Fan Made Minimalist Evolve Wallpaper Imaginedragons Minimalist Desktop Background
Fan Made Minimalist Evolve Wallpaper Imaginedragons Minimalist Desktop Background

Perfect Minimalist Desktop Background

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Beautiful minimalist desktop background

Hi there guys I am Nikhil from Greedytech
and in this video, I am going to share with you, my list of best wallpaper apps for android First one will be Facets
You might have seems me using these wallpapers in many of earlier videos, and literally thousands
of people have asked me the same question again and again and again, and here the answer
I get most of my wallpapers from facets It’s a paid app, and there is another premium
section, to get additional super hero wallpapers All the art works are done by a single person,
And there are around 500 wallpapers on the whole
All the wallpapers have a very unique patter to it, they are composed of number of polygons,
and still make an awesome first impressions To set an image as wallpaper,
Select the image, and then swipe up You get the option to set it as a wallpaper
and that is all to it, You can also swipe down to save the image So check out this app, for this style of wallpapers,
Link is in the description Next app in the list is
Super hero wallpaper As the name suggests, it is a dedicated app
for all the super heroes wallpapers There are more than 25 categories and new
wallpapers are said to be added daily Almost all of them have a very minimalistic
design to them I have used facets for a long time and now
I am kind a bored using it ,so now this is my primary got app
To set an image as wallpaper, select an image and click the + button
And you have the option to set it as wallpaper From here you need to select your default
gallery app definite do give it a try, and You will love
it Next we have Minima pro live wallpaper
It’s a paid live wallpaper app You have a huge list of wallpapers, and additional
online themes, you can save the themes to your own library
You can also create an account and keep them synced all the time
You can also tweak the wallpapers to your preference
Like adding new lines or circles to the wallpaper There are literally hundreds of wallpapers
and You will definitely find many interesting once, in there The forth app is Darkops
It’s a dedicated app with a collection of dark wallpapers grouped together specifically
to suite Amoled screens If you want a dark look on your phone, this
will be a great pick Because of the Amoled screen and dark wallpaper,
it also helps you save some battery And it also looks super cool, as the black
pixels are completely turned off I am personally ok with the UI, but it’s kind
a slow The entire wallpaper collection makes it worth
the time Once you select a wallpaper, it allows you
to save it, share it and even set it as wallpaper It just takes some time to download Final app in the list is,
Minimalist wallpapers If you are looking for just some minimalistic
wallpapers, these are just super clean We have the option to check the latest 500
images, pick some random wallpapers, Bookmark them, save them and even share those
awesome wallpapers This app is also made by the same developers
of Superhero wallpapers As always, if you want to try out this app,
link will be in the description If you are looking for some regular high quality
wallpapers Pixels, InsWall and Google’s very own wallpapers apps are some good once to
start hunting .

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