My 97 Things Or How I Moved Across The Country With Just 3 Bags Minimalist Possessions List
My 97 Things Or How I Moved Across The Country With Just 3 Bags Minimalist Possessions List

Perfect Minimalist Possessions List

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Perfect minimalist possessions list

– This is a disaster. (upbeat instrumental music) We live in a culture full of stuff, bombarded with advertisements pushing us to buy more stuff. We accumulate more and more and more until we need an extra
storage unit to fit it all. Today there are more self-storage
facilities in the U. than there are McDonald’s,
Subway, and Jack in the Box restaurants combined.

I heard about minimalism a few years back and it was something that
really piqued my interest.

Minimalism is a lifestyle
movement of living with less material items. There’s this whole community
of people living this way and connecting online. You have all different types of people. Seems like a really beautiful
way to live your life. I have one friend who
just lives out of a tiny little duffle bag.

And he’s ready to travel
at the drop of a dime. – I think it’s always good to have less and only have the essentials. – What’s the hardest part? – I mean I think it’s
easy, that makes it easier because it’s hard to have more things.

– I hope this week can
allow me to find some of that freedom for myself. There are these two guys
kind of like at the forefront of this movement on social
media called The Minimalists. They made this Netflix
documentary called Minimalism. I got The Minimalists
to come into the studio and asked them some questions
about how I could start my own minimalist journey. – What are some guidelines
for living a minimalist life? – Minimalism is not about deprivation. It’s about bringing what
is important and I think really what it comes down
to is what is adding value to one’s life? For everyone it’s different
and it’s always changing. – We’ve got a lot of clutter. Even if we do a really
good job of organizing it it’s still organized hoarding. – I have a 90-90 rule where
if I haven’t used something in the last 90 days and
I don’t plan on using it in the next 90 days I’ll
probably get rid of it. – What advice do you have for
me while I do this experiment? – Get really clear on why you’re doing it. I think we all understand the how-to. – I do feel somewhat attached to my items. Through this experiment I
really want to let go of that. I don’t want to empty
out my room right now. What did I get myself into? What I quickly started to
realize is that I’ve been holding onto stuff for years. I consider myself to be
someone who’s pretty frugal. It’s not that I was buying more stuff, it was that I hadn’t been
letting go of anything. I’m overflowing in yoga pants. After going through everything I realized I have a lot more stuff
than I thought I did.

Here’s the breakdown. 14 pieces of wall decor; 55 books; 25 candles, slash, trinkets; 13 journals; 53 makeup items; 120 beauty,
slash, hygiene products; 24 pairs of shoes; 15 purses and bags; 22 miscellaneous accessories;
and more than 300 items of clothing. I decided to box everything up,
shove it in a storage closet and at the end of the week I could decide what I want to keep and
what I want to donate. All that I’m really left
with is work stuff, laptop, my bed. I’m not moving furniture
because I’ve nowhere to put it. But I emptied everything out of it. For the next week I would
live with only the essentials. This included a hat, an armband
and headphones for running, my yoga mat, a foam
roller, my water bottle, one book, a small bag, a binder full of very important
documents, and my speaker. I cannot live without my speakers. I listen to music every single day. My meditation’s on here and I
use it for my yoga practice. This gratitude journal
was hidden underneath 10 other journals. I completely forgot that I had this. I also write in my gratitude
journal every night. I limited myself to only
essential hygiene products like a toothbrush and
toothpaste, face wash, soap, and deodorant. Makeup would not be considered essential. I picked out enough yoga
clothes and workout clothes to get me through the week
just so I wasn’t doing a ton of laundry, and a few
key items of regular clothing, mostly dresses just because
they’re easy and make me look the most put together with minimal work. – Decluttering is merely the first step. The real purpose of minimalism has to do with the benefits we experience
once we’re on the other side of the decluttering. – I thought that after I emptied
my room I would feel empty, but I feel really good. Looking around my room and
seeing how clear it is, it’s nice. I’m feeling optimistic about this week. – I’d like to see if this
experiment would allow me to free up my time a little bit more. I’m gonna time myself and
see how fast I can get ready. Seven minutes and 23 seconds
and I am out the door on my way to work. My hair is wet, no makeup. But you know, I’m not gonna be late. I thought I would feel a
little bit empty walking into an empty room after a day of work. It’s kind of refreshing, it really is. Look at this beautiful van. – Beautiful. – [Sky] What’s his name? – Oscar. – Oscar, I love that name. So I met this guy, Jim, when
I was walking down the street. He was in this really cool green van and it looked like he
was living out of the van so I stopped and asked him
hey, like what’s your story? He said that he had given up
his life to kind of go travel and to live out of a van. I love this thing, it’s so great. I want to get one. How did you find this lifestyle
and what did you give up to live this way? – I gave up my career
at the time which was restaurant owner. I had two restaurants and a cocktail bar. My minimalism lifestyle
started when I sold my house. I used to have like a
3,500 square foot house with tons of stuff in it. Slowly by surely I eliminated
and eliminated stuff. It’s not like I watched
documentary, I read a book about it. It was just something that
came out of me naturally. The goal of it all was
just to live a life of not being encumbered with,
not just with things but with timetables and
schedules and appointments and expectations. – It’s only day three and I’m
already having to do laundry because I didn’t account for
the fact that I would need a pair of underwear for
working out and yoga and then a pair of underwear
for actually wearing. So I already ran out of clean underwear. Kind of like going on a date
tonight, a kind of date. I don’t know if it’s a date, whatever. I can’t really put on any
makeup and I’m starting to get a pimple right here. So this is where minimalism
starts to be not fun for me. At first it was nice not
having to choose what I’m going to wear. Now I’m really bummed that I can’t choose. I really feel like a slob today. Ryann, do you think I look like a slob? – Just be honest. – You need to go change. (laughing) The minimalist life is not, it’s not cute. – I’m on my way to Santa
Monica to interview this woman who I met through where they have all these community meetup
groups in every major city. I just hit up the one for L. I’m going to talk to her
because I want to get a female perspective about this lifestyle. For me I think one of the
biggest things has been just like not wearing makeup,
letting go of some clothing, and living with very
few pieces of clothing. I feel like I’m a little lost
in how I put myself together every day. – I would say that my
space is very well curated. Everything that I have in here I love it or it has some sort of
story behind it or serves some sort of purpose, if
not more than one purpose. – You don’t have any clothes. How do you feel as a female? How do you feel it has
affected your expression, if it has? – [Melanie] If I don’t love
it or feel really good in it, it does not stay in my closet. – Were you somebody who
always had worn makeup and was attached to that kind of stuff? – I like makeup. I like to feel pretty. I’m a lot more intentional
about the makeup products that I have and that I own. – I have this idea on
minimalism in my head I think when I started this. – You learn that oh, it
doesn’t have to be so extreme. You can kind of make it your own. – I really think that
our material possessions are a physical manifestation
of what’s going on inside us. Once I started dealing
with that external clutter I was able to deal with what was going on inside of me. The mental clutter, the emotional clutter, the spiritual clutter,
the financial clutter, this internal clutter. – What I learned this week
is that there’s no right way to live a minimalist lifestyle. But that it did add a
lot of value in my life and freedom to live with
a lot less material items. I think I’m somebody that’s
too messy and gets too sweaty to live with so few clothing items, although I do think I’m going
to end up donating a lot of my clothes along with a lot of my other material possessions. I love the way my room is
now with it being so simple. I felt like my head
space was a lot cleaner. I was able to get out
more and meet more people and live more in the moment. Writing in my gratitude
journal and I can’t talk ’cause I have my retainer in. I am grateful for my
retainer, mouth is (mumbles). I mean I am grateful
for this ’cause it keeps my teeth straight.

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