Grey Scale Layers Zara Coat New Yorker Knit Oak Fort Dress H M Minimalist Style Blog
Grey Scale Layers Zara Coat New Yorker Knit Oak Fort Dress H M Minimalist Style Blog

Ideas Of Minimalist Style Blog

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My style evolution from shopaholic to minimalist , how to dress like a minimalist wardrobe amp styling tips, style type series the minimalist, how i style my capsule wardrobe minimalism slow fashion lookbook 201.

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oh Hey Guys Today I’m Sharing with you my tips to find your Signature Style Once You’ve Done This Culling your Wardrobe will be so Easy First off we’re Just Going to Make a lifestyle Graph so you can See Mainly what you do this is Obviously during Waking Hours and that way you Can start to Figure out What Style of Clothing is actually Going to fit your Lifestyle I find a pie Graph Works easiest for this so for example I’ve Got Work and Study I’Ve Got gm or other Physical Activities and Events and Regular Clothing Next we’re Choosing our color Palettes or i’d suggest one Or two marine colors Three to three Secondary Colors and Up to Three Accessory or Accent colors my Main colors I like to use black and White Because I find that they’re very Versatile and Easy for my Secondary I Usually go for gray and for my Accents like Belt Buckles or Zippers I try to choose Gold Next Think of Some describing Words that you Would like to describe your Outfit try to Narrow it down to three if Possible That Way When We are Picking clothes you can See if They Match the style that you want to go for and also that they Match each other By only Four Particular Style is going to be very Easy to cull down your wardrobe to a look that you Really like Next, we’re Gonna Sort our Wardrobe so this is Actually Coloring the pieces that you? Don’t want Or that don’t fit You Anymore and Just Making sure that the Clothes that you’re Wearing A? Clothes That You Feel Good about Yourself [and] you Feel Comfortable in There’s no Point in Earning Something if You are Never Going to wear It Now it’s Time To look for Inspiration good Places to do this are on Pinterest and also on Instagram My Pinterest Is Just Rachel lost if You want to find it and I’ll show you some of my Favorite Style Instagrams as Well the key to Creating A Really Classic and Stylish Wardrobe is to Look outside the trends and Find what Makes you Feel Comfortable and Happy and also remember to Express Yourself You don’t have to copy what other People are doing, well what you want to wear? and This One Is my instagram Feel free to come Join, me Over There I hope you guys Enjoyed the Video if you Do want me Continue With the minimalism Series Please give This Video A thumbs up so that I know You’re Still Watching and I’ll Catch you Guys next Time bye .

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