Best 38 Ivysaur Wallpaper On Hipwallpaper Ivysaur Smash Wallpaper Pokemon Minimalist Wallpaper
Best 38 Ivysaur Wallpaper On Hipwallpaper Ivysaur Smash Wallpaper Pokemon Minimalist Wallpaper

Latest Pokemon Minimalist Wallpaper

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Five of my pok mon minimalist wallpapers. minimalist wallpaper umbrion pokemon tringelk fx, wallpaper wednesday 2 pokemon edition, speedart minimalist wallpaper mio cha.

pokemon minimalist wallpaper

Hello lovely viewers!
Let’s say, there is one fully buffed combo class
and a medic in front of you, just about to round a corner or a chokepoint. They haven’t noticed you yet
and you are at midrange. What do you do as a pyro in this situation?
Here’s one option. Use airblast and secondary knockback
to isolate the medic using the chokepoint or the corner.
Distance yourself from the combo class while bringing yourself closer to the medic.

Now you have more time to kill the medic! Notice how sloppy that kill was?
Also notice how little health I had as I killed him.

By blasting the heavy away and rounding the corner,
I save myself just a tiny bit of health and time
while going for the medic. Once Arthur was back in position to shoot
me, I was too far away for him to kill me quickly.

I also had the added benefit of using his knockback
to catch up with Cozen. Here’s another example,
coincidentally, with the same heavy medic combo.

There’s a mini I’m ignoring here, I’m going for a play, there’s no time to kill
it. By this time, the heavy and medic haven’t
noticed me yet, I’m going to take a risk and commit.
Cozen’s called me out. At this distance, I trust Arthur to kill me
near instantly. While knocking the heavy back,
I have time to take two shots on him before he’s stopped hitting me.

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These two shots could have been on the medic, which would have been enough to kill him,
if they were perfect.

I know my limits though, and would rather
give myself more time to kill the medic.

The heavy is too far away to kill me quickly
now, so I can take more time to kill the medic. But remember, sometimes it’s better to go
straight for the medic. Add this to your repertoire, but don’t use
it exclusively. Thanks for watching.

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