Vivobarefoot Ultra Pure Women S Running Shoes Pink Lightweight Light Minimalist Trail Running Shoes
Vivobarefoot Ultra Pure Women S Running Shoes Pink Lightweight Light Minimalist Trail Running Shoes

Amazing Minimalist Trail Running Shoes

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If you’re looking for a lightweight, minimalist,
trail-running and hiking shoe, welcome to the TerraFlex from Xero Shoes. Before I talk about what’s special about
the TerraFlex, I want to talk about what’s familiar about the TerraFlex. And if you know our products you might say,
“Hey, it looks a whole lot like the Prio, the running fitness shoe,” which is our
bestselling shoe, and you’re right. Because not only are they built on the same
basic base and with the same basic philosophy, but the TerraFlex was inspired by people wearing
the Prio and saying, “Oh my gosh, I love this shoe, but when I’m on a trail walking
or hiking or running I need something a little more grippy, a little more aggressive, a little
more protection.” And that’s what we have here in the TerraFlex. Like all Xero Shoes, the TerraFlex is built
with a foot-first design and our natural movement philosophy. What that means is first, natural fit: So
a nice wide toe box so your toes can spread and relax and splay and move naturally; a
zero-drop non-elevated heel so that doesn’t jack up your posture; a low-to-the-ground
design for balance and agility; super-super flexible in every direction you can think
of. You can roll them up into a ball if you like.

And then, natural feel.

So your brain is designed to feel what’s
happening in the bottom of your foot. You have more nerve endings in the sole of
your foot than anywhere but your fingertips and your lips, and your brain needs to know
how to use everything between here and way down at the other end of your body. So the sole gives you not only great protection
but also that ground feedback that you would like. And now while we’re looking at the sole, take
a look at that luggy grippy design. So whether you’re walking, running, hiking,
this is going to give you an incredibly secure feel – uphill, downhill, fast or slow. Like the Prio, the TerraFlex has our huarache-inspired
heel and ankle strap and adjustable midfoot strap. This is not sewn down. That means that you can actually tighten the
midfoot and get a nice secure feeling in your midfoot which lets your toes relax and move
more naturally. And yes, this is a reflective stripe as well,
so you get great visibility if it’s dawn or dusk. The TerraFlex has a Tough Tek toe bumper for
protection and a durable breathable upper. It’s not waterproof, so don’t expect to
go running through a stream and come out totally dry.

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But because it’s really breathable, it’ll
dry off really quickly. Now, when it comes to protection, here’s where
things get really interesting. First we have—if I can get in there—a
removable 2-millimeter sock liner or insole, so that means you can have more or less of
a barefoot feel depending on what you’re in the mood for. But inside the TerraFlex is something you
can’t see, and I’m going to show it to you on our Z-Trail sandal because here’s where
you can. The Z-Trail has rubber on the bottom, our
FeelTrue rubber, and on the top is our BareFoam layer which gives you a perfect combination
of protection plus comfort. And that’s actually what’s going on inside
here too—let me… because what you can’t see is this. This is the way the sole is made in the TerraFlex,
2-1/2 mil of our BareFoam laid right inside our FeelTrue rubber sole. This gives you an incredible combination of
protection plus grip. The TerraFlex comes in two colors for men
and women, our forest green and our black, and like all of our Xero Shoes the TerraFlex
is really lightweight. The men’s 9 is only 9.8 ounces, the women’s
7 only 8.2 ounces.

That’s each. The list price on the TerraFlex is only 99.99,
just $10 more than the Prio, and of course it’s backed with our 5000-mile sole warrantee. Whether you’re walking, hiking, running, we
know you’re going to love the TerraFlex and can’t wait to hear what happens when you get
a pair on your feet and live life feet first.

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