Minimalist Loafers Etsy Minimalist Dress Shoes Womens
Minimalist Loafers Etsy Minimalist Dress Shoes Womens

Great Minimalist Dress Shoes Womens

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"It’s cushiony, yeah!" ‘’Shoes are very comfortable, very light,
easy to walk around in. They fit well.’’ "If you are on your feet all day long,
they would be extremely serviceable" "The first thing I noticed is they’re very light. " "I’m on my feet all day,
these are perfect for my uniform’’ "You could wear them out with a suit
or if I were just wearing some slacks or some jeans." "It also stays balance" "Classic shoes, 465 grams Maratown I am wearing, they are super light, 365 grams" "I actually find them very comfortable.
I like the fact that it is made of leather. " "Very light, much lighter than what I expected,
which is what I like." " They feel like they also got like a little springy They actually feel better than my sneakers." "Very nice and very comfortable" "They’re very sports feeling, even though they’re dress shoes.
That’s kind of interesting." Do you dream of dress shoes as comfortable as your sport shoes? We worked for you, and created the MARATOWN the world’s best absorption and rebound on a dress shoe.

Whether you are a woman or a man, walking far to get work, or you are on your feet all day, like a waiter, a nurse, a teacher, or a shopkeeper; whether you travel a lot for business, or are just someone bored of clunky comfortable shoes and looking for the most comfortable classic shoes. Maratown created a super soft running sole with dressy style, and assembled it to a soft quality leather upper. Find your own MARATOWN with a choice of 9 styles: For women:
wedges and boots, each in black or white.

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For men:
2 black derbies, one with a black sole or one in a bicolor sole, a black derby brogue with a bicolor sole, and a boot in black or brown. We created a sole that comes directly from
the cutting edge running shoe technology and uses a super soft sole,
twice softer than in the softest existing dress shoes we increased the thickness for more cushioning; and uses a high density EVA material
for a durable absorption and rebound. Below, we added a well-known Vibram
outsole for high durability of the wear.

At all, that sole is also very light-weight. We then assembled it all in Western Europe, in Portugal, with a high-quality leather upper,
according to foot specialists’ advice. Maratown™ shoes offer a dressy style
with the comfort of a sport shoe. Our aim is to developp new styles and new shoe products with always a focus on being the world’s best cushioned dress shoes. We need your help to launch the first round of production. Stay energized Get your Maratown shoes at an early bird price of up to 50% OFF, only on Kickstarter. Free shipping in US and Europe.
We ship all around the world. Share with your friends and family, and help to bring Maratown – the world’s most comfortable dress shoes – to life. Thank you .

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