Minimalist Leather Wallet Women S Wallet Brown Leather Wallet Shop Minimalist Leather Wallet
Minimalist Leather Wallet Women S Wallet Brown Leather Wallet Shop Minimalist Leather Wallet

Beautiful Minimalist Leather Wallet

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Hey it’s Bey, and today I’m going to be reviewing
the Purfit Design Slim Wallet. This is a very simple but functional wallet
that currently goes for about 20 dollars on Amazon. I’ll put a link in the description if you’re
interested. Before we get started with the review, I want
to first thank everyone for 4,000 subscribers. I really appreciate it and my goal for this
year is to reach 5,000 subscribers. If you find my videos useful and/or entertaining,
please subscribe and hit the bell so you get a notification every time I upload. Okay, so inside the box, you get the wallet
inside a pouch.

For 20 dollars, the presentation is really
nice and I appreciate that. You also get a foam insert inside the wallet
to keep the wallet in shape which is a thoughtful touch. When I took out the wallet for the first time,
I immediately noticed how tiny but well built it was. It’s made out of genuine leather and I highly
recommend that you sniff the wallet right when you receive it. The leather feels really nice in the hands
and the whole wallet just about fits in the palm of my hand.

As I have said before, this wallet is very
simple and there are only two sections to keep stuff in. The wallet is secured by this elastic strap
that is stitched on the back and it moves out of the way so that you can open the main
compartment. The main compartment is where you’ll be putting
your cards.

It’s very soft on the inside so that your
cards won’t get scratched.

The Purfit Design Slim Wallet can comfortably
hold 10 cards with no problem at all. You don’t really have to open the main compartment
up to insert your cards, but it makes it easier. To access your cards, all you have to do is
pull the pull tab on the back of the wallet. After that, you can just fan the cards out
to easily pick which card you want to use. Then, just push the cards back into the main
compartment and the pull tab will retract.

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It’s that simple and I really like this kind
of function. Oh yeah, this wallet does have RFID protection
to protect you from thieves if you’re wondering about that. On the front of the wallet, you have a place
to hold your cash. You have to fold your bills twice to make
them fit, and things like credit cards won’t be able to fit. The cash goes inside this little pocket and
it’s secured into place with the elastic strap. This design is great and with a minimalist
wallet, you won’t be using cash very frequently anyways. That’s pretty much it with this wallet. It’s very small and lightweight, but you can
hold all the cards and cash you need if you’re a minimalist. This wallet is very good quality because it’s
made out of leather and the stitching is solid. The leather will also wear out really nicely
over time which will give your wallet a very unique look. If you’re looking for a small, minimalist
wallet that’s very functional, I highly recommend the Purfit Design Slim Wallet. Again, I’ll put a link in the description
to Amazon if you’re interested. That was my video review of the Purfit Design
Slim Wallet.

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in the next video. Peace! Love you <3 .

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