Buy Spectacular Minimalist Style House Fracc Secure Cuernavaca Minimalist House For Sale
Buy Spectacular Minimalist Style House Fracc Secure Cuernavaca Minimalist House For Sale

Ideas Of Minimalist House For Sale

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hi this is Bob with Titan tiny homes and
today I want to give you a tour of our no DeRosa model this house has a custom
standing seam metal roof also we have our signature steel siding on the
exterior but the really cool thing is what’s inside so let’s go take a look so
one of the things that I really like about this house is this bike rack that
we installed and later in the video we’re gonna show you how this whole
thing works and comes down let’s go check out the living room now as you
come into the living room you’ve probably seen this same layout on some
of our other videos one of the things that’s unique about our homes is we
always try to put two windows in the corner like this this allows for light
to come from multiple sides of the house and really illuminate this space also
when you’re sitting in your furniture it really doesn’t feel it’s cost you’re
phobic now as normal we put a TV right here on the wall one of the really cool
features though is this storage closet right here this is pretty unique this is
the most complex that we’ve done so far and what we’ve gone and done is we made
a nice closet right here for your clothes lots of cubby storage a full
size 24 inch cabinet storage here and also a drawer now these cabinet doors
also match our kitchen cabinets which we’ll show you later in the video
why don’t we head upstairs so this law will fit a king sized bed and the
overall architecture of the ceiling is much different than our Everest model
this is our no DeRosa and it has a nice gable ceiling and really has some nice
style to it when you look from up here down at the kitchen it is really
freaking cool alright let’s go check out that kitchen see as you come down into the kitchen
you’ll notice that we went with stainless steel appliances matching
refrigerator and stove and also we put a signature deep kitchen sink in this unit
put your block countertops and like I had mentioned earlier our kitchen
cabinetry matches their staircase this unit also has a combo washer and dryer
and as we head into the bathroom you’ll find that we have a really nice sleek
modern vanity standard RV toilet with holding tanks our signature 4 foot
shower and now let’s see how this bike rack works and there you have it once again this is Bob with Titan tiny
homes and I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of our no DeRosa model be sure to
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and Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel have a great day .

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