Women S Minimalist Boots Leather Boulder Boot By Lems Shoes Minimalist Shoes For Work
Women S Minimalist Boots Leather Boulder Boot By Lems Shoes Minimalist Shoes For Work

Beautiful Minimalist Shoes For Work

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What’s up YouTube? Jeff, your style og in the today’s video we’re gonna talk about the best shoes for you to wear to work for your particular job If you’re new to the channel we release a new video every day at 4 p. Eastern Discussing various men’s lifestyle topics such as style, grooming, and Dating. I invite you to subscribe and tap the notification Bell and join us.

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like Denard Ballard Salute! Now, like it or not, fair or not. that people do judge you by your shoes, and I’m not just talking the ladies I’m talking about on job interviews and you’re work environment. But this is not a one size fit all discussion. Different jobs call for different shoes So what shoes are best for your job? Don’t worry about it. On today’s video I’m gonna give you six of the best shoes that you can wear at a variety of job situations. so without further ado Let’s jump right into it Now first up on our list of shoes is the wonder grab when you try to walk that middle ground When your office isn’t too stuffy or too casual. I’m talking about a loafer. The reason why a loafer works, it’s Dressy enough that you don’t look like you’re lounging around, but it’s not too stuffy like you in the boardroom. A loafer goes with trousers, Jeans, chinos, even a suit here in there. so if you’re working in an environment That’s not too stuffy. Not too dressy, and you want to walk that fine line don’t hesitate to grab a loafer. However on the other hand, if you do find yourself in a super formal stuffy type environment the shoe to grab is an Oxford. So, what is an Oxford? An Oxford is a dress shoe with a specific Characteristic. That being that the shoelace eyelets are under the vamp. The vamp being here. That’s called closed lacing. Closed lacing suggests more formal environments. So what would you wear an Oxford with? mostly formal attire such as a suit, maybe trousers. Anything less formal than that it doesn’t work You’re gonna be too casual so if you’re somewhere in a boardroom, Wall Street, or anywhere they require formal dress Dress shoe to grab/work shoe to grab is that Oxford. However, what are you working a work environment? That’s formal, But not too formal where an Oxford wouldn’t work. You want to go one level of dressing this down and grab was called a Derby. So what’s the difference between an Oxford and a derby? Well Oxford like I said has closed lacing That’s the eyelets being under the vamp. A derby the opposite of that Open lacing the shoelace eyelets will be on top of the vamp. That’s the difference. the open lacing makes the shoe a little less formal. so if you’re working in an Environment where you have to be dressy But you don’t want to go all the way grab a derby. what can you wear a derby with? Suit, trousers, Jeans, even chinos. So if you have a formal But not too formal work environment reach For a derby. Now the next shoe on our list is for the guys that working on the more fashion forward even Rebellious or edgy type work environment, that would be the monk strap shoe If you have been watching this channel for any amount of time. You know how much I love a monk strap. There’s a couple reasons Why. One, it’s a little less formal than an Oxford, but slightly more formal than a Derby But it’s super versatile what can you wear it with? Suits, Trousers, jeans, chinos. It’s that versatile. goes with pretty much anything but to me has a little bit of an edge and a sex appeal Something want to rock in a fashion-forward environment. so if you’re looking for a shoe That’s while its dressy still give you a little rebellious edge. I would go for a single or double monk strap shoe What if you are working in a work environment though, although it’s rebellious are fashion-forward Do you like to rock boots the shoe I suggest for you a good old Chelsea boot. Now a Chelsea boot super sexy Rock-and-roll edgy so make sure to working environment you’re in fits those requirements And if you’re going for a more dressy style Chelsea boot go with the dark color or leather On the other hand you want something a little more casual go in a lighter color or perhaps suede But if you’re looking for a boot that looks dressed up enough, but gives you a little rebellion and edge Don’t hesitate to grab a Chelsea boot. last But not least I’ve got the shoe for the guy that works in the most casual environments But still doesn’t want to look sloppy or not put together you want to grab a minimal low-cut sneaker. for example one of my favorites, the Adidas Stan Smith. Now why you want to go with a low-cut as opposed to a high top High tops a little more bulky a little less stylish and maybe too casual However a low-cut minimalist sneaker very fashion-forward, stylish, but not too loud What would you wear it with I’ll go with jeans, chinos, I even rock it with an odd suit here and there. so if you work in a relaxed casual environment But you don’t want to look sloppy and still want to be put together go for a low-cut minimalist sneaker. Okay So there you have it, my suggestions on what type of shoes to wear Depending on what type of work environment you work in let me know in the comment section What shoes you rock on the job. As always, I hope you enjoyed the video if so hit that LIKE button. Helps the channel to grow and of course tap the notification bell So you don’t miss any of videos released every day at 4 p. Eastern, and I’ll check you out tomorrow.

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