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Beautiful monte carlo minimalist

We literally have not been here more than five minutes, and I’ve already seen a Bentley, two Ferraris, a Lambo and a Porsche. "Bonjour tous le monde. Ca va?" What’s going on ladies and gentlemen? Welcome back to the channel. Right now we are in the French Riviera. So you haven’t seen us for a while. And that’s because we have been with our hands full. We’re on set. We’re filming our new television show for YouTube TV and Tastemade, Budget Versus Baller. Today is our day off, and we’re going to make the most of it. As they say here in France, "profiter," and we’re going to "profiter" our way to Monaco. Yes We’ve never been, at least I’ve never been. I’ve been. It’s one of the smallest states in the European Union, and all I know is that it’s a pretty baller place, I’m super excited to check it out. We don’t really have a plan. We’re just going to see where the day takes us, and we’re taking you with. We’re also taking along our buddy, Nathan. Let’s go show you to him. Assistant camera for Budget Versus Baller.

Yeah head out to Monaco. very stoked.

Have you ever been? Never been. It’s my first time in France. Merci. So we just bought train tickets; it’s about a 40-minute train ride from here to Monaco. But it’s lunch time. So we’re going to grab a quick bite to eat at the La Terrasse, a little restaurant set up right in front of the train station, and then we’re going to make our way to Monaco.

So stick around. Let’s go. "On arrive a` Monaco." Here’s a bit of history. Monaco is a sovereign city-state, a monarchy. And with over 19,000 inhabitants crammed into just two square kilometers, it’s the second smallest nation in the world and the most densely populated. Monaco’s tiny size makes it a micronation. not to be confused with a microaggression , microdose, or a micropenis. There are six micro nations in Europe. All of them were established very long ago, and extra-credit if you can name all six. The monarchy of Monaco was founded in the year 1297 when an Italian noble named Francesco Grimaldi disguised his soldiers as monks and captured the fortress here. His nickname was Il Malizio, the malicious one. Literally disguising your soldiers as monks is some straight up Game of Thrones s**t. The Grimaldi family has ruled on and off ever since, a rock of surprising stability in the middle of European power struggles, and half a century before Megan Markel, an American actress named Grace Kelly married into the family and became a real American princess. There’re only five Americans who’ve ever married into royalty. Can you name the rest? Does Meryl Streep count? Yaaaaas Queen! These days thanks to lax- tax laws, a. no income tax, 30% of the population here are millionaires. It has the highest GDP per capita in the world, and it’s a mecca for luxury yachts and fast cars. especially during the Monaco Grand Prix. The main site is the Monte Carlo Casino where James Bond gambled against villains in Goldeneye and Never Say Never. But we don’t really have a lot of money, so we’re going to try to take what we have and make it larger by going inside. Guys, it’s time to gamble. If you want to actually get onto the casino floor and play the games that aren’t machines, it’s the 17 euro flat entry fee. I decided not to do that. But Marko and Nathan went in, and oh that was quick. It actually took us two minutes to lose everything. 10 euro each. 10 euros each. We decided not to go that far in because the house always wins with machines, right? Because I think that the house always wins, period. I think the lesson is: just don’t gamble. Or don’t do it unless you’re super,super,super rich. But Nathan did get a souvenir. That’s what’s left of his 10 euros. Just came around a corner and discovered the entire port of Monte Carlo. It’s beautiful. This is really a port city at its heart, and this is a base for the super yachts of the world. It’s bringing back some memories because back in the day before we started this channel, I spent two summers working on ships, or trying to work on ships. The first summer no luck. But the second summer I did get a job on a yacht. Nothing that was quite like this. I was a deckhand. We sailed from Palma to a Ibizza, Barcelona, San Tropez, Nice, and then to Corsica and Sardinia and the Amalfi Coast. But we never stopped here in Monaco. But the funny thing is that I am actually seeing some of the boats that I applied to because of the way that you get jobs on the yachts is you walk up to them at the docks in the morning and just ask them if they need help. It’s all word of mouth. It’s all total luck. I was denied many times by all these boats. That’s because of a complete lack of experience. But it’s a crazy place. It’s a good way to earn money if you want to earn some short-term cash for a job that is lots of hours, but no expenses, and really well-paid. One of the first things I’ve noticed here is that there is construction happening everywhere. Every building is being renovated and there are cranes; there’re jackhammers. It’s kind of insane. I think because it’s so small and so wealthy, just doing a little bit of remodeling is no big deal. That’s probably because with only two square kilometers and the world’s highest GDP, every single inch of property here is worth a lot of money. So if you can improve it, it’s worth even more. But usually cranes in the sky is a sign of a good GDP, a good economy, and I think that a tax haven like this and days like these, it’s probably flourishing. Okay There we go. Are you ladies ready? Yeah, three two Yes Yes. All right. Give me some more. Give me some more. There we go. That’s real. That’s real What’s up there? What’s up there?Anything up there? Yes, yes Yes. Yes. No, no Thank you so much. No worries. These turns are insane. This is why they have the Monaco Grand Prix here because this whole town is just built on this hillside, and there’s a ton of hairpin turns. Obviously during the days there’re Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Maseratis, all the sports cars. But during the Grand Prix there’re actual sports cars, you know, what’s it called, track cars? You can only imagine the speeds they can get. But most importantly those cars have really fast brakes, really good brakes,so they can slow down in order to make this pin without crashing into the hotel. I am not going to lie. I have never been this happy to find a Starbucks before in my life. And I’d have to say this is probably the Starbucks with the best view in the world, maybe? "Peut être " Possibly, could be. Yeah, he’s pretty blasé for first time in France, first time Monaco. You like it? Yeah, I’ve seen better. It’s alright. It’s no DFW Applebee’s Yeah, there’s not many things that top Dallas Fort Worth International Airport’s Applebee’s. That was quite a patio. All right. Well, we are recaffinated, rehydrated, and we’re on our way to the beach. This is what we have been making our way towards all day. quite literally sweating our "huevos" off to get here, and here we are. Marko, where are we dude? "Près de la plage. Nous sommes arrive`s a la plage de Monaco." I don’t know the name of it, but here it is. Are all of the of the " Oh’s and the Ah’s" are they "necessaire?" I don’t know if it’s "necessaire," but I know what is "necessaire" is a cocktail. So I hope we can get cocktail on the beach Should we cocktail first and then swim, or swim then cocktail? Swim and cocktail, and then swim again. Sandwich. Swim, cocktail, swim, sandwich. Swimming and sandwiches? I don’t know if that goes together very well, like bread and water, it just kind of dissolves. Soggy bread? Not a fan. But I am a fan of a swim right now. So let’s go We’ve been waiting for this moment all day. It’s time to get into the Mediterranean. It’s been a good day. It’s been a great day Finishing the day sipping cognac and amaretto from plastic cups on the only slice of free public beach in the whole place. There’s only two kilometres of coastline There’s only two square kilometers, period. There’s not a lot of space to choose from. We’re at the one place that’s not charging us up the "a" for being there, simply being there. This is a very interesting little country.very little, very little, tiny, micro, in fact, indeed. I think it’s fascinating to kind of watch how the average person engages with Monaco because it really feels like.that was a sports car. there’s a lot of those here. I think for the average traveler, the average person who comes here, it’s just a really fascinating insight into the lives of the super-rich, and it’s kind of like watching Million Dollar Listing or a Million Dollar Yacht or whatever in real time. Having come here, experiencing it, it is a beautiful place, don’t get me wrong. Scenery is incredible. But, I’m not really in it for the Lambo. I’m in it for the Ferrari. It’s been interesting for me as a throwback to the days when I used to work on a yacht. Having worked in that world, I got a view up close and personal to a lot of the excesses of this sort of life style. The amount of money being spent here is a lot, and people come here to try to look at the rich and famous. But having worked on a yacht, I can tell you that what the owners were doing most the time was literally just looking at their iPads and scrolling Instagram. So in terms of the difference between normal people and rich people, I don’t think there’s a huge difference. I think a lot of it is a bunch of hype, but it is cool to see it. This is kind of a theme park. It’s kind of’s so much like that. It felt like a zoo, like a rich person’s zoo. You’re on a safari. You’re like. Oh my god, here comes a Bentley. Look at that. I think it would suck to actually be rich and live here because although you do get tax breaks, when you walk anywhere you’re probably.when you drive anywhere, you’re driving in a Bentley, a Maserati, whatever. People are taking photos of you everywhere. You’re getting people -watched, and it’s kind of the opposite of slumming. It’s like literally the inverse of slumming. Whoa, mind blown. Mind blown. That being said, it’s a beautiful place. I had a super fun time today putzing around. The coast line is gorgeous. The people were friendly, and yeah, I think for a quick little day excursion, I think we crushed it. So cheers, bro. Cheers. Thank you guys for watching. Thank you Nathan for being such a good travel buddy today. And if you guys haven’t already, make sure you subscribe, turn on notifications. We are making content around our trip this summer. And remember to stay tuned for the premiere of Budget Versus Baller this September on Tastemade on YouTube TV. If you haven’t already, make sure you’re following us on Instagram. That’s where we’ll be posting daily stories from this journey. And as always stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you guys on the road. Peace Should we get another one of these? No, way too expensive. Yeah, brother.

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