Best Free Fonts For Designers 2017 Kate Kuhens Minimalist Free Fonts
Best Free Fonts For Designers 2017 Kate Kuhens Minimalist Free Fonts

Great Minimalist Free Fonts

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minimalist free fonts

today I’m starting a new series here on
Satori graphics we take an in-depth look into different styles of logo design and
I offer up some tips on making a decent logo within that specific style as well
as show you some of my very own designs in the past in today’s video we’re going
to be looking at their minimal logo design style what is up people welcome back to satori
graphics the home of graphic design content right here on YouTube in today’s
logo designs explained video we’re going to dive into the wonderful world of
minimal logo design style if you find this type of video helpful or useful let
me know they’re like and a common and if you’re new to satori graphics subscribe
for weekly graphic design uploads minimalism is a design approach that
focuses on simplicity and utilizes negative space in a big way less is
always more with the minimal logo design style the technique is found across
creative mediums such as interior design product design and of course graphic
design the minimalist style may seem effortless but don’t be fooled into
believing that’s empty and boring while minimalist methodology promotes a
less-is-more approach the strategic use of restraints can produce serious impact
nowhere is this more true and valid and when designing a logo or brand utilizing
the minimal style of design minimalism is regarded as a timeless style and
regardless of what trends come and go within graphic design a simple logo will
almost certainly work and stand the test of time
that’s why Nike has maintained the same swoosh mark for decades a solid
professional minimal logo design is a design that you can recognize in an
instant and which is going to remain in your memory thereafter so when designing a minimal logo style
the first thing you must consider is color or rather the lack of color the
key to a minimal logo design is black and white a good minimal logo starts
with only these colors and then you can move forward with different color
elements but if the local isn’t work without color it probably won’t work for
a minimal style logo design the next tip I have for you when designing a minimal
logo is that typographic logos with a slight twist to work very well so if
you’re struggling a little try a brand name or whatever load your project
you’re working on in a typographic style put your very own spin on the lettering
to create a logo type with a unique Flair my third tip for designing a
minimal logo is to remember that geometric shapes are highly recognizable
and minimal if done correctly Bend time gets into grips with your brief and try
working in geometric elements that fit into the branding in a minimal style my
last tip for designing and minimal logo is to be aware of negative space you can
create some very interesting and cool designs that utilize negative space and
this fits right into the style of minimalism and a minimal logo design I’m going to quickly show you two of my
past designs I fall into the minimal style of logo designing I haven’t had
many clients who go for the minimal style so I don’t have many real-life
client projects to show you this one is way back from 2011 and this design here
was back in 2014 if I recall correctly and it was for a fashion brand they’re
still going strong to this day so what did you make up today’s video on minimal
logo design style let me know in the comment section below and like and share
my content if you tune in every single week you can subscribe to Satara
graphics for weekly grapa design uploads but until next time design your future
today peace .

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