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The Minimalist Grown Man S Wardrobe Audiomatron Com Minimalist Men's Wardrobe

Amazing Minimalist Men’s Wardrobe

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What’s the total number of items I can have
to build out a minimalist wardrobe? That’s a great question. It’s critically important.
Absolutely, utterly important that you have no more than 89 items in your wardrobe. All right, hey guys, welcome back to Style
Tips for the Everyday Guy by Cladwell, where you can get your personal roadmap to dress
better. I’m Eric. I’m Chris. And today, we’re talking about a minimalist wardrobe. Cool.

Very cool. So, first of all Chris, what is it? And what
are the common features of a minimalist wardrobe? Ok.

Couple of things you need to know. One,
when we’re talking about a minimalist wardrobe, you have only the clothes you need. Simple.

Right? So, a lot of times that means that you buy quality over quantity. It doesn’t
have to mean that, but it usually does. And those things that you buy are versatile items.
So, often neutral colors. Things that go with other things in your wardrobe really easily.

And I think we’ve found it’s not – to be a
minimalist, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s an exact certain number of items you
have in your life, whether it’s clothes or anything else. Yeah, we don’t want you to get stuck in this
rigid structure where you have to have less than 50 or 30 or whatever.

Yeah, it’s weird because often times you’re
trying to free yourself up from a lot of things in life, and then if you go overly focused
on the number, you’re still (you’re right back in it) trapped about how many things. So, I want to read something from
These guys, they have tons of great stuff about minimalism because they are
But, they’re really cool. I’ve been following their stuff for a while. They say, "minimalism
is a tool used to rid yourself of life’s excess in favor of focusing on what’s important so
you can find happiness, fulfillment and freedom." That sounds great. Yeah, I’ll have that. That
sounds really good! Ok, so let’s talk about that. If I have a
minimalist wardrobe, what are the benefits of that to me? Yeah, so first and foremost, it’s going to
save you money. Honestly, in the long run, even if you’re buying quality, you’re going
to save up for one or two things vs. maybe you’d buy ten before. Those things are going
to last you longer. (Yeah). So, you’re going to save money which is really great. Also, it’s a more simple system, so it frees
up mind space every morning when you’re getting dressed. Everything kind of goes with everything
else. So, you’re spending less time thinking about that. (You don’t have to think so much
about outfits and putting things together because most of the stuff goes together).
It just works. That’s really awesome. Yeah, and so if you live in a small place
too. My wife and I, our bedroom right now is very small. So, we don’t have a lot of
closet space. So, this actually takes up less room. Less things in storage, which is really
nice. (Moving?) Oh! Yeah, tell me about it. So, those are really some great benefits,
and there’s also one more. Yeah, well there are environmental benefits
too. If we’re consuming less as a society . there’s actually real damaging affect
on the world that’s happening that we might not realize. We read a book called Overdressed
by Elizabeth Cline. Amazing book! And our CEO, Blake Smith, wrote an article, How Fast
Fashion is Ruining the World. We’ll link to that below. But it’s a big deal. There are
some alarming statistics in there. We’re just consuming like crazy . just disposable clothing.
Just like fast food really. Yeah, it’s really worth everybody’s time just
to learn a little bit more about what’s going on. It is. Ok, so if I actually want to build a minimal
wardrobe, how do I do it? Great question! Go to Cladwell. We’re going
to give you a wardrobe. It’s a list of everything you need and only the things you need. So,
that’s the best place to start honestly. And once you have that list, take it. Look
at your own closet, and start to purge. If there’s something you have in your closet
that’s not on what we have recommended to you, consider getting rid of it. Yeah. Purging is a really fascinating part
of this process. If you’ve ever done it, just kind of gone through your closet and thrown
some stuff away or donated it, even better. What are the standards I should have for keeping
an item of clothing in my wardrobe if I’m doing a minimal wardrobe? Yeah, I think there is a simple rule here.
One standard. You have to love the thing you’re considering keeping. Ask yourself one question.
Do you love it? And so what I’m going to suggest is don’t actually rip everything out of your
closet all at once because you might have an item, like a shirt, and think, "you know
what, I don’t love it, but it goes with all of these other things", and that’s not what
I want you to do. Even though we’re pursuing versatility, we’re going to start with just
things that you love. So, consider each item in isolation. Do I love this thing? It’s crazy. If you guys go through this process,
and I did it several months back. I went through my closet and said, "what are the things I’m
not wearing?". I just asked that simple question as my entry question. And I donated like 40
items without blinking. And it was really fascinating! I went back, and I kind of left
some things that I knew I didn’t truly love. But, I kind of left them as a safety net thinking,
"I can’t get rid of everything!". But now that I’ve gone back into it, I realize I can
get rid of that stuff. I actually don’t need those things. And it really does start freeing
you up. (It feels so great!) It really does feel good. You actually hit on something else that I
think is really important and that is – take your time. Take your time as you purge and
as you build that minimalist wardrobe. Because like you said, you’re going to go back and
purge a second round, because you’re learning a little bit about yourself. And so that first
purging, if you find that there are only two or three things that you really love, that’s
ok! And you don’t have to get rid of everything all at once. You know, just replace stuff
slowly over time. (That’s great). So guys, if you’re out and wanting to build
your minimal wardrobe, we hope this was really helpful for you. If it was, give it a thumbs
up. If you’ve already been on this journey for a while, we’d love to hear your comments
below. Share some more insights so that more people can benefit from it, because just as
you’re going on a style journey, building out a minimalist wardrobe is kind of a journey
in and of itself. Like I said, if you guys have any other questions
besides related to this video, leave a comment. We’d love to hear your style questions. Be
sure to check out Cladwell. Check out your minimal wardrobe. We’ve built this for you.
It serves as a step by step checklist guide for you right there. And that’s a great place
to start. So, thanks so much guys for watching today. We’ll see you next time.

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