were moving overseas in
the fall and had limited storage space and that we could take with us Right around a year ago I was researching capsule wardrobes and that’s how I came across
project 333 it was the perfect challenge and push
that I needed plus I really wanted to see if I would
actually be happy with a smaller wardrobe for the initial declutter I did what I
think a lot of people do I hauled everything out and I started dividing
it into piles of things I wanted to for sure keep
things I wanted to donate and then the maybe pile one thing I
found really helpful was to think about if that piece wasn’t currently in my
closet, would I purchase it if I saw it in the store? for my first big declutter I had a lot of problems with the maybe pile but I ended up packing it up and
revisiting it quite a few times and slowly whittling it down into the things
that I for sure wanted to keep and what I wanted to donate I ended up donating 3 huge garbage
bags full of clothes and also giving a ton of stuff away to
friends If you’re new to project 333, just getting started, or feel like you could use some guidance I really recommend the Dress with Less
Microcourse which I’ll link to below it’s really helpful and walks you
through both the decluttering process and building your capsule wardrobe when building your capsule I think it’s really important to focus on your favorite items the items that you wear the most and that
are most often in your laundry and build around those. I decided to buy very little especially for the first few
seasons and I found that really helpful unless
you can see very glaring holes in your wardrobe I think it’s really good to not purchase
things right away because as you wear your capsule wardrobe
you not only refine your style a bit more but you get a much better sense of
what’s missing it’s also really helpful to take note of what it is about your favorite pieces
that make them your favorites and also what it is about the pieces
that you don’t wear so often? is it the colour? the cut? maybe the fit? by thinking about those things it helps
with your future capsule wardrobe planning it helps with defining your style and it
also helps when shopping for new pieces and it’s really important to not stress
if things aren’t perfect it’s a huge learning experience and
things arn’t going to be perfect I learned that: you don’t need a huge
wardrobe to be happy and to look good, it feels really nice to get rid of
things and have extra space, I enjoy both the simplicity and the
surprising creativity that came along with having a capsule wardrobe, people don’t notice and don’t care if
you wear the same outfit, having a capsule wardrobe helps you be a
lot more analytical and thoughtful about new purchases it really reinforced my desire to invest
in quality pieces that i’m gonna have for a really long time, it’s good to look
for versatility both the pieces that I already own and with any new purchases, sticking to neutral colors is easier but
definitely not necessary, it really helps to notice patterns in
your dressing what are the pieces that you wear most? what are the outfits you wear most? and what are the items that really
connect those pieces well to create lots of different options?
and it’s good to identify if there are connecting pieces that might be missing so for example if you have a lot of
casual tops but don’t tend to wear them because they feel too casual it may be worthwhile to invest in
something like a blazer so that you can dress them up and get more use out of them and it’s
always important to focus on what works for you not feel the need to copy other people’s
capsule wardrobes or fit into any kind of mould I’ve noticed that there is a tendency to
focus on the rules and while they provide a
really great framework and challenge it’s also important to
identify what does and doesn’t work for you remember that you’re doing this for
yourself and no one else so if you want to swap something out,
add in an extra piece, change the season time-frame, or remove a
category that’s totally fine! It’s your journey
and your experience! so what happens next? for me going
forward after this year long challenge I’m definitely always going to have a
capsule wardrobe I’m never going back I bought very few things throughout the
year and now I have a much better sense of what I want my capsule wardrobes to
look like so I’m slowly going to be investing in
and replacing some key pieces and I’m going to allow myself to be a
lot more flexible with the guidelines for example when I was in Canada the
season’s definitely didn’t match up perfectly to what the weather was so I’m not going to worry about if 1
season is maybe a little bit shorter and another season is a little bit longer I’m gonna be less strict about the 33 item limit that worked really well for spring and
summer but I found it to be maybe a little too few for me
personally during fall and winter with layering and everything I think I’d
be more comfortable in the 35 to 38 piece range and I’m not gonna feel guilty if I
decide to wear something that’s outside of my capsule wardrobe I have a
couple fancier dresses that I never included because I didn’t think that
they would get enough wear and as a result they got
no wear or love and I do really like those
dresses so I think going forward I’m just gonna wear them if I want to,
if the occasion is right and not feel guilty that they’re not part of my
capsule wardrobe and in the same vein something that I
actually missed was occasionally borrowing my husband clothes again I didn’t want to do it I felt bad
doing it because it wasn’t part of my capsule wardrobe so going forward I’m gonna occasionally
borrow them and that’s fine and I’m not gonna feel
bad about it so I do want to emphasize that it shouldn’t be at all about guilt and suffering it’s about challenging
yourself and a learning experience so don’t worry about making any adjustments
that you need to looking back at this year I’m actually
really amazed at how much having capsule wardrobe has taught me about
myself about personal style and about the role and value clothing play in my
life I not only love and appreciate my
clothes more but I feel more confident wearing them I’m also really excited to continue to
build a curated capsule wardrobe of ethically minded pieces that work
well together and reflect my lifestyle personal style and values I hope you enjoyed this look
back at my year of project 333 I’m so happy that I decided to do this
and for any of you thinking about trying it I definitely encourage you to take the
challenge I learnt so much that I don’t think I would have if I hadn’t limited my pieces to only 33 items and it was such a great learning and
personal growth experience so I would love to hear your thoughts,
comments, tips, or anything that you’ve learned from having capital wardrobe thank you so much for joining me and
have a great day! .

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