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Hello it’s Chloe from
Veggie Magnifique and as per usual I’m wearing my baby. And today I’d like to
lend a helping hand to any parents to be out there who’ve been confronted with
the list – the liiiist. Now, the list is something that you’ll typically receive when you announce
you’re pregnant and it’s a sort of 9 to 15 page document with a whole load of stuff that you
need for your baby And I personally beg to differ.
Sorry, we just needed a little reshuffle there. Much of the list will be clothes
and now you can just ignore all of that because you’re gonna get a ton of clothes as
gifts. So simply rely on that, and I have to say I was very lucky because I also
had three massive big bags full of clothes gifted to me as hand-me-downs from
my friend Lucie, so that was awesome. And the same thing may well happen to you
because kids grow out of stuff like nobody’s business
so you’re likely to have a friend or relation in your entourage who is
looking to get rid of a pile of little person clothes.

So without further ado
here is my list: something for their bum, something to sleep in, something to
journey in, something to carry them in, and something to protect them. And that
is it.

The first one something for their bums is obviously nappies and I’m sort
of to-ing and fro-ing for practicality’s sake, between cloth
nappies and disposable nappies so I have these little BumGenius ones and they’re
actually the best in the market as per my research. And then when we run out of
our stash of cloth nappies we just switch over to disposables and sort of
back and forth like that and that way we go through our disposable nappies less quickly and we’re adding a fewer nappies to the mountain of
disposable nappies in landfills. So next up, something to journey in – simply a car
seat, and the latest regulation is that they sit back to front in a sort of a
rounded little seat and we’ve found, incorrigible minimalists that we are, that
the car seat can double up as a little rocking chair for baby inside and he
loves it.

We sit him down in that and it has the same effect as one of those
all-singing all-dancing £200 rocking chair things that play music and
vibrate and all of that – no, just double up your car seat as a little nook
for baby and he’ll love it. And the car seat we got secondhand so that was good.

So next one, something to sleep in. For this one you have lots of choices. We
went with the co-dodo little sidecar sleepy bay thing that attaches to the
side of the bed and to be honest he hasn’t slept in it once. Because the
difference between actual co-sleeping, so with him actually in the bed with us, and
putting him in the sidecar is massive. It’s the difference between him sleeping
and not sleeping and crying – wailing – because he can’t touch or smell us I
suppose. So I have to say that the co-sleeper was a bit of a waste of money.
So in the interests of extreme minimalism you can certainly avoid
buying a newborn baby bed or sidecar thingy. And I’ve actually found that co-
sleeping has saved our nights because he just kind of gets on with it and I go
back to sleep.

And then for daytime naps, either a bassinet or one of those
massive U-shaped breastfeeding pillows that tie up in the middle so it creates a
kind of big cushion for him. Again, I was very lucky to be a gifted a bassinet by
lovely Lucie – thank you, Lucie! Now, the fourth thing – something to carry them in. Now this is a lifesaver. So I have the Ergo Baby carrier which
I was wearing earlier on in this video. And it is amazing. It’s really comfortable, you
can customise the size of it so it’s good for men and women. Baby Magnifique
absolutely loves it he just goes straight to sleep in it whenever we put
him in it and take him outside for a little walkie. And that was gifted to us
as well by another amazing friend Sylvaine. And these Ergo Baby carriers are really
built to last because she used it for her child then she lent it to another
friend and then she lent it to me so it’s seen a lot of babies so far and
it’s still going strong so I would highly recommend the Ergo Baby carrier. And it seems to be unanimously popular. Another thing to consider would be a
sling it’s a little bit perhaps more complicated and tricky to put on but you
soon get used to it. So I have the Moby wrap,
another amazing hand-me-down. I think baby Magnifique is gonna win the eco-baby award because we haven’t actually bought him anything new. And then the
last thing is something to protect them and I have it right here.

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It’s this cutie little hat and it’s got special
protective fabric on the top bit that protects from electromagnetic
frequencies so that’s excellent because nobody really knows what the long-term
effects of radio-frequency EMFs are and that is the frequency that’s emitted by
mobile telephones. We just don’t have the data yet, it’s all so new. So the World
Health Organisation came out with a statement about EMFs that said that they
are possible carcinogens. So as we wait for actual proof to come out I’m just
not willing to take that risk so I choose to protect baby Magnifique’s
little head with an EMF shield and I did the same during my pregnancy with a
blanket that had the same EMF shield material in it. And it just makes me a
little more at ease about all of these crazy invisible rays that are around us.
So those two products are by Belly Armor and you can find those online very
easily. So that’s it those are my 5 essential things for a happy baby and a happy
family. And you’ll soon get a feeling for what’s essential and what’s not when
your baby’s here so don’t fall into the trap of ordering everything
on those lists while you’re still pregnant with your first child because
you really don’t know what’s superfluous and what’s really going to help you. And
if you do realise there was something on that list that was really really
essential that’s something that a quick shop on Amazon will solve. So my best
advice for parents to be is to just wait it out, wait and see and most of all focus on the wonderful period that is pregnancy and not on the overwhelm
that can come with trying to buy everything in advance. And you’ll also
receive a lot of gifts and hand-me-downs which is wonderful.
So wait and see what you get and buy as little as possible. Because nobody wants
a house filled with baby clutter and nobody wants to be overwhelmed with a
whole load of new things that you have to buy. So it’s goodbye for me and
goodbye from little baby who’s currently eating my arm and if you could hear
suckling sounds during this video your ears did not deceive you. Multitasking is
the name of the game. So bye bye from me and baby Louis, and we will catch you next
time. Bye! .

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