Minimalist Star Wars Posters Infiltrate The Galaxy Pics Star Wars Minimalist
Minimalist Star Wars Posters Infiltrate The Galaxy Pics Star Wars Minimalist

Ideas Of Star Wars Minimalist

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star wars minimalist

I’ve been doing Art Wars since about 2007. I was given two white stormtroopers I decided to to use them as a force for making art with.
Spraying one of them pink erm made a pink storm trooper and by changing it’s colour and it’s identity, I sort of set it free from all the other storm troopers. In 2013 I was given the
opportunity to curate an entire floor at Saatchi gallery and so I invited all the
best artists I know like Damien Hirst the Chapman brothers and David Bailey, Mr. Brainwash and D*Face to pimp-out a stormtrooper helmet and it was a big success. The thing that pushes Art Wars is the
concept itself. We’ve got an App that’s made by an artist called Erin Co those who originally made it for her own work and when I saw that working, I was like can you do this for Art Wars and it basically enables the viewer to, in a 3D way, to navigate around
the piece so you can see all the different details of the artwork. You can
see the room still. This here piece by Joe Rush which is called Two Straight Trooper – very cool artist and really glad he’s in the show and I gave him the Stormtrooper helmet and this is what he did – which is typical of his style. This piece here is called Mud Man it’s by Paul Fryer. It’s made out of paper mache The thinking behind it is based on a tribe from Papua New Guinea so the actual markings are very iconic with that tribe
This one is by Reicher This ones made out of lots of
different things really like bits of glass And it’s called Storm Henge which gives you an idea of where he’s coming from the Like an old ancient relic like as if it has been dug up from thousands of years ago
This is by Miranda Donovan Who is a very talented artist and and she’s
actually painted herself on the back of the helmet which is all about having eyes in
the back of your head I was at my friends workshop – he makes props for films
And at the time he had all these bald heads Like, in the studio that was obviously not
real and were made of silicon. And I just said great – do the Stormtrooper helmet in that style. But it looks quite interesting – I put it up to my face you can sort of see all
the different details that are in there like the veins and the stubble. Its, for me, it’s a pretty amazing
piece. When I first thought of Art Wars, this is kind of what I imagined happening. It’s just a beautiful piece really.

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