Minimalist Living Clothes Elcham Minimalist Minimalist Living Clothes
Minimalist Living Clothes Elcham Minimalist Minimalist Living Clothes

Amazing Minimalist Living Clothes

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Hey, everyone welcome back to my channel. So this is another video in the minimalism series I asked you guys if you wanted to hear my sort of story kind of evolution of style how I came to Dress and decorate and declutter the way that I do So that’s why I’m making this video. I’m not sure what on earth my hair is going today So we’re just gonna have to live with this, but if you are new to my channel I do have a whole playlist called the minimalism series It’s got videos on how to declutter your home, and it’s got like a 60-day minimalism challenging and all that sort of good stuff Don’t forget to hit subscribe if you are new here as well and to everyone who’s been watching this series Well, well, well hello and welcome back this video is pretty informal I’m just going to sit and talk, but I decided just to break up a little bit I’ve gone back through the history of my instagram Mainly because I don’t have the rural photos anymore just had to steal them off my own instagram And I’ll just be popping them on the side here Mostly friends of my apartment because I feel like that’s a good way to gauge where I was at with my minimalism in certain stages of my life And you can see like the amount of possessions that reduce and like the clutter and all that sort of thing the furthest that I Can find back was from like? 2012 I think so there’s a couple of images from all the way back then and one last thing before I jump into it you Do enjoy the video I would appreciate so much and it does help me if you give the video a thumbs up, okay? So back in the day back when I lived at home with my mom I had a lot of stuff and I mean I was working when I was living at home still so I had all this Disposable income [every] [me] it was fun to go out my friends and go shopping or go online shopping that sort of thing like That’s what I spent my free time doing this was probably like Five years ago when I was like 19 Sort of age um because that’s when I was going out a lot as well like I had some pretty unhealthy habits I was working as a trucker for two sir. I don’t know just being around like fashion photography all the time You just want like the latest glories you want to look cool And you want to keep up that image now when I saying you started a lot of clothes I mean I used to learn a lot of clothes most of them were black Sir, I had a whole clothes rack full of clothes. I think – clothes racks full of clothes I’ll try and like pop some images up and then I had a whole built-in company into my room as well And that was stuffed like I keep my room looking neat and most of the time but my cupboard was bursting I’d have to like lean on it and Jam it shot That’s how much stuck within there, and I had like over a hundred pairs of shoes I couldn’t even wear all of them So I don’t know why I earned that money and I used to love buying Ridiculous shoes as well like I’m talking like big Crazy heels that I don’t know I couldn’t even wear and they just looked amazing and to me It was like it looked cool. It was almost like an artwork, but it’s certain appropriate and I couldn’t wear it I had this issue from when I was like Probably 14 until I probably 20 what I didn’t like people seeing me in the same outfit twice And I’ve mentioned this in a previous video actually But I don’t know how I just managed to remember what I wore all the time and so I would try and make a different outfit even if it was one thing that was changing I was trying with the outfit not exactly the same and I did that for years I think a lot of that stands back from when I was in school like younger age I had like the Messy brown hair.

I was like the shy quiet Boring girl apparently uh I’ll just win And I just had to hide my way [in] this in school because you can’t be read in school um Or at least that’s how it feels anyway But definitely like just embrace being strange doesn’t matter now back to just just jumping forward again. It’s when I like 19-18-19 I was spending a lot of my money on clothes and shoes and that sort of thing because that’s what I thought it made Me happy at the time it definitely wasn’t good at saving tons of money because of it like I saved up a bulk of money before I moved out of Home but at that age I just wasn’t saving anything, and when I used to buy these clothes because I was wearing so many clothes all the time I just wanted to quickly have a different outfit different outfit all the time I could even go out in the same thing I was buying a lot of cheaper items, and I’d see it in a shopper or online I think oh my God this looks amazing and then I’d get it and the quality was never that great no I definitely like to put a bit more money into your items I like to look for things that I know are going to last longer so for simple I have a pair of Tory Birch boots I bought them over a year ago And they don’t even look like I’ve worn them and I wear them at least twice a week whereas when I was buying clothes and shoes back then they just start to fall apart and you try and like fix things up because I’ve always been handy, but that’s why stuff and just trying to fix things up a little bit and It’s just never the same like the fabric and the quality it’s just not there for you to be able to hold on to it for a long time and the same sort of thing went for my bedroom obviously, I just had a bedroom at this stage and Everything was white like I’ve always loved that can’t say monochromatic I guess it’d mean grayscale looks monochromatic to me one color, but it’s like white and gray And I’ve always kind of gone for I always had just black clothes and white interior like Everything was white and glass and maybe a little bit of silver And then I had like the plants poking through every now and again and that sort of thing like I’ve always loved that Kind of style, but back then there was a lot of stuff.

I thought oh I’ve got a clear stuff is here I have to put some kind of something on it for Attention whether it’s like a big candle and some other stuff or here’s a little decorative pieces I really loved having lots of things to look at Rebecca I had this whole mentality of what if I need it or I? Can’t get rid of this because what if I want to wear it later? And I don’t know then I decided to move out with a friend, and I moved into a two-bedroom apartment She only had one room, and I had the other room, but the apartment had next to her store It’s like the lounge room was really really small, and then there was out bedrooms And then just like a kitchen and bathroom and it was tiny But it was in all of the location because there was no storage I had to buy a clothes rack and I had to have all of my clothes on the clothes rack And so why are you for the clothes that I wasn’t wearing in that season? I did a major coal before I moved there by the way like I got rid of so many of my decorative items I got rid of so many clothes and uh I figured one of the reasons I was buying so many clothes was to make variation in my outfit so what I did is I got rid of a lot of the stuff didn’t fit anymore And then I put in some white and some grapes anyway New apartment. I had my just hanging on a rack and then the clothes for example If it was summer my summer clothes up, and then my winter clothes, I put in one of those space bags And I’d suck it right down so it’s really really flat and just shove that under the pallet bed Because things like a cart in where I live you don’t need heavy carts or anything like that pretty Temperate all year round again summer people are generally in like shorts and cigarettes because it does get really really hot yes about 40 degrees Celsius plus like up to A 45 in summer sometimes In winter they were like our winter is about 20 degrees Celsius So it’s not really that bad so it’s mostly further ease of moving that I started calling a lot of those things and I kept The stuff that I like to look up And that made me feel happy to look at so I Didn’t have too much because I was just taking up one bedroom And then it was my furniture in the lunch room as well like a dining table a couch that sort of thing didn’t iron TVs Or anything like that as I was in that new place I had a more steady income job because I wasn’t doing the photography so much anymore, so I had like a normal job and Because that income was steady, and I knew it would be there all the time I started Investing a lot more into like one item of clothing or like a better brand of makeup things like that cuz I found I don’t know if it’s just me as a person or what but I get very bored of things it’s why I moved my apartment around the light Why my hair is different all the time just little things like that I just get tired and so I like to change them because to me it makes everything feel fresh again Please tell me some of you are like that There is no way that I can be the only one now even though I was buying more quality items because I was still living in that smaller apartment I wanted as much free space as I could have so that to me meant not having too much junk lying around and I’ve never really been a Sentimental person like I would never hung on to photographs or trinkets or knickknacks.

Whatever you want to call it that’s never been me then at this point in my life is when I started seeing borrow and My roommate at the time and Beau, and I we all moved into a much bigger apartment which was in like a better neighborhood to live in and this place was huge like I’m talking the ceiling was like six or seven meters from the floor and It was like four bedrooms like couple box rooms all that something. It was just a big apartment I was living in this apartment when I started my YouTube channel, and I started filming that minimalism series I still earned a fair amount of stuff, but this is where I started calling it down a bit more It’s obviously a lot more refined now than it was then like I said People what she might old like culling your makeup in here And I’ve got rid of like half my makeup in that video and the people was like you still aren’t so much [makeup] blah blah blah
But for me getting rid of half of it in one go was a huge step and that story also filmed like culling my wardrobe And all that sort of thing I think living there is where I really Got my head around my style like I really started to understand it now with the space. I’m living in now It is another big apartment like I definitely took the steps to culling and reducing a lot of what I own When I was living in smaller places because you need as much space as you can get I get a lot of people questioning me like oh if you’re a minimalist Why do you live in such a big apartment blah blah blah I? Live from obviously I live here.

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I do all my study here I do my filming here my editing my work like actually sitting at computer and working for the ear and lip stuff Pretty much most of my life is based at home.

If you’ve been following me for a while like a last department It sounds like you learned a lot. I think it’s just common Here and I get unhappy in spaces the cramped me and like the last place. I was living it was quite small It was just like a true bedroom place one bedroom was taking out with birds office the other bedroom was out bedroom out I’d like to work in a bedroom I find, I can’t sleep in there if I do work in there, so I’d keep those things completely separate so I was pretty much just in my lounge room all day all the time Working studying everything and I was going crazy So I’m living in a bigger place now because I do have that freedom like I’ve got my bedroom that I’ve got an upstairs They’re a good allowed room I’ve got my office like I can separate those Spaces and feel at ease being at home and over the last four years I definitely think I found what’s important to me. So for example I Train a lot now so clothing is not so important to me as long as I have enough gym gear to get me through a week and then I Have maybe like one or two casual outfits. I don’t really need more than that. I find myself wearing the same thing all the time and then Just like a couple of outfits to wear to events because I do get invited to a lot of those sort of things So I need to make sure that I have nice clothes for that as long as I have those basic outfits I’m set if you’d like me to do I don’t think I’ve done a proper wardrobe tool before with like trials and that sort of stuff So if you’d like me to do a budget or give the video a thumbs up leave me a comment. Something like that Just let me know and one thing that is obviously crucial to me Working and doing what I love is I guess like technology and camera stuff. So I’ve got to have like my computer I have a lot of camera gear like A lot I’ve got you know my tripod my camera there my microphone there. I’ve got three lights around me right now I’ve got a backdrop stand like right in front of me here that I can see I’ve got two other lights set up over there They’re not on or anything, but they’re there it’s a lot of gear that I have because I find that I need that stuff to be able to set up and film and Do all these creative things that I want to do like I still love taking photos and so every now and again I do product photography for brands or I try and take some cool stuff for my kids – Graham You know that’s like my [personal] little gallery I guess some things that I’ve discovered that are not important to me at all is owning lots and lots of clothes and having knickknacks and lots of decorative decorative pieces around the house, so for me my Decorations are usually plants just because I find that they are a bit more visually pleasing to the eye They help break up all the black [and] white that I have because there is a lot of black and white like if you see my apartment or you’ll know so I guess I want to own less junk and A few nice like very nice items I’ve also personally learned a lot better how to save my money I think there’s nothing wrong with wanting money Like I want to have money to be able to have the freedom to travel and I want to be able to put money back into my business and I want to be able to spend a bit of money on creating stuff like if I didn’t have my camera gear I wouldn’t be able to be as creative because The camera doesn’t make the photo you’ve got to have it in your head of course but then to have the right technology around you to help you create that it’s Pretty integral so even when I was working full time. I was studying as well I was studying and working right full time really studying part-time now because I’ve got even less running You get another business up and on the way Doing my youtube or Eat Run Lift YouTube future we’ve been filming on your backlog of videos for that you know study try to have some free time so for me It’s been very important to know how to take pockets of time for myself I was seeing on Twitter the other day that I haven’t had a day off like a full day off in three months So for me to be able to schedule my day so that I can least maybe get like half an hour or an hour where? I can just chill out. That’s pretty important to me. I find that I don’t need a whole day to be able to relax and unwind I just need a small amount of time And then I can reset and recharge I thought I would just include eight of my little tips I guess you call it for getting started on your own personal journey with minimalism Whether that means that you end up culling so well And you can perfectly define what you need to the point where you can live out of like backpack And you can just go traveling like that That would be amazing or whether you’re more like me? and you want a very? carefully curated selection of things or maybe it just means that you’re Decluttering a little bit my first step is a very very easy one and it’s just to start You don’t have to go and turn your whole life upside down, but you can go and start within areas So maybe for you you want to have more free time so it’s about optimizing your schedule and/or actually getting your schedule if you don’t have one Starting with some lists of things to do and how you can optimize your day or maybe for you you Earn a lot of stuff, and it’s just about figuring out they were going into one room. Where can you start coloring? What do you need what don’t you need? What’s important, and what’s not my second tip is to download my 60-day minimalism challenge I’ll provide a link to that in the description box for you guys It’s free doesn’t cost anything like I just made it so that you guys can do it and I’ve made a hash tag as well Which is hashtag 60 days to minimal. I probably don’t promote that enough, but anyway There’s a few parts on that tag and you can reach me through that type on Instagram and Twitter as well If I see it, I will come and check out your posts my third tip is to assess What’s important in your [life]? So for me that personal journey? Involves me going well.

I really want to create I Really don’t care if I’m wearing the same thing time now I just want to be able to have that freedom to make things because that’s what really really makes me happy my first tip is to actually learn to compromise because if you’re living with someone else This is a really really important step they might not be interested in this at all They still might want to earn a lot of stuff It’s not for everybody five is to set standards for your purchases for me personally like for example clothing items I want to make sure they’re good enough quality that they last a long time I also try to look after things a little bit better as well, and it looks something like a cleaning supplies something like that We can’t be too fussy. I normally have a few gay Cuba’s I’ll bring anything into my home so do they much like the color theme that I have do they match my style And is it actually necessary my sixth tip is to have a maybe pile Or I don’t know sometimes they call it like a purgatory burn So these could be items of clothing that you have that you’re not sure if you want to get rid of like I went through this one I lost a fair amount of weight, and I was like I hope I’m not going to be at that weight again But I don’t know so I called my wardrobe and I put them all in one of those vacuum bags again I love their sense of so handy Put them in a vacuum bag shove them at the top of my cupboard didn’t touch them for six months so donate them to charity Another way that I like to incorporate this tip is if you are online shopping or something like that Or even real life take a photo of the item and if you still remember it in like 30 days and go back and get It or if you’re online Bookmark it and I like to wait thirty to sixty days before I purchase something online And just make sure it’s something that you really really need if you find yourself constantly coming back to it Then maybe it is something that you truly want really need Incorporated into your life my second step is to find your own style because it will make it very easy to decide what you do And don’t me and my eight piece of advice. Is that you are enough You don’t need to buy things to feel whole it doesn’t matter if you have [a] huge wardrobe tons of shoes like the newest makeup all that kind [of] thing at the End of the day if you’re still a rude person or an unhappy person you’re still going to be that person I know, they’re purchasing a lot of stuff can make it seem like you’re filling a void But that’s temporary so I think it’s important spend time with yourself and figure who you are as a person What do you really enjoy? What makes you happy and? How can you spend more time? doing what you love if you have more videos you want to see as part of the minimalism series don’t forget to leave me a Comment below and if you are new hit subscribe, and I’ll catch all of you guys in my next video. Bye .

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