Tips For Choosing Minimalist Boots And Winter Shoes Softstar Blog Minimalist Winter Boots
Tips For Choosing Minimalist Boots And Winter Shoes Softstar Blog Minimalist Winter Boots

Beautiful Minimalist Winter Boots

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What’s up you guys? It’s Jose Zuniga from
Teaching Men’s Fashion, and for today’s video we’re gonna be talking about seven
items no man should wear in the fall and winter. The first thing guys shouldn’t be
wearing in the fall winter are no-show socks, man ankles are a great thing in
the summer but are completely counterintuitive and fall and winter.
You’re trying to insulate heat so this is the perfect season to bundle up and
show off some of your sock game and improve your style a bit. Number two,
color for patterns and florals. I love my Hawaiian shirts as much as the next guy
but they are completely summer inspired and just will come out of place in the
fall and winter season. A great replacement print for this, plaid. Plaid,
you’ll find it in your suits and your flannels this always has been a
prominent print for fall and winter and a much better alternative. Number
three are sneakers.

Now there are a great addition to any stylish wardrobe and a
must but if you want them to last a long time, you don’t want to be putting your prime knits or your canvas through snow or rain. They will deteriorate quicker and
completely expel all your body heat and make you colder.

Now to be fair there are
winter* enhanced or revamped type of style of sneakers that I covered in this
video for five fall footwear essential. But hands-down the best options will
always be a good sturdy pair of boots, and our sponsor Thursday Boots has you
covered. They don’t call this boot season for no reason,
boots are specifically created for the fall and winter. The high ankle design is
perfect for insulating heat, the thicker leather will not only keep them warm but
protect your feet from the exterior weather from the rain, from the snow, and
also it’ll make sure you keep your nice sneakers and dress shoes intact and
won’t get ruined. Boots are usually built a lot more
sturdier that you can beat them around and they’ll still look good, whereas, your
regular shoe not so much. Honestly if you don’t have a pair of Thursday Boots
already I don’t know what else to tell you to convince you, of how amazing these boots are. The thing is that I’ve traveled with these in the snow time and since
they have a rubberized sole when it’s icy outside I’m fine I’m not slipping,
whereas other people they’re easily slipping around, especially on an icy
sidewalk. With a good pair of sturdy boots you don’t have that problem. But
the amazing thing with Thursday Boots is that you’re not buying some ugly hiking
boot or something that’s completely unstylish. You get all the functional features of a boot that you should be wearing for
fall and winter in a well-thought-out stylish package.
Something that you can rock with your outfits to make sure they still look
stylish and you don’t forfeit on style during the colder months. Now if I’m
gonna make you guys a personal recommendation go with the suede Chelsea Boots, I’ve talked about them before. Not only are they the most comfortable boots to walk around all day, they’re the most stylish. Now they’re trending right now
and given that their suede you get that extra added style bonus. But these are
not your regular suede, they’re a weather safe suede, so you don’t have to worry
about them getting wet, getting ruined, making you cold,
they’re completely protected against the harsh weathers to keep you warm and dry.
If you guys want to check out Thursday Boots our sponsor, I’m going to have them
linked below definitely check out their whole range of by now you must own at
least one pair. The fourth thing no man should wear in fall and winter are
lightweight fabrics, such as linen.

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These fabrics are specifically crafted for
summer for a reason, the lightweight thread and open weave design are
intended to expel heat from the body and keep you cool. This is the exact thing
you want to avoid during fall in winter, you want to insulate as much heat as
possible. And the fabrics to do that are the ones that are very closely knit and
thicker, such as your tweed, your flannel, your heavy wool, these are the ones you
should be investing in for fall and winter. Number five is a t-shirt. This was
pretty much common sense but you will always catch that guy that’s trying to
play tough and act as if it’s not really that cold, it is. Throw on a coat or at
least a sweater. And to go along with that, the sixth thing you never want to
wear is shorts, even when you’re going to the gym. Why go through the pain of
having to suffer through a cold winter when you can wear something just as
stylish as sweatpants or joggers, keep you warm and still perform athletically.
And finally number seven are those boots with fur trimming. Now this one might not
be a spare because it’s it’s kind of just a personal pet peeve of mine. But
rocking boots with fur rims on it is a definite no-no for fall and winter. Sure
that around your neck on a coat or around gloves you look like a baller,
around your boots not so much. And that’s basically it guys. Does are 7 things
you never want to wear in fall and winter. If you guys like this video and
found it informative don’t forget to drop us a like down below. Also don’t
forget to check out our sponsor, Thursday Boots, they’re gonna be linked
down below as well. That’s it for me today, see you next! .

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