Amazon Com Cape Robbin Women Lucite Block Heel Sandal Ankle Minimalist Sandals Womens
Amazon Com Cape Robbin Women Lucite Block Heel Sandal Ankle Minimalist Sandals Womens

Amazing Minimalist Sandals Womens

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Before I introduce you to the Amuri Z-Trek, I want you to start by imagining your favorite sport sandal: Chaco, Teva, Keen and now just imagine getting rid of up to
70% of the weight and almost all of the bulk. And then imagine doing this with your
favorite sport sandal. Welcome to the Amuri Z-Trek, the lightest, most comfortable sport
sandal your feet will ever love. A men’s size 9 weighs only 6.6 ounces, the webbing system holds securely and
comfortably to your foot for almost any activity. Like all of our lightweight
performance recreation sandals, the Z-Trek is perfect for travel
because it packs so small; it’s great for hiking because with five and a half
millimeters of our exclusive FeelTrue rubber gives you all the protection you need with
great natural feel and, still true to our tire-sandal inspiration, the sole comes with a 5000 Mile
Warranty. Z-Trek is obviously a great camp shoe, but there’s some people who are going to put
these on, thinking they’re gonna walk around the campsite and then go, you know I think I can actually keep going in
these, and then send their boots home. And we’ve already had people taking a
run in these, even doing ultra marathons. They’re water resistant,
vegan and the men’s and women’s are actually
different: you can see the women’s is a little narrower with slightly narrower
webbing. Both the men’s and women’s come in Coal
Black with Castle Rock webbing and Mocha Earth with Coffee Bean, a
darker brown webbing. And then the men get a choice of Slate with Patriot Blue webbing and the
women Slate with Hunter Green webbing. Get your Amuri Z-Trek now, and go feel
the freedom, feel the fun, and feel the world with Xero Shoes! .

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