Do You Need The Minimalist Baker Cookbook Only If You Love Quick The Minimalist Baker
Do You Need The Minimalist Baker Cookbook Only If You Love Quick The Minimalist Baker

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Harilal the backstairs in kitchen I bet another recipe test for you today. Haven’t done one in a while Cheap Lazy, Vegan just a loaded video like a catcher will cook with me video and she made some vegan Carbonara just out of stuff she had in her fridge, and that sounded really good I haven’t had carbonara since I went vegan I used to love it, but it is made out of meat dairy and egg today We’re going to be g’nite it. I’m going to try it out two different ways, so the first way is going to come scratch I’m going to make like a tofu based sauce and I’m also going to try the second way using store-bought Processed vegan meat chain and egg alternatives, and I’ll let you know what I think my favorite is first things for it I’ve got a pot of water boiling here and add a pinch of salt And I’m just using regular sweet pasta today You really want to make pasta all do like a stew the communal half pasta so that I can get full before It–and tired to get your pasta, but today I figured this is not not a healthy recipe by any means It’s not intended to be so we’re just going to use the real thing I like my pasta super super aldente like basically uncoated. Let’s start out with the from scratch version of Carbonara first I got the recipe for the serious flaw the link it down below I’ve already measured everything else. So the base of the sauce. It makes it kind of creamy They’re going to be soft tofu half of a walk real Carbonara. I usually have to make sure Parmesan and Pecorino Romano I’m using nutritional yeast to achieve that cheesy flavor I’ve got some white miso paste here to add my favorite sort of mommy Flavor some saltiness and the recipe specifies white musos a little bit more mellow sweeter for spices We’ve got a good amount of black pepper some smoked Paprika and some red chili flakes give it a little bit of heat Also, add in a tablespoon of fresh squeezed lemon juice some tartness and finally an ingredient I would not have thought to put in here on my own. This is Sauerkraut brush Just the liquid from Sauerkraut and apparently this just makes it extra tart and gives Elastic acid Flavors that real cheese have so you’re on that admit I’m going to stop eating hard pasta now We’re just going to blend these ingredients together, and then we’re going to drizzle in some olive oil Okay Okay, it smells like tofu right now.

I’m just going to set the combo speed, and then drizzle olive oil until it’s created Just looking good so far. I’m add salt to taste at the very end the recipe just called for Kosher salt But I have this Indian black salt so good.

I love using in my talk with scrambles it has that sulfury sort of eggy Funky smell that I think a lot to this dish I found some in Indian market really really inexpensive Very useful. In one of my videos where I used it someone commented that you should add it at the very end because it loses some of its flavor if you cook it So I’m gonna hold off on this. Pasta’s ready I’m going to drain it and reserve some of the cooking liquid just in case I need To thin out the sauce at the end. Let’s finish off this recipe what I’ve got here pasta our sauce I’ve also got some frozen peas that I defrosted for a little color and a bit of extra nutrition and here I have some Mushrooms that I sauteed in kind of a lot of olive oil these are baby bella mushrooms that I’ve sliced very very thinly The recipe actually calls for king Oyster mushrooms, which I’m sure would be better will have a really nice meaty texture But I wasn’t able to run by an Asian market Which is where I usually get them today. Mushrooms your is going to be standing in for the pork cheek Or the pancetta or the bacon usually in Carbonara and last for a finishing touch some cashew Parmesan This is just raw cashews that I’ve blitzed together with nutritional yeast and salt and some garlic powder is delicious and I like the texture that it has a pasta or to any dish really. I wanna get the action shot, so let’s set this guy up here We got our mushroom sizzling here going to throw in our sauce the tap of the one pound container Also going to add in 1/4 a cup of the reserved pasta water and Half of the sauce the recipe makes enough for a full pound of pasta I just decided to make the entire recipe on Commute past account that’s so Pleasant great and then so excited this looks good. We’re just stirring it and letting it in a little bit So that the soft the you know All right, just awesome looking nice, and thick I’m gonna add in my cream cheese Got our Passion Parmesan For texture, this is not in the actual recipe But I just want to like adding a finishing and I’m just going to add some black salt to taste Whew that xML Let’s place it And here we are I’m so excited buzzes, okay. Now. We are back for second version of the recipe this one should be done really quickly We’re just using all pre-made stuff. So instead of the a we are using the vegan egg by Following your heart I’ve had this container this last year wine did like a breakfast themed vegan taste test because I’m just really not a huge fan of this at least as a Substitute for scrambled eggs, but I think maybe in a soft context it might work out in turn attentive I have two eggs worst of the powder here. It’s going to add in chilled water Probably shoulda started seeing a little bit of oil On there, I know you’re not really supposed to cook with olive oil, but I just think it’s going to taste better I do so freezing all well tastes longer than expected I’m going to using instead of the one shallot of the leaders Benevolent Bacon chicory sage Flavor I’m not sure.

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That’s the right flavors of this dish, but I think it will be okay Like my bacon ham you like that, huh, so I’m going to crisp this up a little bit throwing in our pasta All right a little bit of water as well Philip Surprisingly good and smell good this is though follow your heart Parmesan Sprouts pretty cheap alternative I haven’t tried this yet, but smells really good I’ve heard good things about it, so there’s not a Not really following any specific direction for this one go to turn off the heat and stir in Road Key Alright now it’s time for the taste test. Okay? It is now the moment of truth. We’re gonna say festes I’m so excited my mouth is watering I think I want to start out with the one that I just made with the fake Bacon the vegan egg I get a little bit of everything in here Wait, that is actually so good It doesn’t say vegan at all. I promise you. I don’t know if it tastes exactly like real Carbonara I haven’t had it in kind of a while, but definitely taste Not necessarily mean that to follow your heart she is very convincing There’s cheese in my hair story of my life, right? Just kidding. Let’s try the other one. This is the toaster one.

This bite is not going to be grateful Man, this one’s really good, too Though this one has a little bit of a kick to it has got the cayenne pepper and the red pepper flakes in it got more more flavors going on I Almost prefer it with the mushrooms. You can’t really decide which one I like better though Somewhere after tasting the mushroom one and then going back to the one with the follow your heart egg this one tastes really bland Even though I put a good amount of salt in it, so I think this one this one is my favorite I was a little bit skeptical about using the Sauerkraut brine in this but it adds a lot without being too overpowering And I also just friggin love the texture of the cashew Parmesan Final thoughts, I like both recipes. I’m going to finish both recipes Hopefully not today pray for me. I will say I like to sing better This is the one that I made from scratch in a series each blog it just it has more flavors going for it another one It’s good. It’s solid it would be even better Maybe if you add some spices and just you know add some things to make more interesting a little bit of lemon juice some sauteed Garlic maybe However this one was easier to make if you already have all the ingredients on hand it’s going to come together very very quickly And this one, I had to go out and buy the sauerkraut and the white meat so can have it But I think the extra ingredients and effort it worth it for this because it’s so good I would definitely feed this to someone who isn’t vegan. I think they would enjoy it Let me know if you’ve tried this recipe Or can tried any other ways of making Vegan Carbonara that you liked? I know that she was even used like a homemade Tofu mayo I think in hers and she liked it, so maybe I’ll try that next time And let me know also if you have any other recipes would like me to test I think these are really fun to do and I’ll see you in on video. Bye Pasta should now be ready .

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