10 Super Easy Minimalist Nail Art Ideas Crazyforus Minimalist Nail Art
10 Super Easy Minimalist Nail Art Ideas Crazyforus Minimalist Nail Art

Beautiful Minimalist Nail Art

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hi I’m Anastasia and today we will do a
minimalistic geometrical design this design I will be using model owns gel
polishes so the collection come in a box we communicate the world with color
I like their slogan as well as the packaging so as far as I understood the
cap of the bottle is wooden so it is recyclable and I also like the look of
the bottles itself but I think you need to be very careful so the cap will not
be dirty in the gel polish so it will always look tidy so we have seven colors
in collection and for this design I will be using Coco black also I’ll take
Africa white Brazil rat Fiji blue and dreamy silver so these colours refer to
travellers collection first I will take Coco black to create a thin black lines
I’m using synthetic brush zero so this is the smallest brush that I have and I
have to admit that the colour is pretty intense as you can see the one layer of
the black I think will be enough here so I’m trying to create a thin lines but
they don’t have to be like super thin some of them like on the middle finger
we decided to make it slightly wider and once you need to fix it just feel free
to do this also I have a buffed surface of the nail so once any line goes wrong
simply take cleanse or any other liquid and remove it and then draw it again
just make sure that the surface is dry on the thumb I will add a little bit
more lines as it’s bigger one right here and another one right here and then we
will need to cure it in LED for one minute now let’s add some colors so
first I will take a dreamy silver and add it on a pinky and honestly when I
first saw this color I thought it’s like watery glitter but now we can see that
it’s pretty intense so it’s even good for
making designs not only for the full-coverage so then I frisk you it for
about five seconds and continue working with another color
so Brazil red is like dark brownish red it’s not like classic red and this color
is also pretty intense I create another geometrical object here please cure it
you don’t have to fully cure each color and then I take the Fiji blue this color
is so beautiful but it is not as intense as other colors so I had to make it
slightly thicker as you can see I add additional layers to make it look blue
it’s a little bit transparent which is okay for some applications or designs
but for the full coverage you will definitely need at least two layers so I
create another geometrical figure right here and then again I will simply freeze
cure it for five seconds the reason I freeze cure every color is I just want
to make sure that they will stay there now I’m taking Africa white and honestly
I am impressed this color is very intense which is rare when you’re
working with gel polishes usually the gel paints are as intense it even looks
like one layer will be enough here which is valuable for white color so I am
adding white right here on index finger and then again frisk your and also we
need to add some colors on the thumb so I decided to use two colors here the
first one will be dreamy silver I put it right in the corner sometimes it’s
tricky doing designs with the glitter so just make sure that they are not too
thick because we might end up with the design that will not look very flat and
the other color I am using is Brazil rat and I totally love this color is so
bright and so intense so I added right here near the
and now we need to fully cure it for one minute in LED and I decided to add
additional layers so now I will simply fast outline each color just to make
them pop and make them more intense so here with silver and blue we definitely
need another layer to make them brighter but other colors I think they would look
ok even without the second layer do not forget to fully cure the second
layer as well and the last step will be sealing with a topcoat and by the way I
am using the top code by Valentina as well as the color on the bottom this is
glamorous nude I think this color works best for this client and I’m using no
clamps white coat I really like this one because you simply apply it cure and
your client is good to go and as we have designed here also do not forget to be
careful when applying it near the free edge and I have acrylic nail so we don’t
have to cap the free edge but you can also do this if you have designed very
close to the free edge so after application we need to fully cure it
usually it’s 1 minute in LED and that’s it when it’s cured we are finished and
here’s our minimalistic design honestly I thought I was going to get inspired
with some abstract picture like paintings by Kandinsky but I ended up
creating my own you can create any kind of figures just play with the lines with
the colors use triangles or circles instead and every time you will get a
different picture thank you guys so much for watching if this is your first time
here consider subscribing as I post nail art tutorials every week thank you and
see you in my next videos bye bye .

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