Minimalist Live Work Space In London By Jonathan Tuckey Design Minimalist Living Uk
Minimalist Live Work Space In London By Jonathan Tuckey Design Minimalist Living Uk

This Amazing Minimalist Living Uk

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Minimalism series making over your living space how to become a minimalist, minimalist living things i no longer buy kerry whelpdale, how to my new minimalist apartment the grand tou.

we on something working today’s video is to address the popular misconception that living simply is easy so sorry about the the washing out to dry today was laundry day and I didn’t want to spend a small fortune on the tumble dryer so it’s hanging in the trailer. I’m gonna have to get rid of this excuse me for a minute right right so where was I yes living simply not necessarily easy in the UK the US Canada other westernized countries we’re on this conveyor belt of consumerism and to stay on that conveyor belt is in fact the path of least resistance. To come off that conveyor belt to forge your own path with your own ideas that takes a lot of effort it’s not easy everything in the Western society to do with the culture and the way we are brought up is to encourage us to work very very hard spend a lot of money get into debt but crucially never quite be satisfied with what you’ve got now just imagine what would happen if everybody at the same time suddenly realized this is ridiculous we’re earning all this money to buy this promised perceived happiness that we never quite attain what would happen if everybody at the same time decided they were gonna come off that conveyor belt and live simply. I’ll tell you what will happen: collapse. House prices would collapse demand for goods and services would collapse society itself would probably collapse and the economy with spiral into freefall this is why governments media and big business make it so easy to stay on that treadmill and that’s why they provide us with bread and circuses because if we’re fed and we’re distracted we won’t stop and think that actually this is unsustainable so to come off that treadmill to come off that conveyor belt that is going to take effort on your part but there is no need to stop enjoying the things you enjoy and having the things you enjoy having just start by being mindful of these things that’s all just be mindful of what’s going on what you’re reading what you’re watching why why these adverts are setup like this and start thinking to yourself defining yourself what is enough because that’s essentially what this boils down to this balls down to definition of the word enough or to put it another way satisfaction are you satisfied with what you have with the life you have with the life you lead about definition of enough what is enough what is enough shelter what is enough food what is enough comfort or is enough happiness and those values of what enough is they they vary between all of us for some people enough might just be a roof over your head and food in your belly and for other people enough might be oh well I’ve got to have at least three cars but you just need to be mindful of what is enough and as you reflect on what is enough for you i would like to tell you about my dad. My dad passed away three years ago he grew up as a boy through the war and afterwards obviously the postwar years of true austerity and like many people in the fifties and onwards he wanted his family to have the things he didn’t have he didn’t want his family to go without and as such he worked every hour God sent and because the work he did was honest work it wasn’t exploitation him and my mom worked so hard all their lives so many hours day in day out just to keep earning to keep building that pot of money and to make sure that we didn’t go without any creature comfort that we wanted or needed so he and mom worked relentlessly until his 60s and then he got ill and for the last nine years of his life his health slowly degenerated but it made Dad focus on what he truly wanted to do and those two things were surprisingly simple and they were to spend time with his family and cook dad realized he loved to cook and for what turned out to be dad’s last holiday it wasn’t a luxury cruise around the world and it wasn’t going on some mega resort with a five-star experience no dad’s last holiday what he really wanted to do he really wanted to go to Switzerland and see the mountains and we did that as a family and 2009 in a caravan and that’s what he truly wanted to do a caravan holiday it’s not a great fancy thing is it and what really gave dad pleasure was to make people happy giving away the baking that he did so his cakes and his well his cheese straws with just a legendary but no amount of money could give him his health back just like poor old Steve Jobs one of the richest men in the world yet no amount of money could give him his health back and improve his quality of life slowly the lack of breath because Dad had COPD the lack of breath slowly impeded his activities and he could do less and less and less but before he passed away he said to us that the last nine years of his life were the happiest years of his life and if you think about the things that you truly enjoy doing you will be amazed that they probably don’t cost any money the two things that I can do at least five times a week because i only work two days a week that make me really happy one is to take an hour in the morning in bed (excuse me) drinking tea and eating toast and cuddling the dog and just having a nice relaxed start to the day and the second thing i love doing is to spend at least an hour a day outside in the daylight in nature with the dog breathing the fresh air enjoying nature and being out that really really fills fills the the spirit and costs absolutely nothing but they are the two things that I love doing and living simply means i can do them at least five days a week now we all know people who have passed away too young and have passed away before they had the chance to do what they really wanted to do in life so that just leaves me to say that living simply may not be easy but I leave it to you to decide whether or not it’s worth it I certainly think so if you would like to see more about living simply then please subscribe to my channel gives a thumbs up if you liked it and of course thanks for tuning in .

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