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Capsule Wardrobe Essentials For Men Minimalist Personal Style Minimalist Shoes For Everyday

Perfect Minimalist Shoes For Everyday

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Do you always wear shoes? Although shoes protect your feet from the
cold, or harmful objects, there’s a reason why wearing shoes isn’t always beneficial:
when we wear shoes we don’t receive energy from the earth. For anyone who doesn’t know, we need to absorb
the electrons from the earth in order to balance out each part of our body with the earth’s
electrical current. Old studies have recorded the importance of
this method called "earthing". This practice has several benefits, such as
the reduction of inflammation and chronic pain, sleep improvement, better energy levels,
and even less stress. Here are a few more benefits: Better circulation
Walking barefoot increases the blood flow to your legs, which helps you feel less pain,
have less varicose veins, and have warmer feet in the winter. Lower blood pressure
Walking barefoot can help us increase our blood flow, lower our blood pressure, and
lessen cortisol action, which in turn decreases stress and inflammation all over the body. Better balance
When you can feel the ground, you can better stimulate the balancing system of your brain. This is especially important for elderly people. Less foot problems
Wearing the wrong type of shoes is normally the main cause of several foot problems such
as calluses, bunions, athlete’s foot, and ingrown toenails. When we walk barefoot we steer farther away
from these kinds of problems. Even arthritis begins to slowly improve as
our feet get stronger, more flexible, and receive better blood flow. Better posture
When we wear shoes, we are forced to move our hips back and forth, straining our back,
shoulders, and neck in order to keep from falling. When we walk barefoot, the opposite happens:
when we feel the ground, the nerve ends in our feet send us messages of balance. This can improve posture and balance as well
as reduce stress and bodily tension. Healthier kids
The American Pediatric Association recommends that kids walk barefoot as long as possible,
because shoes weaken and deform feet. According to Dr. Merzenich, one of the best
neuroplastic physicians in the country, the stimulation we get from walking barefoot improves
memory, attention, concentration, and intelligence. More strength
Walking barefoot helps us to stimulate new muscles that are used both for balance and
support. Healthier feet
Our body follows an interesting principle: if you use something you must maintain it,
if you don’t use it, it "freaks out". When you walk barefoot your feet wake up and
begin to strengthen themselves. Reduced inflammation
Have you ever shocked yourself by touching something during the winter? This happens due to the difference in magnetic
charge between your body and the object. This is the way your body gets rid of the
unwanted charge.

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Studies have shown that free radicals act
on our inflammation by transporting a positive charge. Although these particles of positive charge
play an important role in our immune system, if we don’t have a way to get rid of them
they build up in our bodies, causing excessive inflammation and even cell and tissue damage. The earth, on the other hand, naturally possesses
a negative charge.

Direct contact with the earth also allows
us to get rid of the positive charge found in the free radicals, which can bring us several
different health benefits.

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