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Orange And White Minimalist Bordered Typography Poster Templates Minimalist Typography Posters

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I’m back and today I have a minimal
typography design where we use the Pathfinder tool in Adobe Illustrator so
follow along with this minimal typography design brought to you by
Satori graphics what is our people welcome back to satori graphics the home
of graphic design content or right here on YouTube
firstly I want to say a huge thank you to all of you who commented on my last
video the last week has been one of the worst experiences of my entire life from
I was truly humbled and touched to read all of your positive comments and
compassion it did help me a whole lot so thank you guys I want to tell you that
no matter how big my channel gets I’m always going to try to answer as many
comments as I can because it does mean a lot to me secondly I’m going from 4
videos a week down to 3 at least for now anyway so we’re going to be uploading
every Monday Wednesday and Friday every single week but anyway let’s jump into
this minimal typography design in Adobe Illustrator the first thing you want to
do in a new document in Adobe Illustrator is to pull up the type
window as well as the Pathfinder window because we’re going to be using these
two tools fairly often in today’s minimal typography design a quick tip if you drag up handle a
below the other one they stick together and will keep your workspace a lot more
tidy press command or control I to open up
the rulers and then bring down three guides from the left to the right and
then three from the top to the bottom in equal distances these don’t have to be
super a career they’re going to be more like Rough Guides at this point our
typography letters I’m not going to be inside the squares rather they’re going
to be in the intersection for the guides mean right-click the illustrator canvas
and then select lock guides they don’t move around throughout this design
tutorial you want you to Sarah font for the main part of this design here is the
phone I’m using today type out one letter in the position in place hold down the alt/option key duplicated
two more times once you have three letters hold and
shift and cletus let all your typography letters and then duplicate them two more
times at this stage make sure the guides are
still logged and then highlight all of your letters we want to convert the
typography to actual vector shapes by creating outlines this is where you want to take your time
to get the conversation perfect on your minimal typography design and you can
use the align tool as well if you want to once your design is similar to mine
here unlock the guides and then hide them you could spend more time to make
sure your design is on point by moving the typography slightly and seeing how a
design looks when you’re happy take the pen tool and
then make a shape over a letter which we’re going to effectively cut away with
a Pathfinder tool select both the shape and the letter and
then in the Pathfinder tool use a – for an option the key here is to cut out a section
that leaves the letter still recognizable but which look
sophisticated if you make a mistake just hit command
or control Z to move back a step you also didn’t have to cut away every
single letter just try what you think looks best for your minimal typography
design so here’s my minimal typography design and doubly straighter thus far
you can move sections around until it’s visually on point for your design now
with the rectangle tool and with the stroke selector only create a rectangle
around the design though out like a water you can bump up the stroke weight until
you’re satisfied with design for the final part we want to accent in
Seraphin with a sans-serif own I’ve gone for good old Helvetica on my design type
in some random or relevant typography and the place on your design you know
artistic a minimal fashion use the option key to duplicate the same piece
of text to save time the absolute final part is to select
everything and outline the stroke and then create type outlines you can copy
the design and change the color p1 so they have it a minimal typography design
in Adobe Illustrator brought to you by Satori graphics if you enjoyed this
tutorial drop a comment and I like on the video and share it to somebody else remember that now I upload three times a
week Monday Wednesday and Friday so subscribe to Tudor graphics have you not
done already thanks again for your kind support last week everybody and until
next time design your future today peace .

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