20 Minimalistic Flower Tattoos For Women Tattooblend Minimalist Tattoo Men
20 Minimalistic Flower Tattoos For Women Tattooblend Minimalist Tattoo Men

Ideas Of Minimalist Tattoo Men

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minimalist tattoo men

Are Tattoos REALLY Attractive Top 10 Tattoo
Placement & Type Ranking [0:00:00]
Do tattoos make a man more attractive to women? Gentlemen, that’s the subject of today’s
video. Today’s video I’m breaking into three
parts. First, I’m going to talk about the research
and we’re going to go into details about do women actually find men with tattoos more
attractive. Next stop, we’re going to talk about various
tattoos and their attraction levels. Then we’re going to talk about placement
of these tattoos on the male body and what’s attractive, what’s not. Are you ready guys? Let’s get into it. All right so the answer to the question: do
women find men with tattoos to be more attractive than men within tattoos? The answer is it makes no difference. Now a lot of you guys are going to say Antonio
that’s a bunch of crap because I’ve got tattoo, many women have complimented or I’ve
seen other guys with tattoos.

And that’s what I love about the study is
that they found out actually women don’t find men with tattoos more attractive.

But men perceived men with tattoos to be more

So it’s the men who we identify a man with
tattoo he is someone we perceived is stronger, more masculine, more attractive to the opposite
sex. So it’s a very interesting dynamic that
other men sometimes will seed to the man with tattoos as being the more attractive guy. Now we get into the details of the study. What we find is that women when they had to
look at men with tattoos and without they didn’t find one of the other more attractive. But they did find men with tattoos as being
healthier, as being more masculine, as being more dominant, as being more aggressive. But what’s interesting is that they also
found these same tattoo men as they were going to be worst partners. They were not going to be faithful. They were not going to be as good with children. And so a lot of this stuff offset. But what’s interesting is when the men look
at the same pictures they, yes, seeded out okay this guy is going to be more dominant. He’s going to be more aggressive. He’s going to be healthier. He’s going to be more masculine. But they didn’t give them the same negative
traits. They actually thought it wasn’t going to
have any effect on them being a favor, on being a faithful partner. Now gentlemen, I do want to stress the perception
of tattoos is very culturally and locally driven. So if you’re over in London, maybe you’re
in New York City or in Austin, Texas, tattoos you’re going to see them a lot more; very
common. But then if you go over to places like Hong
Kong, you’re over Moscow, you’re over in Keith it may be something that tattoos
have a very different meaning. But guys understand that again this is very
location dependent. Summary of the point gentlemen, in certain
culture tattoos can give you more respect that men and with women it sends a signal
that you’re more short term than long term relationship material. Now let’s talk about tattoo types, what
women find attractive and what they find maybe not so attractive.

Coming at last place we’ve got the mom heart. Guys, you may love your mamma but you probably
don’t need the tattoo. Coming in at nine, and also considered to
be not very attractive, the dagger. Gentlemen, if you’re going to carry knife,
carry a real one.

Coming in at eight we’ve got the sexy lady. Gentlemen, if you got a tattoo of a sexy lady
on your chest, you’ll probably not going to have a real one on your arm.

Next stop, we’ve got tattoos that kind of
all in the middle. Some people like them.

Some people don’t. It really depends on the quality of the tattoo
and the placement. Over here we’ve got flowers. Next stop, we’ve got skulls. After that we’ve got anchors. Hey, anchors doing pretty good there. Next stop, we’ve got birds. Now I don’t know why birds are ranked higher
than anchors or even skulls. I actually like skulls cause it’s kind of
pretty cool. But apparently birds are beating skulls and
guys be very careful when getting flowers. They better be the right type. What are my thoughts on this middle of the
road tattoo? Well guys why don’t you put together a tattoo
that has all of them combined. Imagine an eagle with a rose in its mouth
and one claw it’s got a skull, another it’s got an anchor. That would be an awesome tattoo. Go get it. Just kidding. Don’t go get that tattoo unless you’re
a huge arm wrist fan and then get it with like an arm wrist across the wings of the
eagle. Coming in at three, we’ve got the fierce
animal probably tigers, lions, jackalopes. That’s a fierce animal, right? Coming in at two, a foreign language. What’s key here is you have to speak the
language. I thought this was interesting cause technically
couldn’t I get a mom tattoo and if I’m in Japan and it’s in English that would
be a foreign language and therefore it would rank higher. Guys, you have to figure it out for yourself. But the key was make sure it’s a language
that you speak. Coming in first place the minimalist tattoo:
something small, something simple, something elegant. Next stop, let’s talk about tattoo placement
from the worst to the best. Coming in at last place the belly. Probably because it expands on a lot of us. So guys that horse you got there when you
were young, yes, that now looks like an elephant. Other places where tattoos are apparently
not attractive, we’ve got the leg and then we’ve got the back of the calf. Coming at place seven, we got the ankle. That’s just sounds painful. And then we’ve got the knuckles. That sounds even more painful. [0:04:59]
Coming in at five, we’ve got the chest. If any of you guys don’t know, I have a
huge USMC tattoo right here on my chest and I would just rip open my shirt and show you
guys but I don’t want to blow you away with my awesomeness. Coming in at four, the underside of the wrist. A lot of guys apparently like this cause they
can cover up with a watch or a bracelet so it’s something they can hide, something
they can show. Depending on what they want to do. Coming at three, we’ve got the back which
would be a great placement for that eagle with a rose, with a skull and anchor I was
talking about. And if you really want to make it awesome
get RMRS right across the wings and on the skull. That would be a cool tattoo. No. 2 what do we got, we got the full sleeve
on the arm. Now they were very specific about this. We’re talking about a tattoo that fully
covers the entire arm. And no. 1 on the forearm. Why was this attractive? Now what they find and if you notice how they
rank higher apparently these are places you can easily hide but show if you want to the
tattoos on your body. So apparently the forearm is right up there
no. All right gents, now it’s your turn. I want to hear from you down the comment. What do you think about tattoos? What do you think about their placement, the
different types? Do you feel it’s very culturally driven? I would love to hear from you guys. I know you’re all over the world. Guys, if you want more I’m linking in the
description of this video to other videos, to my research, to other pieces useful articles
so that you can become the man you know yourself to be. Here at Real Men Real Style I love putting
out this information so that you can make better decisions. I’m not telling you to get tattoos. I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t. I am saying make sure that you control your
image. Make sure that you control the message that
you’re sending to the world so you can get what you wanted in life. You can find that partner. You can find you’ll be able to grow that
business, be able to startup that nonprofit. Be able to do what you want to and use clothing
as a tool, as a weapon to get what you want in life. That’s it guys. Take care. And see you in the next video [0:07:13] End of Audio .

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