Gallery Wall Art Black And White Minimalist Line Drawing Sketch Minimalist Line Drawings
Gallery Wall Art Black And White Minimalist Line Drawing Sketch Minimalist Line Drawings

Beautiful Minimalist Line Drawings

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Hello and welcome to another
tu tu Tuesday! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and today
I´ll give you some tips, that I am so sure they are going to be
helpful that I guarantee if at the end of this video you don´t draw better,
just let me know and I´ll give you, your money back in full. Oh, you didn´t pay for it, did you? [laughs]. Doesn´t matter, it will still help you. This tutorial is going to be about the line,
how to do it cleaner and richer. I will draw a very simply fine figure.

First do it in the way that most of us will tempt to do it.

What I mean is that we will be very
careful, a bit uncertain and we will have back on forth movements.

I do this myself all the time
and consciously, try to get out of it. I´ll speed up at the shot a little bit.

Ok, we are back to real time speed,
and this is what I call chicken steps drawing. Ok, very well! Next, we are going to see
a cleaner line. But before we do that, I want
to tell you something… The line as you know,
maybe light and thin… or thin but darker…
or dark and white, among many others,
and you can use these to enrich your drawing. Let´s say that the light source
is on the top left. Then the lights that face this,
will be lighter, and the opposite ones will be darker. This time i´ll try to make
my line cleaner.

For this I practice the movements
a few times without touching the paper and then I draw it.

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I mark where the shoulder should be,
and then I get there with a continues line.

I am been very soft since this part
of the body is the one getting the most light. For the next one, I mark my target,
then I practice two or three times. And then… foooom
and I go over it as need it. This part is a little darker
as it doesn’t get as much light. I practice the next curve, and do it. And continue like this. I practice this back part of the face,
and do it. I mark where the shoulder will go, and get there with a single line. I visualize the back, practice
and draw it. I continue… fooom,
foom trying not to make chicken steps. The center line of her back
will be almost invisible. This part of the face will be
darker, as it will be in shadow. As well as this side of the back
and of the arm. Specially the lines that are
facing down. When one surfaces touches
another one, is produced what in drawing is called
an accent.

Accents are going to be the darker and
wider lines.

These ones is also going to be dark as it is facing down and
therefore in shadow. I´ll go over a few others. I almost forgot the dress. Ok, it´s ready! Here we can see the difference
between a chicken steps drawing and one that looks much more
decided, clean, professional, and that shows the volume,
even if it´s just a line! If this tutorial was helpful,
please, give it a LIKE! and subscribe to my channel. You know where to follow me,
the links are below. And see you, next Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo .

Gallery of Beautiful Minimalist Line Drawings