18 Beautiful And Unusual Playing Cards Mental Floss Minimalist Playing Cards
18 Beautiful And Unusual Playing Cards Mental Floss Minimalist Playing Cards

Amazing Minimalist Playing Cards

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Hey it’s Bey, and today I’m going to be doing
a quick review of the Minim Playing Cards by Joe Doucet. These are pretty cool plastic playing cards
because they have a minimal design to them. They currently go for about $10 and they come
in either black or white. The one I got here is in white and I’ll be sure to put a link in the description if you’re interested. The decks do come sealed, and as you can see,
and the tuck case has a minimalist design to match with the cards. It’s a thick and durable tuck case and it
has a pretty good weight when you hold it in your hands with the cards inside. On the front and back, you have the back design
which is basically a diagonal line. You have Areaware logo on the top, some information
and the bar codes on the bottom, designed by Joe Doucet on the left, and Minim cards
on the right. When you first take them out of the box, they
feel just like any regular deck of plastic playing cards. In comparison to traditional paper playing
cards, these are much more thicker, but more durable. They’re also pretty much the same size. You won’t be able to do fans very well or
any kind of flourishes, but these cards aren’t designed to do that.

Instead, you basically use these cards to
play some card games with your friends. Or you don’t have friends, you can just play
solitaire by yourself like me. In this deck, you get an ad card and two jokers
along with the 52 cards. The Jokers just have two JK symbols on two
of the corners. The rest of these cards follow the same sort
of design with the card value and suit on two corners of the card. That’s pretty much it. The face cards even follow this design and
they are just as simple. These cards perform very well. You can riffle shuffle with ease but my only
complaint is that these cards tend to stick to each other. That makes it pretty difficult to deal the
cards because they’re plastic. However, I think that’s a worthy trade off
in my opinion because these cards will last very long in return and I can play almost
anywhere with my friends.

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Or with myself. Anyways, you can even play with these cards
in the pool because they’re plastic which means they are basically waterproof. These cards don’t float so keep that in mind.

And if they ever get dirty, you can easily
wash them off under the sink or with a hose. Overall, the Minim Playing Cards are a simplified
version of a standard deck of playing cards, but they’re just as functional. I really like the minimal design and I would
totally use these cards to play with my friends if I had any. If you’re into minimal things, I highly recommend
grabbing one of these Minim Playing Card Decks. I’ll put a link in the description to where
you can purchase these cards if you’re interested.

That was my video review of the Minim Playing
Cards. If you have enjoyed, please leave a like,
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