Calvin Klein City Watch K2g21107 Calvin Klein Watches Minimalist Mens Watches
Calvin Klein City Watch K2g21107 Calvin Klein Watches Minimalist Mens Watches

Ideas Of Minimalist Mens Watches

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What’s up guys! My name is Brock, you’re
watching The Modest Man. Today I want to talk about what to look for when you’re
buying a watch. Alright when it comes to buying watches there are so many options
to choose from. Different types, different brands, different models, different prices
and oftentimes people end up paying for the brand name or the designer label but
not the actual inherent value of the product itself. Now this is especially
true with watches because it seems like new brands are popping up every day and
many brands that make so called fashion watches are guilty of skimping on
materials and craftsmanship and relying on the power of the brand’s name alone.
Simply put this means they’re selling cheap watches for way more than they’re

So today I want to show you what to look for in a watch and hopefully
this will help you buy a watch that is valuable, that’s worth its money and that
isn’t just marked up because of, you know, its brand name. Okay, first a quick
disclaimer. Here’s what this video is not, this video is not a sales pitch.

Okay I’m
going to show you two watches to compare the differences between, you know, a
cheaply made watch and a well-made watch. But I’m not trying to sell you on either
of these watches, you know, buying a watch is pretty subjective it depends on what you
want and, you know, these watches might not be for you. Like for example, they’re
both quartz watches. So if you want an automatic then neither of these is a
good choice for you.

So even though I do prefer one of these watches to the other
this is in no way a sales pitch. You know, you should buy a watch that you love.
Okay, and that brings me to my second disclaimer. This video is also not a
debate between the merits of a quartz watch and a mechanical watch. If you
prefer mechanical watches that’s totally fine and I understand that. But either
way this stuff that I’m going to talk about today applies to any watch, any
watch that you’re buying.Mechanical, quartz, automatic, hand wound, pocket
watches – it doesn’t matter. The stuff that I’m talking about these quality
indicators are important to look for when you’re buying any type of watch. And
finally I do want to thank Linjer for being a longtime supporter and partner
of The Modest Man. I’ve been carrying around their portfolio case for a few
years now. I’ve been wearing their minimalist watch for a few months and,
you know, for what it’s worth I think it is a way way better watch than
the fashion watches out there like the Daniel Wellington and I’m going to
compare it to, you know, my opinion Linjer is a brand that really cares about
design but they also care about high quality materials and craftsmanship. So
while I’m not going to tell you that their watches are the best watches in
the world. I will tell you that for what it’s worth in my opinion they’re way
better than Daniel Wellington.

Alright let’s get into the comparison. So we’re
going to look at the Linjer minimalist 38 millimeter and the Daniel Wellington
Sheffield which is a 40 millimeter.

Both of these watches are made in China. The
Sheffield retails for $229 on Daniel Wellington’s website and the minimalist
goes for $249 on Linjer site. So we’re going to talk about the following
components which are important to look for no matter what watch you’re buying.

Any watch mechanical or quartz – the glass, the case, the movement and the leather.

For each of these components you want to consider how valuable it is, how much did
this piece cost to buy, you know, how much did these brands pay for their leather
straps that they’re using on their watches, are they looking for the best
quality stuff they can find or are they looking for the cheapest stuff they can
find. Were the watches expensive to produce or did they cut corners. So with
that in mind, let’s start with the glass like most fashion watches, the Daniel
Wellington is made with flat mineral glass. It will be somewhat scratch
resistant compared to plastic but not as scratch resistant as sapphire crystal.
One important to note it is more shatterproof. So if you drop it chances
are it’s not going to break when compared to a sapphire crystal. Now the
Linjer watch has domed sapphire crystal. Now this is about three times more
scratch resistant than mineral glass. The dome shape is purely aesthetic. I like it,
you know, I think it’s kind of elegant. It kind of sets it apart from other watches
but it’s really just purely aesthetic. It doesn’t help the scratch resistance or
anything like that. Sapphire crystal is very, very hard to scratch. So, you know, if
you don’t like to baby your watches you accidentally bang it against a door
frame or something it’s going to be just fine. The Linjer crystal is also treated
with an anti-reflective coating, which again it’s just a little thing, you know,
that costs a little bit of money to do. And it really helps cut down on glare
from the sun or overhead lights. So just another little thing that you can look
for when you’re buying a watch. Okay let’s move on into the case and the
hardware. Again, we’re focused on how it looks but also how valuable it is inherently. So both watches have stainless steel cases and hardware.
I can’t find any details about the steel uses in the Daniel Wellington Sheffield
watch, so I can’t really comment on its quality. It has a polished shiny finish.
The Linjer watches are made from 316l stainless steel which is just a specific
type of stainless steel. It’s marine grade steel with anti
corrosive and heat resistant properties when compared to other types of steel.
It’s also brushed which is why it has that kind of matte finish and this is
really up to personal preference but I prefer the brushed finish. I think it’s a
little less dressy. A little more modern. A little more subtle than the polished
finish and a practical note it doesn’t smudge or so fingerprints quite as
easily. Okay, next up we got to talk about the movements. So that’s the internal
mechanism that actually makes the watch tick. Both of these watches are quartz
watches which means that they’re battery-powered but of course not all
quartz movements are created equal. The Sheffield runs on a Japanese quartz
movement. What I can tell this movement is made by Miyota which is owned by
citizen which is the giant watch maker out of Japan. This is a perfectly
accurate respectable movement. It’s not too expensive. This can probably be
bought for anywhere from like 1 to 2 dollars per unit although, you know, I’m
not sure about that. It’s just based on what I could find on the Internet.
The minimalist runs on the Rhondda 5 series movement this is a Swiss company
which is why this watch boasts a Swiss movement. It’s a three hand add 8
movement that might cost around $10 per unit. So, you know, it’s in the
neighborhood of around 5 times more expensive than the Japanese quartz
movement used in the Sheffield but of course it is still a quartz movement so
relatively affordable compared to a mechanical movement. So just because it’s
Swiss does it mean it works better? No. I mean both of these watches are
probably going to keep extremely accurate time, they’re going to run for
years before you need to replace the battery. The big difference is the
perceived value of a Swiss movement versus a Japanese or Chinese movement. In the
Rhondda five series movement, a very well known, very respectable movement.
It’s more expensive to buy and for that reason, it’s generally more desirable
than the Japanese movement. Okay and finally we have to talk about the
leather and this is where the difference between this Linjer minimalist watch and
the Daniel Wellington Sheffield really comes out. So just like with the glass, you can see that Daniel Wellington is
really pinching pennies when it comes to materials while Linjer is ponying up for
the good stuff. So first glance you might think that
both of these watches have Italian leather straps but these leathers
couldn’t be more different. The strap of the Sheffield is made from genuine
leather. And the term genuine leather has to be one of the most misleading terms
in the fashion world. It sounds good but it’s actually anything but genuine
leather. At best is made from the lowest quality part of the hide. So if you think
about a hide, you know, an animal skin the genuine leather is the part of the hide
that’s closest to the flesh of the animal and it’s the worst kind of
leather. Now even worse, some genuine leather is
really just bonded or pressed leather that’s made from bits and pieces or
scraps of other leather. Genuine leather might look okay out of the box but it
doesn’t look as good or feel as good as higher quality leather and the big
difference is it’s not going to age nearly as well. So genuine leather is
gonna, you know, scuff up and get scratched and going to crack and and
tear and they’re just going to age horribly and get uglier and uglier the more you
wear it. There’s really no reason for anybody to use genuine leather in a
watch unless they’re trying to save money. That’s the only reason you would
choose genuine leather for a watch strap. Now the strap on the minimalist, on the
other hand, is full grain vegetable tanned Italian leather and this is from
an Italian tannery whose name I won’t attempt to pronounce but Linjer is, you
know, they’re a leather company first that’s how they started they started
making leather goods. So they really, really care about the quality of leather
and that’s why they’re using the best stuff. And full grain leather is the best
part of the hide, vegetable tanned leather is a natural age-old tanning process
doesn’t use nearly as many chemicals as genuine leather and it will age
beautifully. It’ll feel and look better right out of the box but it’s also going
to age really nicely and develop that nice patina over time. So the more you
wear it, the better it’s going to look, Alright, let’s recap real quick. When
you’re buying a watch, any type of watch here’s what you want to look out for.
The glass, in general, sapphire crystal is more desirable than mineral glass. The
case, what kind of steel is it made out of. Is
it brushed or polished which is really just a personal preference. The movement,
you know, how valuable how expensive is the actual movement, the internal
mechanism that drives this watch and of course the leather. Is it cheap, genuine
leather or is it high quality, full grain or at least top grain leather. So those
are the facts. Now if you want my opinion, my opinion is that Daniel Wellington
watches are cheap, overpriced for what you’re getting and to be honest I think
they’re kind of ugly I don’t like the backwards D. I don’t like the Times New
Roman font. So if it we’re up to me and I’m buying a minimalist quartz watch in that
price range it’,s it’s a no-brainer I would never buy the Daniel Wellington
Sheffield over the Linjer minimalist 38 millimeter. But like I said, I’m not
trying to sell you this watch I’m just telling you what to look out for when
you’re buying any type of watch. No matter what your budget, no matter what
your preference, for what type of movement or what type of strap or
whatever, you know, these are just things that you should look out for when you’re
buying a watch. To make sure that you’re buying something that’s inherently
valuable. It’s well made from high-quality materials not some cheap
watch where you’re paying for just a brand and the logo. Alright guys if you
have any questions about any of this stuff, have any opinions of your own
leave a comment down below. Until next time stay stylish! .

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