Best Practices For Minimalist Website Design Muzli Design Minimalist Web Design
Best Practices For Minimalist Website Design Muzli Design Minimalist Web Design

Great Minimalist Web Design

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Mastering minimalist design what is minimalist design . how to create a minimalist website, web design speed art speed code portfolio site, flat vs depth for web design in 2018 a quick tutoria.

The first layout that becoming quite
popular for some time is parallax scrolling. Many websites currently using
this layout and I have to admit. It really does give a nice feeling to scroll through your site. But the one that I’m going to show you today is not a regular parallax
scrolling. It’s a little bit more than that Welcome to parallax.

js! As you can see it detects your mouse movement and scroll the element accordingly additionally if you are mobile user, parallax.js will detect your device orientation. If you tilt your device, the
element will scroll the same as you’re moving your mouse on the desktop

So this might be the one that you are looking for if you’re going to
make something new for your website Another one that you might have seen it
already on many site is grid or brick layout. This will automatically
adjust the image into a grid. Don’t worry about messing up with lots of code as
there are JavaScript grid layout library available.

And the one that I’m
suggesting here is Masonry because they are available document and quick
tutorial for you to get start You can check out the official website and
download the document or go to the github another interesting layout is kind of
vertical rain down style that let users scroll through your site and the content
will dynamically appear or call "lazy load" but to make the most of your layout
and make your cycle interesting I think you’ll need some kind of scroll
animation and the plugin for this that I recommend is "Super scroll orama"
it’s a plugin for this job and will make your scrolling more exciting with many kinds
of effects like fade, fly and spin or whatever you name it. Another one that is
similar to previous layout is full page vertical layout which popular among the
minimalist design. This will give you a simple and clean design and also that
your users are able to focus on the content and also separate the content
into a section. I found a small example code that will get your home page up and
running with a quick coding. So have fun! This is the most impressing layout in my
opinion. It’s separate your page into multiple columns horizontally. Very
suitable if you have lots of contents and you want to separate it into a
scrollable columns. You can also navigate it to any section that you like through
sidebar link. So that’s all for this video let me know what you think and if
you like this don’t forget to subscribe for more interesting video! Thanks bye .

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