Themes By Faede Minimalist Tumblr Themes
Themes By Faede Minimalist Tumblr Themes

Ideas Of Minimalist Tumblr Themes

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Hi, welcome back to thelayoutshop The best way to add more sparkle to your tumblog Thelayoutshop has the most versatile, and
the most customizable collection of themes on this side of the web Like, one of our best selling themes, STORYTELLER Storyteller is a great way for you to tell a
little story about your photographs and here is one of our free themes, UNO is
a side scrolling theme that moves the page left and right rather
than up and down UNO also fully display your high resolution
photographs so you’ll be able to show off your photography
skills on your tumblog and lastly, we have COFFRE This is another theme that fully displays
your photographs Coffre is best used for big pictures The best thing about this theme, is that it’s
totally free and available through tumblr’s theme garden To see all these themes and more You can visit See you there! .

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