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Minimalist Engagement Rings Mywedding Minimalist Wedding Rings

Ideas Of Minimalist Wedding Rings

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Wedding planning can be incredibly
stressful. There are so many details to manage and so many expectations you’re
trying to meet from other people, yourself and traditions you might want
to uphold. Well, there is a way to make it less stressful. By simplifying the
wedding planning process, you can apply the principles of minimalism to it to
focus on what really matters to you and get rid of the rest. So here are some
tips on how you can do exactly that. The first thing you can do to simplify your
wedding is be very intentional about the number of people that you’re inviting to
the ceremony.

So, you can have a very small ceremony in a courthouse with just
parents and a few witnesses, you can have 20 people or a hundred or more. It’s
actually a lot easier to invite just a few people to a very small wedding so
that you don’t have to make very hard choices about who should come and who
shouldn’t versus a medium-sized wedding when you invite some people, but then
you’re not sure who should be invited and who shouldn’t. So keeping it really small
can really help simplify the process overall. The second thing you can do to
simplify your wedding is really consider some non-traditional venues. Now, there
are benefits to venues that always do a lot of weddings versus venues that don’t
do almost any weddings at all. Now if a place doesn’t do any weddings, they might not have any packages available.

But on the good side, that means that they’ll be
more flexible. You can probably cater whoever you want and really customize
the services as you see fit. They are also more likely to be less expensive as
well. Versus venues that have a lot of wedding
packages and are very common for that sort of thing.

If you stress about the
details a lot, they will probably be able to handle more of those details for you
but will be a little bit more expensive.

The downside to that is they probably
have caterers and other vendors that are already predetermined and you don’t have
a lot of control over so you can make your decision based on which one of
those seems more appealing to you. Another thing to consider is having a
small wedding, perhaps a destination wedding, with just a few people there to
witness it and experience the sort of vacation wedding with you and then
throwing a big party either a few months later, or even
a year later, as a big reception to celebrate with friends and family back
home. The benefit of doing this is it splits up the planning so that you don’t
have to be planning the wedding and the reception all at once and it helps
diversify and spread out the costs of doing so as well. Tip number four is find
a different officiant. A lot of the time, venues will have a default officiant or,
if you are a part of a religious organization, there will be someone who
is already going to be performing your marriage. But if you have the option, and
you’re interested in it, it’s really easy to have someone get registered online to
officiate weddings. And it can make it really nice and intimate too to have
someone that knows you and your partner very well marry you on your special day.

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Tip number five is assessing whether you should have a wedding planner or a
wedding day coordinator.

A wedding planner is going to be much more
involved in the process and really help you make a lot of selections and put a
lot of the details together. They tend to be a lot more expensive though. A wedding day coordinator is someone that will meet with you a few times, you take care
of most of the details of the wedding but when it comes to the actual day, you
get to relax and enjoy the day while your wedding day coordinator takes care
of all the details and make sure everyone is at the right place at the
right time. Most importantly remember that it’s your wedding day. It’s about
you and your fiance getting married and enjoying the time with friends and
family and having a blast. Don’t be afraid to break traditions and question
why you would want to do things.

There’s a lot of different ways you can do it
and making it your very own will give you lots of great memories for years to

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